17LHMP3CD7 - 2017 Summer Camp Meeting on 1 MP3 CD

17LHMP3CD7 - 2017 Summer Camp Meeting on 1 MP3 CD
17LHMP3CD7 - All 11 messages of the 2017 Summer Camp Meeting in MP3 format on 1 CD disk (Donation $10.00 plus $3.50 postage)

17LHMP3CD7-1 - Carla Butaud - DELIVERANCE BLOCKERS - Carla shares that nothing has affected her life more, (other than getting saved) than the message of deliverance. It opened the door for change - to be set free from the things she didn't like about herself - things she had tried to get rid of and couldn't. People come to camp to be set free from things. In this message Carla teaches about deliverance blockers. These are things that will block your deliverance. She deals with these things the first night of camp so that all the other messages can have their deepest, best work in you (the listener). This is a wonderful message, both for those new to the deliverance ministry and for you who have experienced much deliverance. Are you where you want to be in the Lord? This message could provide the key you have been asking for from the Lord. Ministry is included.

17LHMP3CD7-2 - Geri McGhee - SOUL TIE - Before Geri gets into the meat of her message she shares a statement that has come not only from years of experience in the deliverance ministry but also from being delivered herself: "Deliverance in a nutshell is just James 4:7, 'Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." More importantly, she offers everyone the opportunity to examine whether or not they are truly born again in their hearts - not just believers in their heads. A soul tie is a connection in the spirit realm. Geri teaches in depth, the various types of soul ties and their corresponding consequences - depending on the level of sin you have been involved in. Extensive prayers of repentance and breaking of soul ties is included in this message.

17LHMP3CD7-3 - Jean Williams - LEARNING TO OBEY GOD - Jean goes to great lengths to emphasize how important it is for us to obey the Word of God. Obedience does not always come naturally. Just as a child has to learn the consequences of disobedience, so do we. We have to do whatever is necessary to bring our minds and our wills under submission to the Holy Spirit. The flesh hates to submit, but it is God's will that we obey. Jean shares seven things that are very helpful in learning how to obey God. We live in a microwave society where we want everything "right now". That mentality has affected the way we commune with God. It is past time we learn to wait to hear from Him. In the days ahead it will be even more critical to hear and know the voice of God for yourself. Learning to obey God is a process. It behooves everyone to digest this message! Service concludes with deliverance ministry.

17LHMP3CD7-4 - Kernaa Williams - THE SPIRIT OF JANEES & JAMBRES - 2 Timothy 3:8-9 is the Scripture basis for this message. What we are seeing in this nation is an attack on leadership. Not only is there a political battle going on but there is intense spiritual warfare. The Bible says that "we wrestle not..." and there are many churches that are "wrestling not!". Bro. Kernaa exposes many things about the occult that Christians need to know. It is the scheme of the enemy to keep these things hidden! The Word of God commands us to pray for those in authority over us. Bro. Kernaa's insight will help you pray more effectively. Will the church be powerless or will the church engage? Message ends with powerful deliverance prayers.

17LHMP3CD7-5 - Nickie Pinson - BY THE POWER OF GOD - Luke, Chapter 1 is the cornerstone of this message, specifically verse 35 - "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee:" God's plans and purposes are demonstrated by and through His power. He didn't need Mary's permission, she had not called out to Him asking for this - it is what God did. Jesus waited until the Spirit told Him what to do. It's not the how-to videos or the formulas, it's by the power of God. The 7 sons of Sceva found out it's not about watching someone else do it, the Holy Spirit was not intending for that man to be delivered - they were not being led by the Spirit and they did not have the power of God operating. We're not going to accomplish anything except by the power of God. Jesus was conceived by the power of God. There is ministry beyond our imaginations if the Holy Ghost is upon us, and anointing us - it is awesome what God can do!

17LHMP3CD7-6 - Geri McGhee - THE LAW OF SOWING & REAPING - Geri looks at sowing and reaping from many different aspects. The things that bother you about your children, ask God first if you did the same thing. And then repent for what the Lord shows you. If we don't deal with our issues, we're going to reap it through children, grandchildren, jobs, bosses, finances, health, relationships - the list goes on and on. Through experience Geri has learned that nine times out of ten if you are having problems with your mate, it's because you're living with your daddy or your mother and God's trying to show you to just forgive your father or mother for the thing you can't stand about your mate. You will see sowing and reaping in a whole new light after listening to this life-changing message. Deliverance ministry concludes this service.

17LHMP3CD7-7A & 7B - Randy Richey - GREAT DECEPTIONS - Randy deals with the great deceptions of occult activity, entertainment, tattoos and essential oils. Everyone is affected one way or another by some form of deception, if not through personal involvement then at the least, what has come down the bloodline. Randy coins the phrase, "the enemy is an equal opportunity destroyer". We want to get clear of these things so that we are not affected in our ability to believe God, we're not scared of it and we can speak, in the name of Jesus, against the workers of darkness. He thoroughly dissects all of his subject matter and leaves no stone unturned. You won't walk away from this message and say, "Nobody told me there was anything wrong with that." Extensive deliverance service concludes this message.

17LHMP3CD7-8A & 8B - Carla Butaud - THE CURSE OF THE BASTARD - Carla opens with a very thorough prayer covering the participants in this meeting…a prayer for our participation, protection and understanding of the works of the enemy in order that we may be set free. She then explains exactly what a curse is… a doorway for spirits to come in and out. We want to get rid of this doorway and stop the enemy from having access to our person. Galatians 3:13 tells us that we have been redeemed from the curse of the law…that Jesus Himself was made a curse for us. The curse of the bastard was a 10 generation curse. The problem arises because it was a very shameful thing and wasn’t discussed openly, allowing a continuation throughout the family line. Neither has it been dealt with because of ignorance of the curse, misunderstanding or unbelief. After a very thorough exposure of the works of the enemy through the bastard curse, she leads us in very powerful prayer of deliverance. There is complete freedom from this curse through Jesus.

17LHMP3CD7- 9 - Jean Williams - DELIVERANCE FROM THE SPIRIT OF PYTHON - The ultimate purpose or goal of the spirit of the python is to crush and destroy the vision, dreams and hope of the church and the individual believer. The spirit of the python promotes divination, witchcraft and rebellion. It seeks to break down God's plan and purpose of the local church by destroying the divine order and authority. It will always draw attention away from Jesus unto other human beings or self. This demonic spirit causes people to focus on the predictions of future events and away from now and today. The python is the source of many sicknesses and deaths of many people in curses, spells, voodoo and incantations. Where python is allowed to rule there will be an ever increasing use of drugs. It can constrict the flow of and literally steal our finances from us. As born-again believers we have absolute control and victory over the spirit of the python. Wonderful deliverance ministry concludes this session.

17LHMP3CD7-10 - Kernaa Williams - VANGUARD PEOPLE - A vanguard is the front part of an advancing army in battle - a group that leads the whole military into battle - a type of reconnaissance team - spying out the land before the battle. God is raising up His army for His end-time purpose on planet earth. He is pruning a people of the soulish order and Kernaa goes to great lengths to identify that order. The vanguard people are those who are willing to go into regions and do what the Holy Spirit says do - including tearing down altars and images! They understand the Gifts of the Spirit and are not afraid to move in them. We are in a time when the saints must understand what it is to be equipped! The vanguard are about the cloud of glory - they move with the cloud. This message is not about playing church! It's about impacting cities and nations with Jesus.

17LHMP3CD7-11 - Nickie Pinson - LET IT BE HEALED - Nickie opens with prayer then goes to Hebrews 12:1. He then backs up to the 11th chapter reminding us of the things that God’s people went through in times past…most of which we can’t even imagine. But they went through…meaning they came out on the other side. Our walk with God is not simply; get saved and when you get in trouble, God will get you out. Sometimes we go through things. In Hebrews 11:35 it talks of those that chose not to be delivered that they might receive a better resurrection. In Philippians 3, we see Paul choosing to suffer that he might know Christ. It’s not always how it looks. If we go willingly, it will be easier than being dragged through. The fiery furnace and the lions den didn’t look good but look what happened there. They were willing to go…not knowing what the outcome would be. We don’t have to be afraid. Remember there was a 4th man in the fire. God doesn’t leave us! Hebrews 12:1 tells us to lay aside the weight and the sin that does so easily beset us and run with patience the race that is set before us. Could it possibly be better to go through some things rather than be delivered? Paul seemed to think so. Jesus suffered the cross for the JOY that was set before Him! We will suffer too - for a purpose. The devil may do it but God allows and when the purpose is accomplished, it will be over. According to the Word, our healing has been accomplished. So whatever you are holding onto, whoever has hurt you, in word or in deed, ‘let it be healed.’ Sometimes we even blame God! When those things in you are dealt with, and you give it up, you can be healed. Sometimes it’s our fault that we’re in bondage. Then, sometimes it’s just between you or me and GOD. Let it be healed. Ministry follows.
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