2011 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 17 CD's

2011 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 17 CD\'s
2011 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 17 CD's - Donation $55.00

11LHCD9-1 - Kyle Nees - HIDDEN PLACE - God is the hidden place for us. Being hidden changes things. The hidden place is the key to breaking heavy yokes off your life. It brings us to a place of protection. His faithfulness is our shield. Learn to tarry in His presence. In God, in Christ, we are not out in the open and exposed, but you cannot get there without the cross. It crucifies the flesh. His presence brings His anointing into your life and makes you an ambassador for Christ. People are watching you - especially your family. Take up your cross, follow Him, be hidden in Him and that anointing will break every yoke.

11LHCD9-2 - Carla Butaud - UNDERSTANDING YOUR AUTHORITY - There are hindrances which prevent the Body of Christ from understanding their authority. "All things are become new." "New" means not formerly known or experienced. Jesus describes how we are new in Him. Not knowing who you are leads to confusion and depression. Sometimes we get like Mephibosheth who was lame, depressed and had a low opinion of himself. The truth is Jesus' worthiness is our worthiness. All the land of Saul was restored. All of our land can be restored, too. Possess your land. You are the rightful heir. Otherwise "someone else" will. From the days of John the Baptist the world suffereth violence and the violent take it (the Kingdom of Heaven) by force. "Force" means to go after it and not stop till you get it. Jesus has given that power to us. The fear of man and religious spirits keep us from exercising that power. "So send I you." We are to be His representatives - ambassadors - on earth. Know your authority and use it correctly. We have authority over all demons and all sickness. Go and do His work. The Kingdom of God is at hand.

11LHCD9-3 - Tom Stone - BEGUILE - The definition of "beguiled" is to influence, intentionally mislead, even to pass time pleasantly. Are we eating of wrong teachings? Are we being beguiled? Spend time with your children and have them tell you what they are being taught. Speak life to them when they come in from school. Speak life to each other. If there is hurt and disappointment in your children's lives they will hurt other people. Command the evil forces to leave. Anxiety, fear and stress are companions to anger. We all have hot buttons that God wants to defuse. Anger allows a spirit of witchcraft to enter us. Holding on to the gall of bitterness may be a cause of gall bladder and liver problems just as mental disorders can come from generational sins. Evil words of betrayal spoken by angry family members can cause physical problems in us, even while these family members attempt to beguile us into believing all is well between us. God wants to set us free from all these things. We do not have to be in prison in our minds, sick or disabled. God is real and He forgives all. Deliverance ministry concludes this message.

11LHCD9-4 - Kyle Nees - TAKE MY YOKE - God wants us released from every yoke of oppression. This is Jesus' invitation to you. "Take My yoke upon you." Be willing to release your children from your yoke to His power in the heavenlies. He is about making your life a thing of His glory. We have need of the ministering angels. To take Jesus' yoke we need a brokenness. Jesus clears the fog of loneliness and deep despair. Run into His presence in the hidden place. It produces perfect love - for there the love of Christ controls us. We need the spirit of reconciliation. We also need the spirit of truth. A tree of life brings healing, a spirit of praise and of thanksgiving. Your King calls you from your Lodebar. Take His yoke, learn of Him.

11LHCD9-5 - Kyle Nees - ACCOMPLISHED IN THE FAITH - Jesus prayed for Peter that his faith not fail. Jesus helps our faith grow so we can help others. Jesus accomplishes all things if we have faith. Resist the enemy when your faith needs to be enlarged. Accomplished means "realized in our lives" so we have a story to tell. It is already a finished work. God has a table spread for us in the presence of our enemies. Claim what is yours. God gives us keys to unlock our bondages of fear and stubbornness. Jesus on the cross said, "It has been accomplished." Faith comes by the Spirit of Truth. Apart from this spirit we remain in darkness. Faith brings liberty. God's secret weapon is prayer. Pick up the pace. Time is short. Ask for a spirit of truth and faith - a fresh infilling. This will lead you to prayer. Now walk it out. There is a tremendous illustration on how to overcome fear given at the conclusion of this message. God has a work He wants you to finish.

11LHCD9-6A & 6B [2 CD Set] - Geri McGhee - SANCTIFICATION OF THE SOUL - The biggest problem in your life right now is what God wants to fix next. Sanctification comes while we work out our salvation. Dismantle the hot wires such as anger. It is not acceptable. It is idolatry of self in your heart. Confess each sin individually - not in a big lump. Seeds planted in the spiritual garden of our lives will reproduce after their kind. Weeds sewn into our lives come from seeds, too. See the fruit and trace down the seed. God breaks down the hedge of the unfruitful vineyard. People who call themselves Christians today are in a mess. What we sow into our lives reaps fruit. What our forefathers sowed into their lives is being reaped in ours. When a problem comes up, ask God where it came from and let God help you deal with it. Live for God's glory. Deliverance prayers conclude this message.

11LHCD9-7 - Richard Tate - TESTIMONY - When God gives you a prayer, something will happen. Some very religious people know the Bible but not the Author. It is a good day to know the Lord. Jesus wants to get at our motives. We have to get close to Him or it is all useless. When He tells you to go - pack it up and go. Richard shared God's dealings with Him in his younger years as a drug using hippie. He was delivered from cigarettes, liquor and drugs. God will apprehend you where you are. Richard's heart was changed overnight. Jesus says, "Follow Me." The Truth is a person. Don't worry about what's coming on the earth in these times. Ask Jesus to prepare your heart to follow Him. What God asks from you in war time is what you have promised Him in the time of peace.

11LHCD9-8 - Don Andrews - ABOVE THE STORM - God is faithful to deliver us. Don tells of five demon tormentors who had followed him since his childhood. As an adult they went with him to work. He always had fear. They made promises to him if he would let them come in. He knew there would be no hope if he yielded. He could get no sleep. Tiredness began to take over. Weary of the battle, he entered into a life of sin. He thought God could not forgive him. A huge demon appeared in his car and said "I have come after you. You are mine." A small voice said, "Rebuke him in Jesus' name." He repeatedly rebuked the demon and he finally did leave him alone. Later, when he was 30 years old, Jesus came and in His love began to take him above the storm. It took time, never forgetting that love that came and found him and made it possible. We keep missing the small trail up the mountain. If we want what He has, we must bow and let Him have His way. He is taking us up to Zion. The fire on top will burn into us to purify us of worldly ambitions and desires. The world of evil is growing fast. God is making us ready for what is ahead. He wants us to give ourselves to Him. He takes us through the fires of testing to see if we stand firm. He says, "How much of My Son do you look like?"

11LHCD9-9 - Geri McGhee - ABOLISHING FEAR - There are 2,000 kinds of fear and each is linked to idolatry. We have to give up our life and find God. We cannot overcome the enemy when fear rules. Let go of fear and let faith come. When you die to your self the fruit of the spirit comes. Jesus' nature comes. He is our answer. Everything you go through can be used by God to perfect you. In suffering, sin loses its power over you. We, today, must live in the Secret Place or we will die. The answer to all our problems is the Word of God. No plague can come near your dwelling when your conscious is clear. That's when you have faith in God. Idolators are turned over to terror. God has compassion when those idols are gone. The yoke of Jesus produces peace because you give up your idols. Say, "Jesus, You are all I want." Deliverance prayers conclude this message.

11LHCD9-10 - Carla Butaud - FREEDOM FROM THE CURSE OF THE BASTARD - Does this sound like you or someone you know? Nobody loves you, you feel inferior, no good, no identity, have hurt feelings, feel alone, don't fit in, can't receive goodness, feel like you are always imposing on others, sad, oppressed, depressed, abandoned, have a death wish, sorry you were ever born and many more manifestations of this destructive spirit. It is a curse that touches everybody. It is the curse of the bastard. Once it is established it remains in families until someone begins to break the curse. In the Old Testament it called for a literal separation from the congregation. In the New Testament it means a lack of discipline. You never know what is in your blood line. Carla tells of dreams of being abandoned as a child. Her marriage and children were not the fulfillment of happiness she was seeking. Deep depression set in. Her husband did not know what to do for her. When she got to the end of herself Jesus appeared to her. He revealed His love to her. Once you understand what the spirit of the bastard is and what it does you are ready for deliverance from it because that curse and spirit alienates you from God.

11LHCD9-11 - Richard Tate - GOD'S HOLY CALLING - To be in God's presence is all that matters. He wants to break us from our thing so He can do His thing. We are to be a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation. We are spirit beings with a soul in a body. God will rebuild the tabernacle of David. The Outer Court and the Holy Place are places we are not to dwell in but are to pass through. How much of ourselves will we give Him for Him to produce Himself in us? Some refuse God's gifts. Some want God to take the gifts back. Some never use what God gives, and some misuse what God gives. Will we be servants, friends, or sons? To what degree will we allow a relationship to develop? The sons live with Him in the Holy of Holies. Where will we finally pitch our tent? Will we work for Him, with Him or in Him. He has called us out of darkness to live with Him in the Holy of Holies. This Priesthood is a warring Priesthood. Jesus wants to take a people through the veil into the Holy of Holies.

11LHCD9-1LA & 1LB [2 CD Set] - Geri McGhee - SHAME - Shame keeps you from being that ambassador of Christ and causes you to live in timidity. We are to take up our cross, get in His presence and operate in His glory. Let your mind be renewed or the enemy will rule. This is one of the roots of Alzheimers. God wants to heal today every shameful thing that ever happened in your life so you can be about the things God would have you to be doing. As long as the devil has something over you, you do not have freedom of speech. Shame makes you feel you are worthless and causes self-hatred. Under the bastard curse you are born into shame - on the outside looking in. Shamed people feel abandonment. The answer to any problem is in God's Word. Deliverance prayers conclude this message.

11LHCD9-2LA & 2LB [2 CD Set] - Carla Butaud - DELIVERANCE FROM SEXUAL TORMENT - Carla shares about a blood-line spirit that had worked in her life since she was a little girl. You don't have to have been a victim of a sexual sin to suffer the consequences of the blood-line curses. Sexual torment can come into our lives through our ancestors. We are not to have sexual relations with near of kin. The torment you experience needs to be exposed so you can be free of it. Let the spirit of truth shine in your life. Satan has perverted the act of sex which God gave as a blessing to a husband and wife. Through pornography, children and married couples are opening doors for demons. Leaving the TV on all day releases demons into the home and affects everyone in the family. The spirit of the bride of satan works like this. He claims them for his own. Remember Tamar who remained desolate in her brother Absalom's house after she was raped by her step-brother. Her garments were defiled. Many manifestations follow even if only through the blood line. "My people are destroyed for rejecting knowledge." Remember to forgive the person - hate the demons.

11LHCD9-3L - Jane Hunt - ARK OF GOD - About five weeks ago Jane experienced a new hunger for God in her life. Scriptures began coming alive. She is beginning to realize that God wants to reveal Himself in ways we are totally unused to and unaware of - a higher place. When we are talking all the time it is hard to hear God. Sometimes the places we don't want to go are the places He will use us the most. Much will be required of us in the days ahead. Pray, "I want more of You, Lord, and less of me." In His presence miracles will happen. God wants all of us to bring honor and glory to Him. More of Jesus, more of His presence. Are we willing to abandon ourselves in worship like David did regardless of other people's thoughts. If we despise the things of God it can leave us barren like David's wife. Has the glory of God departed from your life? He gives good gifts to His children. He wants us to have the fullness of His Spirit.
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