FRANK MARZULLO SR - Preached at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp - Years - 1992 to 1994 - 9 Full Messages on just 1 MP3 CD for only $10.00 Donation plus shipping.

92LHMP3CD11-3 - Frank Marzullo, Sr. - IN MY NAME - God does not want His people to be ignorant. In order to fight an effective battle we must know our enemy, his tactics, our tactics, our weapons, and our Victor. An incredible amount of basic deliverance knowledge is contained in this teaching along with extensive prayers for deliverance in various areas.

92LHMP3CD11-5 - Frank Marzullo, Sr. - REJECTION & A WOUNDED SPIRIT - One of the major problems that affects most people is rejection. It can come into a person at any time in his life, even before birth. Not only can it cause a wounded spirit, but also it opens the door for rebellion, which in turn leads to involvement in drugs, the occult, etc. Many other areas are dealt with in extensive deliverance prayers, first covering every stage of life, and then every part of the body.

93LHMP3CD7-3 - Frank Marzullo, Sr. - DELIVERANCE BASICS - Prayers establishing our position and authority in Christ, against territorial spirits, and for deliverance in many areas are included on this message. Also addressed are many basic principles of the deliverance ministry.

93LHMP3CD7-6 - Frank Marzullo, Sr. - DELIVERANCE-FROM CONCEPTION TO ADULTHOOD - Bro. Marzullo discusses groups of demons that can come into a person at the time of conception, at birth, or during childhood. The passage of time does not cause them to leave. They will continue to operate until they are cast out. Deliverance prayers covering various stages of life are included on this message.

93LHMP3CD7-9 - Frank Marzullo, Sr. - SPIRITS FOUND IN THE BIBLE - Mark 16:17. This is a wonderful teaching on being set free from the spirits of bondage, including deliverance prayers and prayers for healing. This would be an excellent message for use in home meetings to set the captives free.

93LHMP3CD7-12 - Frank Marzullo, Sr. - YOU CAN WILL TO WIN OR LOSE - Hebrews 6:10. How close do you want to be to the Lord? It's a decision, and act of your will. Bro. Marzullo teaches the steps to overcoming the mountains in your life and how to do self-deliverance.

94LHMP3CD7-3 - FRANK MARZULLO, SR., - FEAR: THE GREATEST OBSTACLE TO FAITH - Many of God's people are bound by fear. They are afraid to praise the Lord, afraid to move in the gifts of the Spirit, afraid to receive from God, and afraid to function in their appointed place. We have to be willing to make mistakes. God will correct us. Giving in to fear is rebellion against God, for He has commanded us, "Fear not." Deliverance prayers are included on this message.

94LHMP3CD7-9 - Frank Marzullo, Sr. - DELIVERANCE FROM SPIRITS NAMED IN THE BIBLE - This is an excellent teaching for individual or group study. Giving Scriptural references, Bro. Marzullo first outlines numerous ways in which deliverance can come. He then proceeds to list spirits named in the Bible and give related spirits that frequently come in with them. After discussing each one he leads the congregation in deliverance prayers for that particular group of spirits.

94LHMP3CD7-12 - Frank Marzullo, Sr. - REJECTION - God created us to give and receive love. When that doesn't happen, rejection comes in and opens the door for many other problems. God can supply the love you didn't receive. Forgiveness is the key to receiving deliverance and healing. Deliverance prayers covering a wide variety of topics are included on this message.


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