MOODY #5 - (Disk 5 of 7) - 8 Messages - Years 1989 - 1990

MOODY #5 - (Disk 5 of 7) - 8 Messages - Years 1989 - 1990
MOODY #5 - (Disk 5 of 7) - 8 Messages - Years 1989 - 1990 - Gene & Earline Moody

89LHMP3CD12-3A & 3B - Moody's & Millers - HOW NOT TO DO DELIVERANCE - This message focuses primarily on an angle of deliverance not often appropriated - how NOT to do deliverance! These two teams present helpful insights, gleaned from approximately 35 years of deliverance ministry, on avoiding many common pitfalls. The bottom line for successful deliverance is forgiveness and changing the way you think and act. Ministry for casting out evil spirits is included with this message.

89LHMP3CD12-8 - Gene Moody - RAPE - This is a lesson that will touch the lives of many people and be especially helpful to women. It ministers encouraging insight for the victim, who has too long been named the criminal in these situations. Many were surprised to hear that the Bible has so much to say on the subject of rape. The church has failed miserably in her responsibility to teach these things and because of this, a degeneration of morals has taken place in the world. Deliverance ministry concludes this message.

89LHMP3CD12-11A & 11B - Earline Moody - PERFECTING LOVE - If you’ve ever questioned why it is so difficult for people to love, this message will provide you with the answers. Topics include the greatest hindrance to giving and receiving love, various degrees and maturities of love, and knowing the One who can teach us to really love. Be challenged not to settle for less than God’s perfect love. It’s never too late to reach for it!

89LHMP3CD12-23 - The Moody's - A WISE AND UNDERSTANDING WOMAN - This is a companion study to 89LHCD12-8’s lesson on rape. It further defines sexual harassment, abuse, assault, and violence and lists warning signs in a child’s behavior which indicate that abuse is occurring. This lesson goes beyond identifying the problem and provides solutions on how to become a wise and understanding woman - one who deals with the effects of abusive acts and learns to experience the healing and restoring power of Jesus Christ. We especially recommend that fathers listen to this message. How they relate to their children will set the stage for how their children relate to God. Ministry for deliverance concludes this service.

90LHMP3CD4-3A & 3B - Gene Moody - REPENT - If you are a Christian, you have no right before God to retain unforgiveness. No matter what anyone has done, you must forgive. God will sometimes change the course of action for your life after you repent. It was after Ninevah repented that God cancelled His plans to destroy them. This is a penetrating study of sin and how it relates to curses. The Holy Spirit zeros in on many families of demons in this deliverance service, and ministry flows to liberate people to new heights of freedom in Jesus.

90LHMP3CD5-3 - Gene & Earline Moody - (VANITY) - BALDNESS - BEARDS - HAIR - In typical “Moody fashion” Bro. Gene and Sis. Earline lay a strong, Biblical foundation and very thoroughly go through the Word as they present the reasons why both men and women dress and act as they do. Their conclusions will cause all who hear to re-examine their hearts and to decide what is motivating them in dress and fashion. Bro. Gene also discusses ancestral curses associated with baldness, and both of them explain why people try to retain their youthful appearance. Deliverance prayers follow the teaching session.

90LHMP3CD6-15 - Gene Moody - CURSING OTHERS & BEING CURSED - This teaching is for Spirit-filled Christians. It is an eye-opener as to why many people have the sin problems and weaknesses they do. Bro. Moody differentiates between ancestral curses and parental curses, spoken curses, and psychic prayers. He explains the origin of curses, how we curse ourselves, and how we bring curses on our descendants.

90LHMP3CD6-21A & 21B - Gene Moody - ARE YOU A LIAR? - As Bro. Moody begins his teaching on the sin of lying; he describes many other words synonymous with falsehood. He details the Biblical injunctions against lying, the results that come upon those who do, and poses serious questions for all Christians to consider. At the conclusion of the teaching session there is ministry for deliverance from lying spirits.

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