MOODY #7 - (Disk 7 of 7) - 11 Messages - Years 1994 - 1999

MOODY #7 - (Disk 7 of 7) - 11 Messages - Years 1994 - 1999
MOODY #7 - (Disk 7 of 7) - 11 Messages - Years 1994 - 1999 - Gene Moody

94LHMP3CD7-16 - Gene Moody - BRIEF TESTIMONY - Gene Moody shares briefly concerning some of the struggles he and Earline have faced recently and encourages us to remember that if we belong to God, He has a right to do whatever He wants with us.

95LHMP3CD12-22A & 22B - Gene Moody - FREEMASONRY - This teaching outlines the roots and occult connections of Freemasonry (including the related organizations of the Eastern Star, Job’s Daughters, Rainbow Girls and DeMolay). People are snared by their lack of knowledge! Christians should shun any type of secret religion or organization whose practices are carried on in secret, or which requires the taking of ungodly oaths to an organization or individual. Deliverance prayers conclude the service.

98LHMP3CD9FT-10 - Gene Moody - HOW TO DO DELIVERANCE - Some good basic deliverance teaching accompanied by simple, step by step instructions on how to do mass deliverance. Teaching is followed by practical application.

98LHMP3CD9FT-5 - Gene Moody - IDENTIFYING GODLY AND UNGODLY SPIRITS - We have a responsibility before God to cast out demons. Excellent basic teaching on deliverance, defining concepts and outlining steps to enable us to get free and set our families free. Deliverance session follows the teaching.

99DELTRMP3CD-8 - Gene Moody - ROOTS vs FRUITS - [Brother Walter Gaddy starts this session with a personal testimony and a brief presentation of the ministry of Be Fruitful and Multiply, originally started by Milton Green, one of the pioneers of the deliverance ministry.] We inherited the cursed nature of satan, the flesh nature, from Adam. As long as we love this flesh nature (self-love), satan uses us as puppets, controlling us. The root is the motive that controls a man’s heart. Is the motive to please the flesh (greed and pride) or to please Jesus? The fruit in a man’s life springs from the root of his heart motive. Self-love—idolatry—must be put to death and root causes dealt with so that we might bear fruit unto God.

99LHMP3CD4-5 - Gene Moody - STRICKEN BEFORE YOUR ALLOTTED TIME - This is a serious, thought-provoking message dealing with an issue that many grapple with when faced with the premature death of a saint: Why do the godly die before their allotted time? Bro. Gene in his methodical way, evoked responses to this question from a number of respected ministers when trying to cope with the death of his beloved wife, Earline, and compiled the results, which he shared with us. Whether or not we agree with all their answers, there is much that can be of help as we all, especially those of us who desire a life of faith, struggle to find answers to one of life’s difficult questions.

99LHMP3CD5-3 - Gene Moody - WARFARE IN THE HEAVENLIES - If you are looking for a simple, structured outline of deliverance, this is it. Many Scriptures relating to deliverance are read and instructions presented that can be particularly helpful to those who need help getting a handle on what deliverance is all about.

99LHMP3CD7-14 - Gene Moody - THE CHANGE OF LIFE - Bro. Moody addresses a topic seldom discussed in Christian circles, i.e., how married couples are to deal with menopause and mid-life crisis. The world has taught us various ways of coping, but what does God have to say? Let us beware of satan’s snares, and “spoil his house” in this area of our lives.

99LHMP3CD7-20 - Gene Moody - SCHIZOPHRENIA - One of the most important revelations that God has given in the area of deliverance is the schizophrenia revelation given to Ida Mae Hammond and explained in Pigs in the Parlor. Nearly everyone has either been bound to some degree by schizophrenia, or knows someone who is. The three R’s—rejection, root of bitterness and rebellion—form the foundation of this malady. Bro. Gene gives us further understanding of this topic and how we can find freedom from bondage.

99LHMP3CD12-4 - Gene Moody - THE THREE P's - PSYCHOPSYCHOSIS - Bro. Gene introduces us to the “three P’s”: psychoneurosis, psychopsychosis, and psychopathic personalities. In this teaching, he specifically covers the psychotic personality (psychopsychosis), its characteristics and spiritual roots. Many of this family of spirits are identified and addressed in mass deliverance.

99LHMP3CD12-18 - Gene Moody - THE THREE P's - PSYCHOPATHIC - Teaching on the “three P’s” is continued from 99LHCD12-4. In this message, Bro. Gene specifically covers the psychopathic personality, its characteristics and spiritual roots. Many of this family of spirits are identified and addressed in mass deliverance ministry.

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