MOODY #1 - (Disk 1 of 7) - 10 Messages - Years 1985 - 1986

MOODY #1 - (Disk 1 of 7) - 10 Messages - Years 1985 - 1986
MOODY #1 - (Disk 1 of 7) - 10 Messages - Years 1985 - 1986 - Gene & Earline Moody

85LHMP3CD4-2 - Earline Moody - THE SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND - Tremendous testimony centering on early childhood abuse. The results scarred, crippled, and immobilized certain areas of personality development and in the sub-conscious mind. (Your sub-conscious is that part of you that reacts to things and you don't know why you react that way. It does a lot of decision making that you are not aware of.) Gain insight into the innermost workings of behavior problems and then get set free as deliverance is ministered right on the message. This is a much-needed teaching and will be an asset to your ministry.

85LHMP3CD4-3 - Gene & Earline Moody - AHAB & JEZEBEL - It could be said that the plague most common among men and women is the characteristics of Ahab and Jezebel. Isa. 3:12, "As for My people, children are their oppressors and women rule over them. O My people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." The greatest help in getting deliverance for you and your family is to get Ahab and Jezebel out of the home. This message will minister to those who have no understanding of these two spirits and to you who are already familiar with their schemes. Deliverance ministry concludes this message.

85LHMP3CD4-6 - Gene Moody - GOD ALLOWS DEMONS & EVIL - This message is an excellent Bible study on the justice of God’s Word concerning obedience and disobedience. It is also very good in helping one to understand the need for deliverance in our lives. God is building a house that will stand and we need to understand the principles outlined in this message so stability can be wrought in our lives.

85LHMP3CD12-2 - The Moody's - FAMILY RELATIONS (1 of 3) - Based on their own family experience, God gave them this message to help others. It outlines the responsibilities God has ordained for husband/father, wife/mother, and children. Includes problems that arise when parents neglect their ordained roles and the difficulties that children have when the family structure is out of order. If someone does not stop the pattern of living in the curse, the conflicts carry on from generation to generation.

85LHMP3CD12-4 - Gene & Earline Moody - FAMILY RELATIONS (2 of 3) - The study of how to have perfect family relationships unto God continues with basic deliverance teaching. Basic deliverance consists of setting a person free from three common demon families: rejection, bitterness, and rebellion. The most important key in setting a person free is to have them forgive anyone who has hurt them! Deliverance prayers, renunciations, getting instruction on how to get delivered make this entire series on family relations a must for you, your family, home Bible study group, and pastor.

85LHMP3CD12-6 - Earline Moody - GRIEF - A walk through the lives of those who experienced the sudden, accidental loss of their only son at the young age of twelve; the devastation, trauma, anger, and withdrawal that eventually brought them to know Jesus as Lord. Grief became their excuse and a weapon against each other, a ruler over their lives. It was bitter and kept them tied up within themselves. What God brought them through is today serving to help others be free in similar areas. Deliverance ministry for many bound in grief concludes this message.

85LHMP3CD12-7 - Gene Moody - FAMILY RELATIONS (3 of 3) - You won’t have a happy family without counseling, teaching, deliverance, and discipline. Husbands are the best ones to minister to wives and parents are the best ministers to their children. These messages defy satan’s ploys and plots to destroy the family. It should be listened to in every Christian home! The teachings are practical, organized, and simple to follow. The majority of this message is actual deliverance, with many lives being set free. The Holy Spirit “put the finger” on many demons.

85LHMP3CD12-16 - Earline Moody - CHILD ABUSE - The "victim spirit" advertises to be beaten, robbed, molested, etc. It is very common in people who have suffered abuse. Based on first-hand experience, having gone through abuse herself, Earline shares the process of deliverance that the Lord took her through. If you have been abused or have been an abuser, your life will be changed with this helpful message.

86LHMP3CD3-6A & 6B - *Gene & **Earline Moody - HEALING BY DELIVERANCE & HOW TO KEEP IT - *Avail yourself to further understanding of deliverance in relation to healing. Gene lays the facts on the table, so to speak, with Scripture after Scripture of specific examples where healing occurred after Jesus cast out demonic spirits. The diversity of Jesus' ministry brings healing in various forms. As we yield to the Holy Spirit, we too can be instruments of healing in ways other than you may have traditionally believed. **Deliverance is valuable in the kingdom of God only so long as you keep it. God's part is fulfilled when the spirits leave. You choose to keep them out or allow them back in. Earline brings instruction on how to effectively keep the deliverance you receive, emphasizing the responsibility we have to control our thoughts and actions. We must know the commandments Jesus gave so we can discipline our minds and bodies. Many were delivered in this service from infirmity spirits, addictions, and powers that came in with the taking of drugs, etc. You too can be delivered as you hear this message.

86LHMP3CD7-9 - Earline Moody - THE CURSE OF THE BASTARD - Most likely not a single person within the sound of this tape is not affected by the curse of the bastard (Deut. 23:2). It is a curse involving 10 generations and continues to perpetuate itself. Conception of a bastard brings a child of lust and not love. A child conceived this way is very often a sensual child, with problems of masturbation and later, severe sexual abnormalities. Earline was the third generation in the line of a bastard. She never knew why or what she was ashamed of, but was never comfortable with, people looking at her until after her deliverance. Ministry for deliverance from the curse and spirit of the bastard, and many other unclean sexual spirits, are cast out in this service. The deliverance is included for you to get free also.

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