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07LHMP3CD7-1 - Stan Johnson - SHOW AND TELL - Stan has a unique way of sharing the Word of God. By using visual illustrations, he not only speaks, but also brings to life the Word of God. He calls it his, "show and tell" ministry. Stan shares on a lot of different topics in this teaching. We encourage you all to obtain the DVD which captures the visual effects of these wonderful treasures concerning the Kingdom of God.

07LHMP3CD7-1L - Kathy Sistrunk - DEALING WITH SHAME - Shame keeps a lot of us in bondage and is a spirit that is sometimes overlooked. She tells us the very first case of shame in the Bible was with Adam and Eve. When God walked with them in the cool of the day, they were naked and were not ashamed. Someone comes along and speaks to them and they suddenly become ashamed. God says where are you? They knew they were naked and they were ashamed and hid themselves from Him. The Lord's response was who told you that? Satan uses doubt which is his biggest tool against us. In Psalms 104:1-2 Adam and Eve were covered with God's glory. Genesis 3:1-7 - When they knew they were naked they sewed fig leaves to cover themselves. Remember when we open the door, just like Adam and Eve, we don't just get one demon we get several demons at the same time. Satan comes in and you feel defiled. Their attention changed from fellowship with God to focusing on themselves. She tells us of the Hebrew translation for naked. Satan has no new tactics; he does the same today as he did with Adam and Eve. Shame and guilt make us lose faith in God as Adam and Eve did. Kathy shares Scriptures; Ezekiel 28:12-19, II Corinthians 10:12 - we are warned not to compare, Heb 4:16 - we must come boldly to God. She shares shame experienced by President Bush, the spirit of shame that came on our nation through President Clinton. She gives her personal testimony of the shame she experienced in her early life, being in a family of 12 children. People dealing with shame feel they are inferior, insecure, intimidated, etc. She explains the differences between guilt and shame including; guilt is felt for making a mistake and shame is felt for being a mistake. Kathy closes with prayer asking God to show us the door where shame came into our lives and she takes authority over the spirit of shame and speaks group deliverance, naming some evil spirits of shame individually.

07LHMP3CD7-2 - Marvin Sistrunk - THE CHOICES WE MAKE - Using the Biblical examples of Lot and David, and the results of the wrong choices they made, this teaching starts with the comment, "Sin will take you further than you want to go." We make choices all day long. Do the ones we make affect our lives in a good spiritual way? When we make a wrong choice, do we dwell on it? We need to follow God and learn to make HIS choices. In Matt. 11:29, Jesus said, "Take my yoke upon you." Marvin said the answer to oppressions, is to say, "Jesus!" He told of a woman who sold her soul for a new house and when the devil came for his payment, it took many long hours of ministry before she was able to say "Jesus!" Many other vivid examples of choices are in this teaching. We choose to either serve God or satan everyday with choices on finances, marriage, and much more. We learn from the choices we make. When we make a bad choice do we call on God to help us? Also, we can learn from the mistakes of others and the choices they have made. There is considerable exhortation made to the young people to make the choice everyday to follow Jesus.

07LHCMP3D7-2L - Carla Butaud - DEALING WITH JUDGING - Carla teaches concerning a spiritual law. Spiritual law works exactly like the physical law of gravity or any other law on judgment or judging. Matthew 7:1 - nobody gets by a spiritual law. She shares a few of the meanings of the word judge including; to distinguish, punish, conclude, determine, etc. The Bible tells us we are not even supposed to judge in jesting. When you judge someone else in their situation you are writing a purchase order for that thing to come to your house and she assures us that it will be delivered. She says everything she has judged in her life time, she is living. Carla gives personal examples to help give better understanding. Matthew 7: 33-45 gives the definition of a hypocrite. The danger with judgment is you have the person locked into the place you are judging them. When we don't judge a person we give God the freedom to change them. Pray for them instead of judging them and God will change them. See examples of judging from the Bible in Luke 18:9, II Samuel 12:1, and John 8:1-11. The new covenant says look at your self. Carla makes 4 points that you can never get back; regret, an event after it has passed, time not well spent, and hurtful words after they are spoken. God says I will contend with those that contend with thee. Let God do it. She gives Scriptural references including Micah 7:18, Luke 6:28, John 20:19, John 21:15, Luke 9:51-56 concerning judging and being merciful. Concluding with prayer and group deliverance, Carla asks forgiveness for those we have judged and comes against evil spirits connected with judgment such as pride, self righteousness, arrogance, haughtiness, etc., telling them to go in Jesus name.

07LHCMP3D7-3 - Carla Butaud - RULER SPIRITS - AHAB AND JEZEBEL - If you do not know how to recognize a spirit of Jezebel, this teaching will not leave you in doubt any longer! Carla exposes her hiding places! She is a very destructive ruling spirit. Carla points out that we are the product of not just our parents but from a gene pool of thirty-two relatives from each parent. In 1 Kings 21:1-10, we see Jezebel. She points out we have a weak church and weak nation because this spirit has never really been dealt with. The solution is to let God give us a true attitude of heart. A few of the traits of Jezebel that she lists are: always being angry because she can't control everything; always has to have the last word; has a nasty/nice thing going on; feelings hurt easily, but often hurts others; suspicious minded; wild imaginations; it's my way or the highway; justifies self; blames others; has a religious spirit; rage; idolatry, etc. Jezebel will open you up to a false anointing. Be finding out who you are, what your place is and then be in that place and doing God's will. If there is an area in your life where you are pushing, pulling, etc., try and just step out of the way. Much prayer and ministry for deliverance follows this teaching.

07LHMP3CD7-3L - Kathy Sistrunk - HOW TO MAKE YOUR MATE HAPPY - This message not only applies to mates but to children and all the people God has in our lives. Kathy begins with prayer and leads into this teaching with John 15:9-17 - it is important to us that we have joy. If you like or need to laugh you will enjoy this teaching. Kathy has a lot of humorous tidbits for us throughout this message. Loving one another should be a natural emotion for a Christian. Romans 13:8-10 - Love your neighbor. Love will keep us in a safe place. We have proof of Christ's love for us in that He died for us. Love to us is like water to a plant. It keeps us alive. She gives examples of how babies and pets respond when loved and when not loved. We can call out to God when we need love and He will reach down and hold us and love us. There are 5 languages of love. Which language are we speaking and what do we mean to be speaking? We all have a "love tank". Usually a child will behave badly when his tank is empty and adults are the same way. Kathy tells a humorous story of a farmer. Marriages are made in heaven, so are thunder and lightning. Here are 5 "languages of love" that you can use to fill a "love tank". Kathy illustrates each one during the rest of the teaching, to give a better understanding. 1. Words of affirmation or uplifting words 2. Quality time 3. Receiving gifts 4. Acts of service 5. Physical touch. Check with your husband and children to see which ones they need to fill their love tanks. Love is the most important word in the English language. God is love. Love in our society has lost much of its meaning as it is spoken too loosely. Make a list of the good qualities of your spouse then verbalize them. Many humorous and interesting examples are brought to us. Kathy said sometimes she rushes in where angels fear to tread. She concludes advising us that, in her opinion, the church is failing the families. You can teach people the Word all day long but if they don't know how to apply it we miss the point. We have to ultimately fill our love tank with Christ and learn to love others as He loves us. Ending with group deliverance, she commands many evil spirits to go in the name of Jesus.

07LHMP3CD7-4A & 4B - Dr. William Null - CONDITIONS FOR DELIVERANCE - Starting with Jer. 17:9-10, we are admonished to be honest with God and our self. Listed reasons for wanting deliverance: 1) To glorify God, 2) To be obedient, 3) To bear fruit unto God. What do others see in you? Do you desire to change? Deliverance is for the desperate who are willing to fill their life with Jesus. It requires willingness to humble yourself before God, fasting, servanthood, repentance (your own sins and those of your fathers), and forgiveness. We must learn how to give and get mercy. Many Scriptures are given to illustrate this teaching. The latter part of the message deals with much information regarding the occult using Deut 18:9-12 as the largest list of occult practices found in the Bible. Deliverance prayers and ministry conclude this teaching.

07LHMP3CD7-5 - Stan Johnson - SHOW AND TELL #2 - The Word of God is the bottom line for everything - Col 2:1-10. Using a table full of props, Stan brings a lively meaning to the many Scriptures he uses. With toy lambs, Christ in you is portrayed. He says when Christ is being formed in you, let Him minister out of you. As you keep taking in His Word, you will be changed into His likeness. Stan shows us righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost, by stuffing lights and sounds into his shirt so that his body glows with the light of Jesus, sounds of joy, and signs of power. To say, "I want to know Him", we must eat the Lamb. An excellent illustration of Jesus being turned into a lamb was another object lesson. All children, ages 5 years to 95 years will receive much of Jesus and the Kingdom of God from this teaching. We recommend you obtain the DVD set because the object lessons and visual aids are really what illustrate the truth of the Scriptures he uses.

07LHMP3CD7-6A & 6B - Geri McGhee - BREAKING THE POWER OF ADDICTIONS - Geri uses many Scriptures and personal experiences to illustrate the subject of addictions. An anti-christ spirit is an unloving spirit that will not let you love yourself or others. In John 14:27, Jesus said, "My peace I give to you." We are either led by the Spirit of God or the spirit of bondage. Maybe we are co-dependant on someone else instead of God and have bad soul ties. In Jer 17:5 and Eph 5:8, we see that as we get delivered we will have no need for the addiction that had us in bondage. Geri points out to not be drunk with wine but to be filled with the Holy Spirit. As the character of Jesus is being formed in us - we will suffer. Let go of pride, take responsibility, repent - be willing to suffer. Much, much more is included in this teaching. If you need victory over any addiction this CD or DVD will help you. To get the full benefit of this teaching you should also listen to 07LHMP3CD7-13 - Geri McGhee - AN UNLOVING SPIRIT. Listen to Breaking the Power of Addictions first and then An Unloving Spirit.

07LHMP3CD7-7 - Dr. William Null - REJECTION #1 - In Gen 3:10 when Adam said they were "naked", the Hebrew word does not mean bare, it means to be without armor or covering. Rejection is a two-edged sword. It can enter you both by being denied acceptance, care, love, etc., or it can proceed out of you as refusal to accept, believe and hence cast out as useless, God's and societies laws. The first rejection resulted in rebellion of Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-14) and his fall. He became satan. Satan seduced Adam and Eve into rejecting God's commandment so that rejection became our birthright (Ezk 16:1-8). This teaching covers more recent revelation on rejection than is covered in Dr. Null's book, Rejection It's Fruits & It's Roots (available from LHBC for $25.00 + $3.50 s/h). The reactions of fear or pride are shown from rejection. This teaching deals with the reaction of fear. Self-rejection results in self-mutilation - with a lot of body mistreatment or self-hate - with even more examples of body damage or change. Prayers for deliverance from this bondage follows. (There is no DVD available for this teaching).

07LHMP3CD7-8 - Nathan Hopson - DOING THE WORKS OF THE KINGDOM - 1 Cor 1:1-9 - Unbelief is our hindrance. God is looking for somebody to go somewhere and tell somebody about Jesus. Signs follow believers - if you aren't moving, nothing is going to follow you. He speaks on grace, truth and repentance. Repent, renounce, and don't do it anymore. Vs 7 says the gifts operate until Jesus comes. In praying for healing, check for sin in self before laying hands on others. There are many good nuggets in this teaching. A prophet speaks by revelation. A preacher tells the good news. John 14:12 Truth is truth when God says it through His Word. To keep deliverance - stay up, pray up, all other ups to stay clean. Jesus wants us to bring glory to Him so He can bring glory to the Father. Understand this - He is God and you are not. Let God be God and believe He will do what He says. Act like Christian people. Jesus is the door. God is waiting for us to get alone to hear so He can tell us what to do.

07LHMP3CD7-9A & 9B - Clement Humbard - GOD'S GLORY OR YOUR GLORY - Who is in white robes and where did they come from? This message will fire you up to become an overcomer. Bro. Humbard starts by saying, "Believers - look up!" He says Rom 8:19 is to be our constitution. We are to believe, practice the Word, and spread the gospel. God has a new step of faith for each one. We need to get off the merry-go-round of two or three Scriptures and get on the white horse of the Holy Spirit in Revelation. Jesus is the Son of God. We are sons. Rom 8:14-18 & Gal 1:15. God needs some minute men for our days. Be ready or get run over! If you are self-centered you are not Christ-centered. You may need to fast - even a forced fast will not hurt you. Jesus is the heir; we are joint heirs with Him. Let go and let God have His way. In this last day all will be fulfilled. From the time of Moses at the burning bush - Jesus' name is still I AM. You will get a glimpse of the Glory of God and that He desires that glory to abide in us as Bro. Humbard shares this message.

07LHMP3CD7-10 - Marvin Sistrunk - WHAT IS THE ROLE OF THE FATHER TO HIS HOUSEHOLD? - This is a very good message on family life, coming from God?s Word and many years of experience with a wife, several children and grandchildren. Eph 5:20-33 is the basis for this teaching. Jesus is the provider for all things. The husband is the provider for the family. He needs to learn his wife's weaknesses and help her with them. He must seek God first. This is a big responsibility and he is accountable to God. If both work, he is to share in household chores. The couple must come into agreement on discipline of children and on all else. He must provide security for his family and be their protector in the areas of finances, priest and instructor. If a father fails to discipline a child, a bastard curse comes on the child. There is much more down to earth, practical instruction given on this CD & DVD.

07LHMP3CD7-11 - Chris Simpson - WALKING IN RIGHT CHOICES WHEN YOUR FLESH IS SCREAMING - This is one of the finest messages we have ever heard on temptation. To repent is to feel so contrite about sin that you will not do it again. God is not impressed with our speech - it's what we do that counts. In the moment of temptation is when true repentance is glimpsed. Mt 6:13 and Mt 26:44, God knows how we stand, look into a hole and fall into it. Don't seek out a temptation - they will find you. Our daily temptations have eternal consequences. Examples used were Joseph - he resisted and saved a nation. David's son - yielded - and divided a nation. James 1:2 Have wisdom in the face of temptation. Sometimes God gives us "pop quizzes". When you pass you get promoted. I John 3:22 Our Father loves us all but gives greater responsibility to those who obey. Walking in the discipline of the Lord is being in God's favor. James 1:12 Blessed is the man who endures temptation. Grow up so your life will have reverberating results around the world. A prayer for wisdom follows. Chris, as always, delivers the message with humor that can make a hard word easy to receive.

07LHMP3CD7-12 - Nathan Hopson - DECEPTION - DOCTRINES THAT DEMONS TEACH - A teacher's work is to prepare the people to work in the ministry. Satan's plan is to take away the basics of the church. So many are religious but lost. There is a need in the church for life-changing experiences. 1 Tim 4:1 Nathan deals with some of the doctrines of demons being taught today, starting when satan told Adam - you will surely not die. When the Word, (Spirit) speaks, we need to hear. Get the Word in you. 2 Tim 2:15 The purpose of giving people knowledge is to serve. Be willing to show tough love. Anything that takes away from the price Jesus paid is a doctrine of demons. God demonstrated His love. Learn to discern between what truth is and what isn't. Who are the most open to a doctrine of demons? Those in rebellion! A door is open. Gal 3:1 We must learn to rightly divide the word of truth. Recognize the untruth inserted into the words of God. Read, read, read and you can recognize error or man?s traditions. The deceived person has the most difficulty receiving truth. 2 Tim 3:13, imposters will grow worse and worse. 1 Tim 4:6 is an example of good doctrine followed. We have the choice to choose good over evil.

07LHMP3CD7-13 - Geri McGhee - AN UNLOVING SPIRIT - Geri teaches that this spirit is connected to a multitude of fear spirits. 2 Cor 10:12 Do we compare our self by our self or by the world? Isa 40:18 God is the one to compare our self to. What does He say about us? When we don't see our self as God sees us, we are in sin - which causes the body to turn on itself. When you curse yourself (I'm fat, etc.) you strengthen this unloving demon. Geri suggests that this spirit is at the root of several diseases that she names. This spirit may come through a parent - the one most like you. It will not allow you to love yourself like God does. The biggest hindrance to loving yourself is this unloving spirit. Mt 22:37-39. The devil says you are never going to win. God says you always overcome in Him. God wants you to change your way - go His way. The root of this spirit is lack of discipline. A great deal of teaching concerns this in children and the consequences in later years. To get rid of this spirit - come under God's discipline. Decide to love yourself as God does. Look up verses on who you are in Christ. Ps 40:5 Forgive parents - repent of rebellion and refusing discipline - recognize the spirit is not you. Break generational curses - break soul ties with the parent most like you. Prayers for deliverance conclude this service.

07LHMP3CD7-14 - Chris Simpson - PAYING THE PRICE FOR POWER - In Luke 4, after Jesus' first sermon, they were ready to kill Him. God's ways and thoughts are above ours. Isa 55:6-9 Chris says we have superficial Christianity across our land. He explains teaching from the tabernacle. Using Lev 16, he shows we have outer and inner court believers. 1 John 2 - It is satan's intent to keep God's people in the nursery. In each court we see the requirements, the anointing and the judgments. In Num 20:7-12, trivial disobedience got Moses and Aaron in trouble. They had higher responsibility, more accountability, and heavier judgment. 1 Chron 21:1-4, David, also an inner court guy, had a stiffer judgment - 70,000 died. Maybe you want outer court responsibility with inner court anointing. Are you willing to pay the price for power? Such as willing to fast every other day? David Hogan does and God raises the dead through him. We have been in the outer court too long. We are on a journey. The key - we are not doing what the Holy Ghost is saying - and that is, that we obey Jesus!

07LHMP3CD7-15 - Dr. William Null - REJECTION #2 - This message is the conclusion of 07LHMP3CD7-7 - Dr. William Null - REJECTION #1. He begins by summarizing Part 1. Lucifer (the light bearer) fell. Is 14:12-14, Ezk 16:1-5 utter rejection. This message covers pride. Rebellion (Neh 9:16-17, 29) leads to legalism, Gnostic, cults and spiritualism. The spirit's name is Jezebel. She goes by many other names. When in revival, if people refuse to move on with God, they become legalistic. This can result in a cult and they end up denying Jesus. Iridology, reflexology, water witching, etc. - any place you receive knowledge other than from God. Break these curses. Do not read a witch bible. Yoga - you are worshipping a foreign god. We are to come out of all that and be holy. You will pick up demons if you are or were involved in martial arts. If we can see sin from God's view we would never do it. Sexual sin - outside of marriage - is worship to the devil (Col 3:5). It destroys the soul (Pro 6:32). Learning disorders are fruits of rebellion. Rebellion will bring you into gluttony and bondage. The spirit of stubbornness and its fruits are explored. If you have unforgiveness - repent, forgive and get free. Pride is seductive and deceiving. The remedy is to believe God, humble yourself and trust Him. Prayer and ministry follow this teaching.

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