2008 THANKSGIVING CAMP MEETING 9 FULL MESSAGES ON ONE MP3 CD DONATION $10.00 ***** This is the entire 2008 Thanksgiving Camp Meeting in MP3 format which will play on a Personal Computer or any player that supports MP3 audio. ***** (128kbps, 44,100 Hz, For Stereo CD Quality Audio) 2008 MP3 THANKSGIVING CAMP

08LHMP3CD11-1A and 1B - Carl Fox - THE CURSE OF POVERTY - The curse of poverty is clearly laid out in Malachi 3:6-12. You are never going to love God until you give Him your tithes and offerings with love. Changes are coming. We are facing financial times like never before. It is time to really learn what it means to trust God and His Word. It works! Believe it and obey it! Many other nuggets are presented in this message that will help equip the saints of God for the days ahead. When you work for Jesus and don't care what people say and just do what Jesus says, God gets His work done. Individual ministry follows the conclusion of this teaching.

08LHMP3CD11-1L - Carla Butaud - FAMILIAR SPIRITS - In this ladies deliverance service, Carla uses the Strong's Concordance and dictionary to define familiar spirits. The enemy uses familiar spirits to control and cause people to be drawn to others with like problems. As you recognize these spirits operating in your children you can deal with them before they become embedded. Familiar spirits are not curses. Curses still need to be broken, but oftentimes familiar spirits are there because of the curse and need to be cast out. Example of how a familiar spirit operates is: A person goes from one abusive relationship to another because the familiar spirits draw them together. Questions and answers abound during this service.

08LHMP3CD11-2 - Clement Humbard - WHO KNOWETH THE SPIRIT OF GOD? - The core of this message is really concerning joy. Press in to Christ, get in the Spirit and the Word, get out of yourself and into God and you can rejoice in hard times, too. It does not make you a hypocrite to express praise and joy when things are hard. If we don't serve the Lord with joy and gladness we will serve our enemies (which are God's enemies) - sin, sickness, disease, death, demon power, fear and poverty. If you walk, talk and act like an invalid, that's what you are. If you walk, talk and act in joy, it will solve many a problem for you and the need for healing and deliverance will be less. Bottom line - serve God with joy or serve your enemies!

08LHMP3CD11-3 - Tom Stone - SOUL TIES - Tom explores ten classifications of soul ties that can be operating in our lives as a result of various situations and relationships. Examples he touches on are with teachers, churches, false doctrines, marriages, not loving yourself, being determined to get your own way and many more. He talks about rejection, abandonment and gives practical advice for living an overcoming life. He concludes with prayers of healing, breaking of curses and deliverance.

08LHMP3CD11-4A and 4B - Carl Fox - TIME TO DRAW NEAR TO GOD - We don't know what tomorrow is going to bring but if we draw near to God, it won't matter. Pressure sometimes can be a real blessing. Carl talks quite a bit about boldness. It's the blood of Jesus that gives us boldness to draw nigh unto Him. Get bold now! Jesus' blood gives you access to the throne room of God for what you need. He shares how God opened the doors in Romania for him to minister to the Gypsies, and they in turn will reach people all over the world. Concerning tithing, if your excuse is that you don't have enough to go around, why not go ahead and give God what is His. Prayer concludes this service.

08LHMP3CD11-5 - MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR DR. WILLIAM NULL - We were blessed Saturday morning, November 29th, to honor and say goodbye to our dear friend, Dr. William G. Null, who had labored in the kingdom with us at LHBC for many years. Ashley Null, one of Dr. Null's sons, officiated this touching memorial service. He injected a bit of humor where appropriate and shared briefly of Doc's interesting life as a pediatrician, Boy Scout leader, swamp rat, hunter and trapper. The real focus was on God's unconditional love for His children - which is what many remember the most about Doc. The service concluded with communion and "When the Saints Go Marching" with banjo accompaniment. If you weren't able to be here, get the CD or DVD. You will be blessed!

08LHMP3CD11-6 - Cheryl Batts - CHANGE IS COMING - God has been saying, "Gear up for change!" We are encouraged to always be in a state of readiness for change. Stay with Him. He will prepare you for what is on the horizon when you give yourself to Him in prayer. In the days ahead, do not judge the people God is bringing in. He loves them. Let Him change them. Be available to mentor and to pray and watch Him bring the transformation. Be more concerned with how much Light is in you to pierce the darkness in them! Be careful how you treat God's people. Prayer and prophecy conclude this service.

08LHMP3CD11-7A and 7B - Geri McGhee - COVENANT - God has a better covenant - blessings for keeping His Word. The alternative - curses for disobeying. Geri shares an abundance of Scriptures concerning covenant, and the blessings that come from keeping yourself in covenant with Him. It can't be fully accomplished using our own strength - we must be yielded to Him, letting the Potter fashion us. Give your life to the Potter. An admonition contained in this message: Anger breaks God's covenant and you go into a spiritual prison. This service concludes with deliverance prayers and breaking of curses.

08LHMP3CD11-8 - Richard Tate - BEYOND DELIVERANCE - When we close the door the enemy may scream but he can't come in unless we open the door. Then God puts us on the potter's wheel and when He touches our flesh we pull back and open a "back door" to our life and make it so "someone" can come in. The spirits that enter the back door are more deadly because we invite them in and they make us feel good. We only want Jesus to touch the spots that offend us but we need to let Him touch the parts that offend Him! This is the time for preparing. He shares two positions he sees in the storm. He closes with a corporate prayer of confession.

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