2016 Memorial Camp Meeting on 9 CD'S

2016 Memorial Camp Meeting on 9 CD\'S
2016 MEMORIAL DAY CAMP MEETING on 9 CD’s - Donation $30.00

16LHCD5-1 - Carla Butaud - BREAKING SATAN’S GROUNDS - We need to know what satan’s legal grounds are and break them off of us. Generational curses come down our blood lines because of the sins of our ancestors. Powerful ruler spirits are assigned to hold each of us hostage. The death of Lazarus symbolizes us before we were born again. Our sins are the grave clothes which defile us. Those grave clothes prevent us from living our Christian life. Jesus Christ comes and calls us to “Come forth!” Humbly repent and burn those filthy rags in the fire of God’s delivering power! Carla leads us in a prayer to deal with hindering, blocking, lying and perverse spirits that hinder the hearing and understanding of the teaching of the Word. The spirit of offense causes us to rise up against the move of the Holy Spirit in us as we seek deliverance. The anti-Christ spirit wants to dispute the Word of God. Very often our forefathers made oaths, covenants and dedications on our behalf. Familiar spirits are attached to these word curses. Psychics communicate with familiar spirits and operate in the spirit of divination, known as Python. Keen spiritual discernment shows us when we are dealing with psychic witches. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD5-2 - Randy Richey - KNOWING THE CHARACTER AND PERSON OF YAHWEH GOD - Study to know the person and character of Yahweh God. I AM THAT I AM is the way we are to remember Him. Consider the magnificence of our God who is living inside of us. Find out what a wonderful Father He is. Randy teaches about thirty of Father God’s names and their meanings. Names like Jehovah Nissi, the Lord our Banner and Jehovah Rophi, the Healer of Our Wounds. These names are embodied in His Son for our benefit. Get the revelation of Jesus Christ, our Warrior King who fights for His people. He is our Deliverer, Passover, Righteousness, Shepherd, the Way, Provider, Judge, Teacher, Captain of Our Salvation, Bridegroom, Bread of Life, Alpha and Omega, Anointed One, Apostle, High Priest, Blessed Hope, Bright and Morning Star, Creator. Some of the names of the Holy Spirit are: Set Apart One, Comforter, Spirit of Holiness, Eternal Spirit, Spirit of Prophecy, Adoption, Revelation, Judgment and Burning. Our God is a consuming Fire! The key to defeating the enemy is drawing close to God. We must let God love us and let His love flow through us to others. Those who know their God are going to do great exploits. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD5-3 - Nickie Pinson - THE NECESSITY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT - The first purpose of the ministry of Jesus Christ on this earth is to take away our sins by the sacrifice of His body on the cross, make manifest to Israel that He is the Lamb of God, and to baptize in water. The second purpose of the ministry of Jesus is to baptize people in the Holy Ghost and with fire. In these times we need to ask ourselves, “Who is the Holy Spirit descending upon and who is the Holy Spirit remaining upon?” Day after day we need to see the evidence of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. We determine and recognize who is being led by the Spirit if they are living according to the Word and will of God. People are watching our lives, so stay filled. It is a necessity for us to be baptized in the Holy Ghost and Him remaining upon us. The Holy Ghost is big enough to move on God’s people without ‘working the crowd up’ whether you are teaching, preaching or leading worship, so give Him place. Jesus Christ put a tremendous emphasis on the Holy Spirit. We will not know Christ except the Holy Spirit reveal Him to us. It is essential to know that after evil spirits are cast out, the Holy Spirit must fill that persons’ empty, cleansed, swept, and garnished house. Personal ministry follows this teaching.

16LHCD5-4 - Geri McGhee - EVIL SPIRIT OF REJECTION - Geri begins by making a distinction between the evil spirit of rejection and the inevitable rejection that comes when you follow Christ. When Christ is in you, you will be rejected because people are rejecting the Christ who is in you. Noah condemned the world by his righteousness, by the way he lived. Today you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. You can expect rejection if you are going to follow Christ. You are to welcome it, rejoice and be exceedingly glad as approved of God and consider yourself blessed. The world hated Jesus before it hated you. When you are a lukewarm fence rider nobody who is in the world ever says anything, but when you want to follow God fully, you are some kind of ‘weirdo’ to the world. Then Geri teaches about the evil spirit of rejection that operates in us called an unloving anti-Christ spirit. The principality of rejection works closely with the principality of fear. This monster rules over many lesser fears. Geri lists those fears which plague most of us and have come down our generational lines or have entered us through trauma. All of these evil spirits have their roots in idolatry. Let us seek to be free from these tormentors. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD5-5 - Carla Butaud - THE CURSE OF TAMAR - This teaching is about breaking desolation off people’s lives. It comes in through the Curse of Tamar. There are so many beautiful, single Christian women who want to be married but have no prospects and they remain desolate. Read II Samuel 13 and learn what happened to Tamar. Amnon, her half-brother, was ‘sick with love’ (lust) for her. He knew that a relationship with her was off limits (rebellion), but he was driven by temptation (obsession). An evil spirit had taken him over. Amnon deceived her (plotted a conspiracy with seducing spirits) and forced her to lay with him (rape). Then he hated her (anger, resentment, bitterness, shame, self-hatred .. the familiar spirits of a rapist) with hatred greater than the love he had for her (betrayal). The devil lured him into sin, then mocked and reviled him for succumbing to evil. Tamar was totally devastated. No more virginity, beautiful garments, hopes or dreams for this Princess. From that day she lived a lonely life of exile in her brother Absalom’s house. Years later, Absalom plotted and conspired to have Amnon killed (revenge and murder). The iniquities of the father, King David, were visited upon his children. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD5-6 - Geri McGhee - PEOPLE PLEASER - Some of us are extreme, habitual people pleasers, some are moderate people pleasers, and some try to please people every now and then, but God demands that we give 100% of our pleasing to Him. He commands that we align our lives according to His Word. He will bless us when we suffer for doing His will, because we entrust our soul to a faithful Creator who will always do what is right and will reward us in Heaven. If we live to please man we are going to suffer the consequences of not having God’s favor, plus all the judgment and demons that come with those choices. People pleasing is one of the many fruits of rejection. It works with multiple spirits of fears. People pleasers wear themselves out jumping through the hoops of others. In the quest for pleasing people, they will be bowing down to the idol of acceptance of self and the approval of man. They say, “Do not reject me or be mad at me, do not be angry or upset with me.” People pleasers are cowards who enable other people. God pleasers will speak the truth in love regardless of the consequences. Revelation 21:11 says, “The cowardly and unbelieving will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.” Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD5-7A & 7B - Randy Richey - IDOLATRY - Every sin we ever do begins with idolatry. Idolatry is when we think our feelings, emotions and reactions are more important than what God says. The definition of idolatry: The worship of a physical object as a god, an immoderate attachment or devotion to something, to love or admire to excess. We need to repent for our nation, because it is given over to idolatry. In our capitol, the structure of Freemasonry and pagan symbolism is unbelievable. It goes back to Simeramus, the wife of Nimrod, and pagan worship in Babylon. That is why we have a problem of child sacrifice in our nation today. Exodus 20:3-4 is a commandment, not a suggestion. James 4:4. Loving what the world has is the same as hating God. He wants us only for Himself. The preeminent evil spirit of the world going forward is not going to be atheism nor agnosticism, but a highly religious system that proclaims, “All roads lead to God”. Pray that we “intolerant ones” will stand strong with those who have been martyred because they held to their faith in Jesus Christ. Ask God to forgive you of idolatry and He will. Be sure to forgive yourself in this process of repentance and forgiveness. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

16LHCD5-8 - Nickie Pinson - DELIVERANCE THROUGH LOVE IN CHRIST - The Lord Jesus Christ must be central to every life and ministry. We need to lift HIM up. Paul loved Jesus so much, that is all he wanted to talk about. John 21:15 Do we love Jesus more than ‘these’? (That stuff we are so involved in.) He must be our First Love. We need to be broken and weeping when we realize how much He has done for us. Jesus wants to know, “Do you love me?” Why are we here at Camp Meeting? God knows. If you don’t love Jesus Christ, no matter how many demons you get cast out of you, they are going to come back and bring some worse than they were. Quit using Jesus and start loving Him. Seek His face and not His hands. The Lord wants to know if we love Him even to the point of dying for Him. We can sing all day long, “Oh how I love Jesus”, but we are going to have to prove it. He is going to see to it that we prove it. You either love Jesus Christ or you hate Him. There is no in-between. Politicians talk about God, but they do not want to say the name of Jesus Christ. Those who refuse to obey Him are those who hate Him. We need to be learning how to hear His voice so we can obey Him and prove our love. This love sets us free. Personal ministry follows this teaching.
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