WHYTE-MP3CD1 - 1980-1986 - 12 FULL MESSAGES ON 1 MP3CD

WHYTE-MP3CD1 - 1980-1986 - 12 FULL MESSAGES ON 1 MP3CD
WHYTE-MP3CD1 - 1980-1986 - 12 FULL MESSAGES ON 1 MP3CD - Maxwell Whyte Preached these messages at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp during the years 1980 to 1986 - Donation $10.00 plus shipping

80LHMP3CD6-1 - Maxwell Whyte - I WILL RESTORE - Restoration is a very positive message for Gods children. Restoration is found in Luke 21 and Joel 2, and Bro. Whyte expounds on both. God is restoring His Church, His one true Church, His Body. It will be without one spot, one wrinkle, one blemish or any such thing. When He is finished we will not recognize it. He has no intention of restoring denominations. Restoration will be when God pours out His Spirit more and more. The healing and deliverance we seek is based on obedience to the Word of God. Tell your children of the dreadful things that happened to Israel in the Old Testament when they continued to break covenant with God. Because of disobedience both the vine of Israel and the fig tree of Judah were stripped absolutely bare right down to their bark and eaten up. Jesus was crucified on a dead barked tree stump. This symbolically speaks of Israel under the old covenant and the Church under the new covenant. Jesus Christ identified Himself with our death that we might be restored and fashioned into His image. If we will be in the Church that is to be restored it is entirely up to us. The blessings of God in His restoration will be in a land where the Gospel is being preached. Be not afraid of the beasts of the field. He will send corn and oil and wine and we will no longer be a reproach among the nations. Let the Bride make herself ready.

80LHMP3CD6-3 - Maxwell Whyte - RESTORATION - God is looking for people who are looking for Jesus, not just for the gifts of the Spirit including healing and deliverance. When you have the Giver, you have the gifts. We are in a time of dividing the sheep and the goats. Scriptures tell us, 'When My judgments come on the earth then will My people learn righteousness.' The consequences of our sins drive us to Jesus. Get your thinking oriented on faith and not bank accounts. If the dollars go down the drain, Hallelujah! We still have Jesus. He can give us bigger and better back again. His Kingdom will be preached unto all nations in all the world and then the end will come to these financial, political and religious systems. His Church will tread down the wicked. The Church will be a bright shining light, radiant with the power of God, putting evil under our feet. Jesus has given us power and authority over serpents and scorpions and all the power of the enemy. Get up, grow up, and go forth and nothing shall by any means hurt us. Put away fear of the future. It is sin. Enter into the glorious restoration of righteousness. Deliverance plays a vital role in the consummation of this restoration.

80LHMP3CD6-6 - Maxwell Whyte - OBEDIENCE TO GOD'S LAWS - This is an outstanding practical teaching that any Christian seeking Gods highest will find beneficial. Unfortunately, a strange resistance to truth develops when you touch on things that people don't want to do. However, exercising faith without obedience does not work; even Jesus had to learn obedience. Brother Maxwell teaches that if we are trying to exercise faith and we are not obedient to Gods laws we will regret it. Gods covenant of health and blessings is based on obedience. We are to observe the laws of food, hygiene, agriculture and the Sabbath. God has given us these laws in the book of Leviticus. People go through life living the way they want to live. When they get old and sick they want help. We have been made a Kingdom of Priests and we are to serve in the sanctuary of our temple 24 hours a day. God says if we defile our temple He will destroy it. It will collapse. God will allow this to happen by the Law of Judgment even if we are filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. For example, eating wrong foods is one of the greatest contributing causes of disease today. The foods we are not to eat are scavengers, full of filth and poison. You might ask, 'What about Peters vision?' The first gentiles came to Peter for salvation. The Holy Ghost filled those 'unclean' gentiles and they were admitted to the Kingdom of God. Give ear to the commandments of God, do what He tells us to do. Be obedient, healthy and blessed.

80LHMP3CD6-12 - Maxwell Whyte - THE WORKING OF MIRACLES - Faith will arise in your heart with this look at the spiritual gift, "the working of miracles." This message unfolds the principles involved in the working of miracles and the explanation of what a miracle really is. Working of miracles should be "the normal" for the Church. A miracle is something which only God can do. At the wedding feast at Canaan that miracle was used to show the world who Jesus was. He manifested forth His Glory. His method must be our method. The more people see the more they are going to believe. To get the church built up and people saved at this time we need to work miracles through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Be a shining one in the world of darkness. Shine like a lighthouse. God means to turn ordinary people like us into ministers of the gospel - the finest wine of the Kingdom of God. There is not a disease that cannot be healed by a miracle. The one thing that obstructs the working of miracles in the church today is the monumental lack of faith. Operate up to the level of your faith. Use what faith you already have. Enter into the dimension of miracles. The power of the working of miracles is enormous if you know how to use it properly for the glory of God. We are beginning to understand the real beauty and wonder of being a Christian.

80LHMP3CD6-14 - Maxwell Whyte - THE POWER OF THE BLOOD - A message on the practical use of the blood of Jesus Christ today. Application of these truths will result in transformed lives. The altar of the Old Testament sacrifice led to the altar of the cross. God gave us blood for atonement, meaning "covering". The first blood was shed to make a covering for Adam and Eve. The blood of lambs was sprinkled on the doors so the Lord would pass over and not permit the angel of death to deliver His wrath to the Israelites. At the Crucifixion, Jesus Christ as High Priest covered our sins with His own precious blood. The book of Revelation proclaims, "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death." Gods life is now in the blood of Jesus Christ on the Mercy Seat. We have been ordained priests of the New Testament to destroy the destroyer by Jesus blood.

80LHMP3CD6-18 - Maxwell Whyte - THE POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD - Allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate you with the revelation of what the Word of God actually is. 'Logos' means 'the Word'. The Word was with and was God. God spoke matter into existence and the consistency of matter is maintained by the Word of God. The force holding atoms together is Jesus Christ. When you speak 'the Word' with other tongues you are moving into New Testament Christianity. That eternal Word of God which flows out of your lips in other tongues is the same Word that created all things. You have in you the eternal, creative Word of God, manifesting the supernatural form of the Word of God. Speak in tongues and prophesy. You have the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, the word of faith, the word that heals the sick, casts out devils and raises the dead. Avert disaster and create blessing. Speak the words of authority by the Word of Faith. You have 'I Am' in you! This is what the Body of Christ is supposed to do. The church is beginning to emerge. God created the Heavens and the Earth for his Bride and is coming back for her. This message concludes with ministry for deliverance to the people.

80LHMP3CD6-21 - Maxwell Whyte - SECOND EXODUS OF ISRAEL (1 of 2) - These two messages (80LHCD6-21 and 80LHCD12-23) refer to the exodus of spiritual Israel from the ways of Egypt and Babylon. The church is moving on toward the ultimate that God has in mind for His purposes. Are you willing to go for all He has ordained for you? The first Exodus was of ancient Israel out of Egyptian bondage into the Promised Land. God hears our groanings and remembers His covenant. We are seeing an "exodus" of spiritual Israel from Babylonian Egyptian bondage into what is called the glorious liberty of the Sons of God. The Church is developing into a great and mighty power in the earth. The last hurdle in the restoration of the Church is the deliverance ministry. We must drive the giants out, so the whole Promised Land will be ours. Just as God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush, out of the midst of this burning Church we will hear Gods Word and minister to the very hearts of people to the glory of Jesus. Serve Him like a flame of fire. We are to remove serpents, but it is difficult to see them in the long grass of denominations. Stir them up and shoot them down. The Holy Ghost supernatural fire is going to burn out the dross in all of us and we will be conformed to the image of Christ. Prove the authority of the Word of God experientially. Throw down your dead stick and grab a serpent by the tail. The miraculous confirms the Word. The whole Church must arise to this high calling.

80LHMP3CD6-23 - Maxwell Whyte - SECOND EXODUS OF ISRAEL (2 of 2) - These two messages (80LHCD6-21 and 80LHCD12-23) refer to the exodus of spiritual Israel from the ways of Egypt and Babylon. When the Israelites conquered the enemies of the land to enter Canaan, they made compromises and allowed some of those enemies to remain, contrary to Gods command. Unfortunately, the Church today allows enemies to remain in her midst, largely based on sentimentality. The first deliverance Jesus did was in a "church". Jesus "rebuked" the demon, which in the Greek means to put a heavy weight upon a person - to make their situation so intolerable that they have to leave. He commissions us to destroy the works of the devil as He did. "Destroy" means to flatten out, make of no effect, to stamp on those things so they cannot operate. The Lord confirmed the Word with signs following. The first sign Jesus used was the same as Moses - dealing with a serpent. The second sign was physical healing. The Lord confirmed the Word with signs following. Today we can expect the miraculous, supernaturally confirming the preaching in all our meetings. When the Church is restored to its intended power and authority, we will see demons cast out everywhere and the infirm will be healed. You do not have to be an expert. You have to start somewhere. The first disciples did not know what they were doing, but they obeyed Jesus.

86LHMP3CD11-1 - Maxwell Whyte - BETWEEN GOD AND SATAN - We are between two forces: God and Satan. It is our choice to whom we yield. How much does the devil have on you? Think about it. Most Christians don't know the Bible well enough to know if they are obeying God, Satan, or themselves! Get out of the milk stage and into the meat stage. Colorful illustrations formed by years of experiences make these messages by this anointed man of God extremely interesting. He states, "One of the biggest problems in the ministry is praying deliverance for people who are not yet ready to be prayed for. Not only is it a waste of time, but dangerous as well." Ministry for deliverance concludes this service.

86LHMP3CD11-3 - Maxwell Whyte - WALKING OUT YOUR DELIVERANCE - To stay delivered is one of the most important things for us to learn. It is our responsibility to maintain what Jesus does for us. If you don't obey the Word of God after receiving deliverance, you can kiss your deliverance good-bye. The big problem remains that people refuse to humble themselves under the "mighty hand of God." The devil loves to give us tangents in hopes we'll get distracted with them as main elements of truth. Beware at all times of your target position. Many were set free during the time of ministry following this excellent teaching.

86LHMP3CD11-7 - Maxwell Whyte - THE PRECIOUS BLOOD - Dynamic unveiling of truth to set your children free! Without an understanding of the protective and delivering power of the blood of Jesus it is not possible to enter into the deeper things of God. With the intensity of seducing spirits and doctrines of demons that are coming forth we must cling to our faith in the blood of Jesus to see us through. This message is one of those "life changing" messages that will give you a new dimension of revelation of this power that is available to all believers and how it may be released. Too little has been said about the practical use of the power in the blood of Jesus.

86LHMP3CD11-8 - Maxwell Whyte - THE CHURCH IN RESTORATION - These are the days of restoration. The great falling away has already taken place. God is forming a "burning bush" church. He is the vine and we are the branches. It is his true church that is on fire. Don't be afraid of the fire; it will not burn you. The voice of God spoke right out of the midst of the burning bush, and as we proceed farther into the fire the fullness of Christ will manifest itself in us creating a life of holiness. This is what the Lord is looking for in His people.


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