Norman Parish preached at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp In the years - 1987 to 1991 - 6 Full Messages on just 1 MP3 CD for only $10.00 Donation, plus shipping. Plays on your Personal Computer using Windows Media, etc. You can also play this CD on a MP3 player, or a CD/DVD player that supports MP3 audio. (128kbps, 44,100 Hz, For Stereo CD Quality Audio)

[This is Disk 4-of-7]

87LHMP3CD5-2A & 2B - Norman Parish - THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM VS. WITCHCRAFT (1 & 2 of 3) - The church is being warned. This is a time of serious preparation for the outpouring of the Spirit of God and the unleashing of Satan's forces upon the earth. It is essential to understand what the kingdom of God is before you can be equipped to repel the forces of darkness that are coming forth as never before. The majority is unaware of the tactics of witchcraft and the occult that Satan employs to destroy churches, homes, nations and individuals. The body of Christ has yet to experience the fullness of the battle against these dominions. This set is vital to your Christian survival in these last days.

87LHMP3CD5-5 - Norman Parish - THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM VS. WITCHCRAFT (3 of 3) - Witchcraft is a very powerful thing. It is not something to be scoffed at or laughed at. Behind witchcraft are powers that will ensnare and destroy us unless we are aware of its devices. Ignorance of the truth is most devastating. Part 3 of this teaching exposes sorcery, spoken curses, magic charms and more. Witchcraft will bring on madness and suicide. Businesses will fail, divorces will occur, ministries will fall when curses of witchcraft are pronounced, We can be protected against occult and psychic attacks, but there are certain conditions that have to be met. God's protection is insured only as we are obedient to His Word, living holy and upright lives before Him. Balaam was unable to use witchcraft against God's people because at that time there was no sin in the camp. (Num. 23:21).

87LHMP3CD5-8 - Norman Parish - SUBMISSION - Submission is not subjection! But it is the answer to rebellion. When you do not submit yourself to true spiritual authority, most likely you will find yourself snared into submitting to a spiritual authority that is in error. Satan is a master deceiver. He is an experienced counterfeiter in spiritual manifestations. We need to be equipped with discerning of spirits to distinguish between the Divine, the human, and the demonic. Excellent counsel on "trying the spirits."

89LHMP3CD7-12A & 12B - Norman Parish - DEMONIZED CHRISTIANS (1 OF 2) - This is the first of two messages addressing the controversial question, "Can a Christian have a demon?" This question must be answered by Scripture, for all the experiences in the world (no matter how valid they are) will convince a fundamentalist Christian that they can be demonized. This message presents an excellent, concise survey of numerous demonized people found in the Scriptures, and it begins with several of the people who were closest to Jesus. A majority of people is demonized because of involvement with sin, either past or present. To maintain victory in deliverance, sin has to be dealt with because it gives demons a legal right to stay. This teaching is concluded on message # 89LHMP3CD7-14A & 14B.

89LHMP3CD7-14A & 14B - Norman Parish - DEMONIZED CHRISTIANS (2 OF 2) - This concludes the teaching begun on message # 89LHMP3CD7-12A & 12B. Christians are triune beings, made up of spirit, soul and body. It is the spirit that is born again, not the body or the soul. Demons cannot operate in the spirit of a regenerated man. They can and do operate in the body and the soul. The soul is the battlefield between God and Satan. This is one of the finest messages we have ever heard on the subject of Christians having evil spirits. Perhaps your pastor would benefit from listening to it.

91LHMP3CD11-3A & 3B - Norman Parish - THE CURSE OF THE OCCULT - THIS IS A STRONG WARNING TO EVERY CHRISTIAN IN EVERY HOME, FELLOWSHIP AND CHURCH! We would call this a classic tape. In these last days, with perilous times coming, we need to understand more about the occult. We need discernment of spirits in order to recognize those that the Bible says will come to beguile the saints. Satan has come to bring confusion, destroy peace, rob, and destroy the work of God. Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil. The Jesus in you, the Holy Spirit in you, the God in you, wants you to rise up with the gifts of the Holy Spirit resident in all of us, and then begin to do the ministry of Jesus. Don't miss this!


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