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What's on this CD:

08LHMP3CD3-1 - Phillip Fields - THE FEAR OF THE LORD - Phillip begins by saying when you can hear God's voice everything else falls into place. Fear is an obsession with yourself. He just released a new book "Get Real With God". It is a comeback story - almost from death - that he wrote because every time he was in a meeting someone would come up to him and say "I can relate to you". Phillip says be open to what God wants to do. A learner is a disciple; are you willing to be one? Fear and being absorbed in self keeps us from being in this move of God. Being real, seeing what's in our heart leads to freedom. Col 10:13 - lays a foundation for Kingdom living. It is a lot easier to please God than to please yourself. How are you spending your spiritual inheritance? Are you using it for a last minute ticket to heaven, a tool to judge others or a means of defense so people cannot get close to you? Have you ever been so busy doing the Lord's work that you couldn't see the Lord? He wants all of us to have the benefits of the gospel. You're in, you qualify. It comes down to a couple of things. What is my responsibility in the Kingdom? To position ourselves strategically so we can fulfill our purpose when the Holy Spirit comes. We are the vessels. Experience conditions us. We have two hindrances: 1. Passivity - I can't do it; fear of being hurt and disappointed. You become passive because you don't want to get hurt again. The enemy has you captive because you are passive. The other extreme is 2. False responsibility- everything is my responsibility; you wear yourself out "like a hummingbird". You develop a "Messiah complex" trying to grow feathers like an angel. You create problems by trying to be the Holy Spirit. It brings a lot of peace when you learn who you are and what your purpose is. John 8:14-16 - the number one priority of Christ was to bring honor to His Father's Word. That is the fear of the Lord which is a passion to protect your relationship with the Father. If you can get this in your heart everything else will come into place in your life. The first change is for God to take you out of judgment and into mercy. Judgment in the body of Christ causes more pain than anything else. The key to walking in the fear of the Lord is a blinding encounter with God. Acts 9 - the story of Saul's conversion. You understand God's mercy. He wants you to have a living encounter with Him. How you respond to His discipline determines the fruit from this encounter.

08LHMP3CD3-1LA & 1LB - Darlena Fields - LIFE AFTER DELIVERANCE - Darlena begins by sharing a little bit of her testimony. Our perception of life is how we view ourselves and others and is what really drives our life. Everything filters through our perception from the time we are born. Most women struggle with victim mentality. She gives characteristics of victims who allow their life to be governed by external circumstances. Victims are pros at denial. Fear becomes the idol of their choice. After you receive deliverance you take perception back home with you. Darlena shares answers she has found in her own desperation for freedom and deliverance. Rom 12:2 tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. False beliefs must be exchanged for truth. Usually what the enemy torments us with the most is the counterfeit of our purpose in life. She told us a quote from a book she read "our last and greatest human privilege is our perception". Being victimized does not make us a victim. Reading God's Word is filtered through our perception. Darlena shares examples of false beliefs acquired from birth on. Jesus said "it is finished". Why can't we believe that? The Bible says we've become saints. We have to stop living in the past, believing the past, etc. We have the philosophy of getting the devil out instead of getting God in. We have to become and believe the "new daughters" that we are, in Christ. Your place is only found in intimacy in God. She tells of a vision she had about the fear of the Lord. Trust God?s ability to rule us not the devil. Pro 30:21, 22 - recognize you are living in the present world and move above it. You will reproduce around you what you cultivate within you. II Tim 2:19 - who is your master? She tells us about false humility. The greatness of a king's subjects brings glory to him. Darlena makes a declaration over the group present that true humility matures us to where the Lord wants us to be. Which team do you want to be on - the slaves or the royalty? She closes with an activity time to write down the attached names the devil has put on us as curses as opposed to the names God wants us to have.

08LHMP3CD3-2 - Carla Butaud - HEALING - Phil 3:10 - power is the meaning of His resurrection. Matt 27:50-53, Heb 2:14, I John 3:8. John 1:29, Rom 5:12-15, Gen 3:14 - death, sin and all evil as we know it today came in and also curses. Rom 5:18 - by the obedience of one (Jesus) many are made righteous. Gal 3:13, Rom 8:2. The law of life in Jesus abolished the law of sin and death. Luke 4:18 speaks of Jesus' mission; to set the captives free, etc. We cannot always see the bruises and offense in people. The church is sick. Ex 14:26 says I Am the Lord that healeth thee. Acts 10:38, Mark 5:1-8; This man was tormented by demons but came and submitted to Jesus. He was made sane and whole and the people who knew him reacted in fear. We also have generational curses, diseases or judging of others that may come back on you. If so, repent. Healing is a gift. Jesus was moved by compassion. He tells us in John 14:12 that greater works we will do. If you belong to Jesus, healing belongs to you. Isa 53:4-5 shows the gifts given us from Jesus, freely given by His great love. In James 5:14, God made a provision for the church. Forgive the sin, and then healing can come. We are a jumper cable or extension of God to others to be free and healed. Mark 16. Lay your hands on the sick in your family. Pray for each other. Carla shared two personal testimonies and closed with a prayer of commitment to give Jesus all sickness, sorrow, torment, etc. and asked Him to restore all lost or damaged lives. She prayed deliverance and broke curses for generational problems, all blood diseases, all cancer, all work of the devil, all mental illnesses, spirits of infirmity, pain, and arrested development.

08LHMP3CD3-3 - Tom Stone - COMMANDMENTS - John 1:1 - Tom starts with "in the beginning was God". Deut 6:25, John 1. Tom asserts God spoke in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament. All came from God. Tom says he believes the kiss of God to be deliverance. The Old Testament commandments lead to a longer, healthier life. Deut 15:5 - Know and listen to the Holy Spirit in the days ahead. We need to know the heart throb of God. Sin messes with your immune system. Sin causes us all many tribulations. We need to know what God says in His Word to us. We need to learn to do warfare in our sleep. When awake at 2 am, it may be God calling us to pray warfare. Once you name the name of Jesus you have entered into warfare. We need to change our vocabulary. Ps 103:18. We refuse to believe God's promises and gifts are true. Ps 112:1, Ps 119:19. Delight in His commandments. God blesses the strangers - even more so us. Tom gives two personal testimonies. Matt 15:9, Isa 11:2 - gifts of God's character. He gives us the ability to do what He asks us to do if we have Godly principles in us. Heed to what He says. Mark 7:7 - we have laid down His commandments for the traditions of men. John 14:21 Jesus says he who keeps My commandments is he who loves Me. Check out your reactions - are you praying for your enemies? Col 2:22 - to perish is to go with the doctrines of men. John 4:6 walk in love for life and more abundantly. Tom closes with some don'ts; don't eat blood, drink alcohol and others. Deliverance prayers follow.

08LHMP3CD3-4 - Glen Miller - LAWS OF LIFE - Jesus was put in the tomb at sunset by Josephus His uncle. And he rose at sunset on Saturday. Glen said to ask God to forgive you for worshiping a heathen goddess named "Esthar" which is "Easter" today and rabbits, chicks, painted eggs, etc. He then teaches on the laws of life. Glen says some mainline churches today say live by just doing and being good but do not use the Old Testament or other scripture. Luke 16:14 - the majority of Christians try to justify themselves by two scriptures taken out of context. Jesus says it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than one tittle of the law to fail. Ex 15 - We have 120 years of life with the requirement of doing what God says. He gives a testimony of obeying God's health laws and his present good health at 87 years. Lev 18:1. God says keep My statues and My judgments and tells the sins that carry curses for disobedience. The sin of incest is a curse of 10 generations and it keeps renewing itself again and again. Glen shares about the 10 generation curse that had to run out before David could become king - so Saul was the first king. Lev 20 ? the first child was burned to a heathen god. Glen believes there may be a civil war here in four or ten years. Lev 11:1 - God spoke to Moses and Aaron - concerning eating - and the consequence of disobedience. The Apostle Paul was a Benjamite, not a Jew. Peter had 3 visions on the roof top. The 3 heathen men were at the door. Peter did not eat but went with the men who became saved and got the Holy Ghost. Pork is still an unclean food. Over 50% of arthritis is from trichinosis which comes from eating pork. All scavengers are God?s cleaning agents. Study for yourself; Lev 3. Glen shares his testimony on the rapture teachings in the 1920's and 1930's of not anything being done because of that belief; no rapture. We are here to declare the Kingdom of the living God. In Rev 7, God gives promises to the overcomer. To plead the blood is not scriptural and demons will laugh at you. Applications of the blood in scripture are: appropriate the blood, apply, cover, sprinkle and wash. Demons have to acknowledge these. Scriptures were given starting with Lev 3:13 through Lev 4:6. Teaching on breaking curses follows. Glen says keep on keeping on getting free. Walk in the authority God gives us. Glen closes with Matt 5:17 - do not add or take away from the words of the Bible.

08LHMP3CD3-5A & 5B - Clement Humbard - THE DEATH OF DEATH! - Clement begins by saying that when you enter a house you can feel either the peace of God or demonic power. He gives a personal testimony about his nephew and other family members. Forget your calendar age if you are a believer. When someone asks how old you are, say you are "forever young". In heaven you will sing. God created the world singing. In Revelation it tells us death shall be no more. God created man to live not to die. We were made a little lower than God. I Thess 5:23 - we are not 3. We are one person. The joy of the Lord is different than happiness. It is on the inside but happiness is on the outside. Ps 84:11 - it is the age of grace and glory. John 17:22 is the true Lord's prayer (5 prayers for oneness). Jesus is praying for oneness not unity. Oneness with Christ. The first enemy is sin. II Corinthians 5:21. You will hear about "Fido". The Bible is the book of miracles. 1. Believe in the virgin birth 2. Believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is only 1 faith and it is inspired for what you need. We must put sin under foot; sickness, disease, demon power, fear, the old nature, poverty and the last enemy to be destroyed is death. Man started dying from the beginning. Eating pork won't keep you out of heaven just get you there a little faster. When God said it, just believe it. Zip your mouth and talk to God! II Tim 1:9-10 - death is already defeated and already abolished. Christians never die; there has already been the death of deaths in Christ. Phil 3:10, 11 ? resurrection of the believer. Peter had 3 calls, 3 denials and 3 confirmations. Christ abolished death. Heb 2:14,15 - death is not of God - it is of satan. II Pet 1:4 - all promises of God are for us. Col 1:27 ? Christ in you the hope of glory. Every promise in God's Word is conditional. Without faith it is impossible to please God. We must seek Him. In closing Clement says read Heb 10:12, 13 - When is Christ coming back? Vs 13 - when all enemies are underfoot!

08LHMP3CD3-6A & 6B - Carla Butaud - THE SPIRIT OF ABORTION - Carla starts by reading a list of manifestations of a demon, saying there will be some of these you may think do not apply to you. She shares a testimony of tormenting thoughts as a child; fears of murder, abandonment, rejection, false guilt, and many more. She was given insight into the generational causes of all these manifestations. We in America are under the curse of abortion. This applies to men and women. A spirit of illegitimacy comes in when the baby is not wanted. At that time a spirit of death comes in to the womb that even if future babies live some are affected by this spirit. Carla shares a personal testimony of a sexual curse coming down her family line from great grandmother to grandmother, to mother, to Carla and her daughter ending with forgiveness, healing, and deliverance. This spirit runs closely with the bastard spirit. The upcoming abandoned children will be an awful generation. Carla says by her experience she knows how prevalent this spirit is in the world. It also causes men not to love their children. She closes with a prayer of repentance for the group present and for the sins of our country. Prayers for deliverance set many free.

08LHMP3CD3-7A & 7B - Phillip Fields - HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD - The question is really, "How do you get close to Him?" If God hasn't spoken to you, that is the starting place. What really helps is the Word of God. You don't have to have the power you just need to know where to get it. Be willing to learn. John 17:3 Stop praying for results! Compassion in the New Testament is not pity but to draw you out of that place. Jesus pulled darkness out and light in. Our efforts are limited. Your brain uses an eye dropper; your Spirit can suck on a hose. Matt 6:9-10 Jesus said "Your Kingdom come". For us to activate this we must hear God's voice. Today we must hear the voice of God for our self. Jesus is our mediator. When we begin to see with spiritual eyes then we will hear Him. The Word of God must be current in our life. Be teachable! A disciple is a learner. Give yourself permission to learn. Position yourself to draw from Him. If you are going to hear God's voice, He has to be your focus. You have favor, draw from it. We are not here just to hang out. God has not hidden His Kingdom from you; He has hidden it for you. Stop trying to live for God - draw from the well. We need lots of water. John 6:28-29 - what must we do to work the works of God? Believe in the One who is sent. A free person can ask for anything needed. Any problem you have is because of words and will only be solved by words. Our need - a Word of life. Anything you want to know - God has spoken. The devil cannot override the Word of God. There are 4 words that God gave that Phillip says he uses every day. 1. Listen 2. Wait 3. Obey 4. Stand. Learn to still yourself expecting from God. Come Holy Spirit. Just listen then write down what He says, then wait, whatever you see or hear check out in the Scripture. Obey - act on His Word to you. Free yourself up - simplify your life and stand on God's Word. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. Philip closes the meeting praying for release of hurtful relationships, pain, disease, old habits, and unholy images and to set the captives free. Receive from God and then give to others.

08LHMP3CD3-8 - Tom Stone - PASSOVER & COMMUNION - Ex 12:1 - the beginning of Passover. Jesus died and His blood should be put on the mantels of our hearts or heads as it was put on the doorposts. And He puts His seal on us that even the demons of hell can see. Tattoos form blood covenants with the person who administered the tattoo. Ear piercing forms a covenant with the world. Luke 22:15 is the first place the Passover was shown before Jesus went to the cross. God wants to have communion with us with His love and His passion. He wants to pull us into the Holy of Holies. He deserves to hear our hearts. Tom asks "have you heard His voice?" He will get your attention. Rev 6:8 - we see the pale horse of death but God's people had the blood on the doorposts. We will not see the death angel. We need to pull down anger. Someone has to say, I refuse to get angry, in Jesus name; cast down vain imaginations. Tom shares a personal testimony of a wreck that involved time, patience and lots of forgiveness that resulted in a preacher going to Israel, preached in the name of Jesus and 500 souls were baptized in Jesus Name. Salvation comes by listening to the voice of the Lord. Do we respond to discernment by judgment or mercy? Say, Father, explain what you are trying to tell me. God wants to talk to us. You need money? Pray "God give me a job". A key for problems is forgiveness so we can be healed. God has forgiveness for us so we can receive healing in our hearts. Sometimes we can respond with a spirit of bitterness. We need to take responsibility for our self, forgive and be forgiven. We do this the way the Holy Spirit says. The do's and don'ts will mess with you and your stuff. He will free us when we hear the voice of the Lord and obey. Let the wine press, press us. Tom closes with testimony of an illness from the result of being judgmental. God told him to let it alone. Tom said "Listen quickly to a doctor then go home and start repenting. Corporate deliverance prayers follow.

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