Jack Harris - Preached at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp - Year - 1986 - 10 Full Messages on just 1 MP3 CD for only $10.00 Donation plus shipping.

86LHMP3CD3-2 - *Jack Harris - ON TO DELIVERANCE - (Also on this service is **Tommy Cook - 5 WAYS WE ARE TESTED *And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world and then shall the end come. Not just the gospel of salvation, but the gospel of the kingdom! The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. We are in a period of gestation, a time of preparation and screening, awaiting the time of full birth being truly born again, no longer sinning. **God allows many things to happen in our lives to mature us. Testing is part of our growth as a Christian. He gauges our reactions to failures, successes, furnaces of affliction, temporary feelings of loss of his presence, and His allowing the enemy to operate in our land. This last testing is the focus of this teaching. God will permit the enemy to try and influence you to see what your response will be. You choose whether to learn from it or be defeated by it.

86LHMP3CD3-5A and 86LHMP3CD3-5B - FIRST FRUITS OF THE KINGDOM - Unsearchable treasures of the kingdom of God are unfolded in this First Fruits teaching. God is calling those who are His, and if you are interested in heeding that call you won't want to miss this one.

86LHMP3CD5-3 - CALLED & CHOSEN OF GOD - What is our place in the Kingdom? What have we been apprehended for? Divine timing and placement are the principles examined here. Nothing happens by chance or accident in the plans of God. The five-fold ministries are not elected positions but God-ordained ones. They are for the perfecting of the church, so you need to be in church to be perfected. There are a lot of people uncertain in this hour and it's good to know your calling.

86LHMP3CD7-7 - MAN IN JERUSALEM - God always has a man in the transition a man like Simeon, a type of the overcomer for our example. He was a man who walked with God and his life and purpose is likened unto what God is doing this day. We are admonished to seek to know Him as no generation has known Him before! Jesus was born before Joseph and Mary consummated their marriage. Likewise, before the marriage is consummated between Jesus and His Bride, the man-child will be born! The Spirit of God moves through Bro. Jack in many unique ways. He shares testimony of what God revealed through him concerning a terrible catastrophe that will hit the earth in the near future, in which the casualties will not be recorded by number, but by percentage of the world population! God said, "When this comes to pass, get in your prayer closet and wait before the throne."

86LHMP3CD7-10 - MINISTRY OF THE SONS OF GOD TO THE CHURCH - For those who have never heard of this CD, Bro. Harris shares some brief Kingdom definitions. An overcomer is defined as someone that is coming up over all those things that used to come up over them, and a dispensation is a period of time that God has allotted Himself in which He will dispense a portion of his life into humanity. We are coming to an end of a dispensation when God wants to open us up to the 7th and final dispensation that will bring us to the fullness of God (Eph. 1:10). We are in the processing stage, a time of preparation, to one day administer the laws of the Kingdom of God in this earth. The life and characteristics of Moses parallel that of the first-fruit company - the overcomers. These CDs will bring an enlargement to your spirit by the Spirit of God.

86LHMP3CD7-16 - ON TO SONSHIP - When you come to Zion it will have been through divine order, divine placement, divine government, etc. Nothing accidentally happened to get you to Zion, God ordained it all and you will have gone through it all! Some have no concept of what our mission is in relation to the Kingdom of God. It is going to be an age of correction when we will eradicate from the earth the influence of the devil. If you don't like restrictions, you won't be a disciple of the Lord.

86LHMP3CD7-14 - NO LIMITATIONS - The first two-thirds of this CD brings the glorious witness of a tremendous visitation of the Angel of the Lord within the midst of the congregation, producing life-changing utterances to the Body and specific individuals. It was truly the grace of God that allowed us to bask in His blessed presence. It was a profound realm of the Shekinah Glory of God that enshrouded the tabernacle with much life. Many had never experienced this intensity of God's Spirit and presence. The young people especially were touched dramatically. Have faith break out of your limitations come to Zion - the trumpet is sounding!

86LHMP3CD8-4A and 86LHMP3CD8-4B - THIS IS THE DAY OF RESTORATION - We are those that follow the Lamb wherever He goes. God's eternal plan of the ages just keeps slowly grinding on toward the Kingdom. Nothing can stop it. God is testing those whom He has called, to see if they'll be faithful. We're going to press the enemy into a defensive position. If you hear deep calling to deep, know that you are a candidate for Zion. Come to Zion. Come to God with all your heart. What can we hope for? To reign with Him in His kingdom to go through the processing of life and be matured and come into the image of Him. This is the day of revelation when all is being unfolded. Before now it wasn't the time for our eyes to be opened. God is unfolding it just a little at a time, and keeps us grasping, reaching, and stretching out in this race, with patience. It's only a matter of time. He's already set His King in the Holy Hill of Zion!

86LHMP3CD11-4A and 86LHMP3CD11-4B - 7 LEVELS OF SUBMISSION (1 & 2 of 3) - "This is a day of great urgency," is what the Lord has been saying to Bro. Jack. People are looking for an instant change to take place to go from a carnal Christian to the Bride of Christ. But there will be no magic moment like that occurring. Transformation comes through suffering, and submission is extremely hard on the flesh. You don't have any liberty until you are ready to submit to that liberty. The seven levels of submission are outlined as follows: defeat, half-hearted, to a command, to a request or suggestion, with eager anticipation, ministry in silent support, and unconditional. This teaching is continued on 86LH11-5.

86LHMP3CD11-5 - 7 LEVELS OF SUBMISSION (3 of 3) - This is a continuation of 86LH11-4A & B. God wants us to come to the place where we can unconditionally submit to Him without any options. There is no submission like that of our pattern Jesus, who said, "Not as I will, but as Thou will." He learned obedience through the things He suffered. These teachings are an in-depth Bible study into these seven levels of submission and would be marvelous for home and group study material. Included with this CD is an outstanding testimony of thanksgiving to the miracle of survival that God performed in Bro. Harris life during W.W.II when he bailed out of a crashing plane, only to land in a machine gun nest. The hand of God was gloriously upon this man to preserve him for this hour of the Kingdom.


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