2015 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 8 CD's

2015 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 8 CD\'s
2015 Labor Day Camp meeting - Entire set of 8 CD's - Donation $30.00

15LHCD9-1 - Carla Butaud - BECOME AN EXTRAORDINARY CHRISTIAN - Ephesians 5:14 Church, wake up and arise from the dead! Walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time; diligently, cautiously with watchfulness, guard against surprise and danger, with steady application and care, not negligently. The spiritual warfare we are engaged in requires daily, hourly, extraordinary Christianity. Prove your faith by obeying God when the crisis of testing comes. Encourage yourself in the Lord your God, just as King David did. These are some of the scriptures that keep Carla on level ground: Proverbs 3:5-6, Jeremiah 33:3, Exodus 15:6, Psalm 16:8, Psalm 16:11, Psalm 17:7, Psalm 18:35, Psalm 20:6, Psalm 44:3, Psalm 48:10, Psalm 60:5, Psalm 63:8, Psalm 89:13, Psalm 98:1, Psalm 138:7, Song of Solomon 8:3, Isaiah 41:10. You can live by sight and circumstances, or you can rely on the Word of God. Employ ministering and warring angels to help you in a mighty way. Live with faith, believing that your prayers are being answered right now. Carla demonstrates how to bind, loose, rebuke, and render the enemy powerless in the name of Jesus Christ. Church, take dominion, conquer and bring evil into subjection. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD9-2 - Randy Richey - ALIENS, SCIENTIST & DNA ALTERING THE IMAGE OF GOD - Randy leaps into the void and teaches about his conviction that gigantic creatures existed on Earth in ancient times…human beings mixed with fallen angels…aliens who troll the universe even today. Thousands of encounters with such alien creatures have been reported recently by Christian pastors. When these demonic entities begin to openly manifest among us, they will say they are our creators, sent by God to rescue us from our calamities. They are unredeemable deceivers, full of lying wonders, false Christs, false prophets, and if possible they will deceive the very elect. They will manifest as glorious men, not as freaky monsters. Randy believes the anti-Christ will be a mixture of a human and one of these creatures. This will be the Answer Man. DNA manipulations have been developed which mix human beings with animals. It’s all about altering and defiling the image of God in man. We also need to know about the hidden symbolism, images and statues in Freemasonry which empower demons and bring Babylon to our present reality. As children of light, we must bring to light the hidden things of darkness. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD9-3 - Nickie Pinson - OBEYING LUST - The biggest cause of temptation to sin is lust. To lust is to have an intense desire, to hunger, to covet, to yearn or long for something or someone. Our body is temporary and weak and is prone to lust which leads to sin. Sin dwells in a believer’s body but it reigns in an unbeliever’s body. When our natural, God-given, life sustaining appetites begin to burn with lust, we will make fools of ourselves … gluttony, drunkenness, sloth, and sexual perversion. The lust of the world, the lust of our flesh and the lust of the devil work on us. We could live in a place isolated from the world but still be eaten up with lust because the videos of fantasy, those “vain imaginations”, are playing in our head. Righteousness comes through Jesus Christ, so keep your mind on Him. Cry out to God to make you righteous and help you overcome lusting after fame and fortune, covetousness, jealousy, envy, retaliation, murder, wrath, plotting evil, and inventing evil devices. Entertaining lust makes a person a child of wrath and his father is the devil even if he calls himself a Christian. Deceitful lust promises pleasure but produces death. Finally, Scripture teaches us the only way to conquer lust is to crucify the flesh. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

15LHCD9-4 - Geri McGhee - THE LAW OF SOWING AND REAPING - Our heart is our land, our spiritual garden. When we become a living being in our mother’s womb, our spiritual garden already has some “giants in the land”. Briars and thistles were planted from offenses committed against God by our forefathers. As life goes along, we plant our own seeds of corruption, and spiritual giants begin to overtake the good fruit that has been produced. We must choose to overcome spiritual giants of fear, pride, arrogance, rejection, infirmities, insomnia, panic, torment, adultery, and all sexual perversion, just to name a few. Deal with every evil thought, word, attitude and action and take it to the Cross. Jesus Christ died to purify us from every lawless deed. Know that what parents do will be multiplied in their children when the law of sowing and reaping activates. If you want victory, ask God if you dishonored your father and mother. God’s commandment sets in motion the forces of that law. Repentance and deliverance is God’s pruning that allows us to conquer giants and bear much good fruit. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD9-5 - Carla Butaud - DECEPTION - THE ANTI-CHRIST SPIRIT - Carla’s message is given out of her love for Jesus Christ and God’s people. It is a study on the subject of the current trend of Christians to conform to Jewish rites and ceremonies and incorporate them into their spiritual life. Matthew 24:4 Take heed that no man deceive you. The Word is talking about the Spirit of anti-Christ. “He is anti-Christ that denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, come in the flesh.” Jesus’ brethren hated Him because He spoke against their traditions, making the Word of God of none effect. Are we in danger of leaving our first love? Jewish people are still waiting for their Messiah. As Christians we should be so joyful, so prosperous, so healthy, so peace loving and so blessed that they would be chasing us down to know our Jesus. Some have believed. We better stick with the Holy Scriptures, not the TV Church’s, prayer shawls, minorahs, and the like. Search out the origins of the Star of David. If you trust in anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ, you are involved in witchcraft. Jesus came to fulfill and replace all these things which have enthralled so many. Jesus Christ is all we need. Cast out the anti-Christ spirit. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD9-6 - Geri McGhee - YOU HAVE WHAT YOU SAY - Geri shares with us that she has been seeking healing for her eyes since 1987. As she would go before the Lord, He began to show her the ways her life did not please Him. It eventually came down to doubt and unbelief. That was the issue. The Lord has shown her how to build faith in her life by speaking words of faith, planting words of Scripture in her spiritual garden. If you keep saying God’s Word long enough, it will get down in your spirit and become real to you. Our words reveal our true heart. If you transform your vocabulary, you can transform your life, because you will have what you say. When the devil speaks doubt and unbelief into your mind, tell him he is a liar. When you align your mind with the word of God, then prosperity and health come. Mark 11:23 is the key to victory … mustard seed sized faith to have whatsoever you desire. If your conscience is clear, faith will come automatically. When we speak negatively over our children, mates, and our situation, we put people in a spiritual prison. We bind them with our words. If we can control our tongue we can control the direction of our life. Ask God to change our vocabulary and teach us how to talk. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD9-7 - Randy Richey - THE SPIRIT OF TRAUMA - Randy and David Nees enact a scene which demonstrates how to respond when the devil throws fiery darts and lies. We are to rebuke demons with the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, or those darts will stick. Then Randy proceeds to teach on the Spirit of Trauma. Demons can cause traumatic events and then take advantage and enter us because of the weakened state of our will. Trauma is an overwhelming life event that renders one helpless and fearing for his or her life. It is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape, physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse, shock, violence, a natural disaster or war, and often remains in the subconscious mind. Immediately after such an event, shock and denial are typical reactions. Amnesia, complete obliteration of memory is a defense against the horrors of trauma. As you hear this message and you begin to remember, repent if you are aware of anger, hatred and bitterness because of these events. Otherwise you will be in a “fight or flight” mode the rest of your life. Often trauma is revealed by the Holy Spirit with words of knowledge and wisdom from the Lord on how to minister deliverance. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

15LHCD9-8 - Nickie Pinson - OBEYING THE FLESH - We need the Lord’s help battling against lust. Search these scriptures concerning the lust of the world, the lust of the eyes, the lust of our flesh, the lust of our own hearts, and deceitful lust: 2 Timothy 2:22, Titus 2:12, Ephesians 2:3, Ephesians 4:22, James 1:14, Romans 6:7,12, 2 Peter 2:18. When we are tempted and allow ourselves to be drawn away and obey our own lust, we are imprisoned by it, trapped, a slave and servant to sin. Lust is inherent in us. We are born with it. Before we are saved there is just one of us, the carnal man which is full of lust. When we come to Christ, our spirit is born again. We still have the old man and now we have the new man. Those two will always be operating in us and will be in unending conflict. Therefore: 1) Deny your lust, starve it, and take up your cross. 2) Turn away from fleshly things and towards the things of God. Come out from among unbelievers. 3) Be baptized in the Holy Spirit and stay full of the Holy Spirit. 4) Speak in tongues to keep your soul clean. If you fail and feel wretched, recognize that you have a problem, confess it, quit making deals with the Lord, and ask Him to forgive you. With His help you will gain victory. Personal ministry follows this teaching.
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