LEE ELLENWOOD #2 - (Disk 2 of 4) - 11 Messages

LEE ELLENWOOD #2 - (Disk 2 of 4) - 11 Messages
LEE ELLENWOOD #2 - (Disk 2 of 4) - 11 Messages - Donation $10.00 - MP3 CD

On this MP3 CD are the last 5 of the 10 messages on Binding the Strongman and Spiritual Warfare. The first 5 are on Disk 1. These ten messages deals with the cleansing of the church. Are you looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus? There is a purging of the people in the Holy Place. God is beginning his work of perfection. He is preparing a people for His next move that will involve the coming of the Lord and the final destruction of the enemy by binding the strongman and spoiling his house. The book of Revelation is a book of the Second Coming. He is unveiling and uncovering truths, and this book prepares us for His coming. What is the consummation of this age? When is the tribulation coming? What is the last trumpet? When is Jesus coming for the First Fruits people? When will we be changed and when will we be caught up? When is the falling away coming? Who is the man of sin? When are we going through the veil into the Holy of Holies? Answers to these and many other questions will help you to come closer to the mark of the high calling in Jesus Christ! Following are the individual summaries of each message.

79LHMP3CD6-20 - SPIRITUAL WARFARE #3 (6 of 10) - God brought Deborah on the scene in Chapter 4 of the Book of Judges. She was a ‘shophatine’ and shows us how a woman can be female in body and yet ‘male’ in the realm of the spirit without losing femininity or dominating men. The aggressive male gender is expressed spiritually in the Holy of Holies. Right now God is looking for a people with willing hearts and lot of fight in them. Judges 5:2 “Praise the Lord for the avenging of Israel, when the people willingly offered themselves.” Jesus said first we have to bind the strongman if we are going to spoil his house. Gather together with other believers in prayer, wait upon the Lord, and let His Holy Spirit operate among you. You can lay hands on a map of the world, globes and telephone books to bind those evil strongmen over people, cities and nations. Whenever He leads us to battle, you can trust Him to get the victory. Unfortunately, so many mighty men and women are sleeping. Wake up! You are one of God’s mighty ones! “There’s nothing but victory”, says the Lord. Lay aside the garment of discouragement, the garment of weakness, for the Lord says that there is nothing but victory. He calls us to walk in a highway, a highway of victory.”

79LHMP3CD6-23 - SPIRITUAL WARFARE #4 (7 of 10) - In the Kingdom of God there are no ‘giants’, those with an exaggerated sense of their own importance, Philistines, an overpowering spirit that wants to dominate. The Holy Spirit works most freely in an atmosphere of humility, love, and faith. The Holy Place of the Body of Christ church is the locale where we learn dependency, the relationship of the Bride to her Beloved. Now God is bringing forth a people who are militant in spirit, as expressed by the ‘male’ spirit. This spirit is for women as well as men, a spirit of authority and power with God…the place of authority in Sonship. Deborah the Judge exhibited this spirit, yet God wants His women always to be beautiful and feminine, not mannish in demeanor, not a manipulating Jezebel. God is calling His people to war but the common reaction to His call: “too busy”, great reasonings among them. “Curse ye with curses”, says the angel of Jehovah to the Churches. “You would not fight and you gave shelter, asylum, to the enemy.” The little housewife, Jael, was used by God to destroy the headship of the enemy, the strongman of the Syrian Army, who had been dominating the land. She used weapons at hand in her poor, humble tent. She was not “too busy”.

79LHMP3CD6-25 - GOING THROUGH THE VEIL (8 of 10) - God wants to share His throne with those who love Him. The initiative is on the individual…it is up to us to choose where we dwell. If we choose to “seter” with Him, we will have the radiance, the glory, the effulgence of the Mighty One who sits on the Throne. The storm of tribulation is coming and it will continue day and night. Psalm 91: “I will say of Jehovah, He is my refuge, even the most High, my habitation (seter). Psalm 27: At the time of the storm, God is going to set the headship members into position. Rejoice that the judgments of God are removing the terrible demonic forces out of the earth. Revelation 4: The four living creatures cry “Glory and honor and praise and thanks to Him who sits on the throne and lives forever and ever!” Isaiah 30:27: The general aspect of Jesus is that of the sun shining in its strength, burning with His anger. Now Jesus is giving us a probationary time when we can prepare to go through the Veil. We need to live in a state of readiness for the coming of the Lord. Pray at every opportunity, ”Come quickly Lord Jesus”. Purify yourselves. If you want to go through the Veil, if you are sincere with the Lord, He says, “I’ll show you how. I will guide you with my eye.”

79LHMP3CD6-26A – THE APPEARING OF THE LORD JESUS (9 of 10) - This is a discussion of the structure of the coming of the Lord Jesus as Brother Ellenwood understands it. A picture is forming and is being built on some premises. 1) The Book of Revelation, Apocolypsus, is the book of the Second Coming. It means an unveiling, an uncovering. 2) The angels in the book of Revelation are people, not spirits. They are messengers. 3) The Revelation of Jesus Christ was given to His messenger Malachi who showed us things which must come to pass. 4) Time element: Brother Ellenwood is not setting dates, but seems that God is working in 1,000 year periods. The seventh 1,000 year period, the seventh day, is a time of perfection. The appearing of the Lord is not connected in any way to the seven year period or to any known date. He is coming before the seven year period to the First Fruits people. I Thessalonians 4:13-16. We will be changed at His appearing. Then Jesus will give us a job to do, and after a period of time He will “catch us up”. Jesus is coming in the midst of apostasy and ‘the man of sin’ will be revealed. The Lord will come with a war cry against our old Adamic nature. Let us prepare to be those spirit baptized people who fear the Lord in the midst of the apostasy.

79LHMP3CD6-26B - THE APPEARING OF THE LORD JESUS (10 of 10) - This teaching contains about 20 teachings compacted into one. In Revelation I, all of Jesus’ words in that portion of Scripture are that “last trump”. I Corinthians 15:51-52. The Lord is bringing back the dead anointed ones, and He joins them with the living anointed ones so that on the earth the whole Body of Christ will be present. Jesus will be in a high state of passion when He comes for His people. “They shall be Mine in the day that I make up my ‘segulah’, My jewels, My special treasure.” To be apprehended of Him is the prize of the high calling of Christ Jesus. He will come in the midst of the Seven Candlesticks. Read Revelation 1:13-16 to learn what He will look like. We are going to look like Jesus when He redeems our bodies. Phase 1) Isaiah 62:11 is about the cleansing of the Holy Place. Then an unknown period of time will pass. Phase 2) I Thessalonians 4:17 The Church will be purged and set in Divine Order. Jesus will meet His people in the air for the purpose of escorting them back up with honor to the Heavenly Holy of Holies. Then His First Fruits people will be sent back to Earth to administer the unmitigated judgments of the tribulation and obliterate satan’s kingdom.


79LHMP3CD12-1 - WHY ARE WE HERE? (Bill Britton & Lee Ellenwood) - Brother Ellenwood leads the congregation in a time of singing and worship. Then Brother Britton gives his teaching on the tremendous drawing power of God which leads us to gather ourselves together. With this End Time people, those who are pressing on into God, there is always a gathering unto Him. It is good to have a commitment to a group of God’s people, to flow with them and grow in the understanding of what God is doing in this hour. Think about the drawing power of God when He orchestrated events to accomplish His purpose regarding the precise timing of Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem. The Bible makes it very plain that December was not the birthday of Jesus. Also, study the Scriptures to learn how God arranged events and ordained that Jesus would be crucified right on time to coincide with the Passover. In the autumn of each year, the Feast of Tabernacles is celebrated. Brother Britton believes it signifies the time when the corporate, many-membered Son of God will be birthed. Then the Veil will be rent and we will be changed into the full image of Jesus Christ. He comes to those who are chosen, pre-ordained of God. Let Jesus gather you to Himself to speak His truths to your heart.


79LHMP3CD12-5 - Night Visions of Zechariah (1 of 5)

79LHMP3CD12-9 - Night Visions of Zechariah (2 of 5)

79LHMP3CD12-12 - Night Visions of Zechariah (3 of 5)

79LHMP3CD12-15 - Night Visions of Zechariah (4 of 5)

79LHMP3CD12-18 - Night Visions of Zechariah (5 of 5)

Also on this MP3 CD is the Night Visions of Zechariah series. The Spirit is calling, "Come up higher!" Those who will be going into the Holy of Holies must be properly cleansed and clothed. Zechariah jumped into his own vision - said "let them put a clean turban on their head" - which means God is giving us new headgear - a new mind. The high priest wore a turban and the insignia on it said, "Holiness to the Lord!" Just knowing about the coming of the Lord does not prepare you. God will respond to those who respond to Him! Only two people recognized Jesus when He came into the temple - Simeon and Anna. The kings and priests will have a ministry of judgment - people judging themselves now - that is deliverance. Excellent series for those who are hungering and thirsting for God in His fullness. Individual synopsis yet to follow.

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