2011 Summer Camp Meeting on 19 CD's

2011 Summer Camp Meeting on 19 CD\'s
2011 Summer Camp Meeting on 19 CD's - Donation $65.00

11LHCD7-1 - Carla Butaud - WHO DO YOU JUDGE GOD TO BE? - 1 Pet 4:17 "For the time has come that judgment must begin at the house of God" .. How we respond to God's Word decides how we judge God - what we believe will be revealed in our lives. Jas. 2:17-20 tells us that faith without works is dead - the pressure in our lives shows our faith. Giving heed to seducing spirits leads you into false doctrine. We can and must choose to believe the truth of God. Hearing but not doing is judging the Word to be untrue. Are you taking the authority and dominion given you? Do you take advantage of the presence of the angels? We are spirit beings walking around in the flesh and the demons can see Jesus in us. We carry the glory - is it being revealed in us? Prayer follows for others to see Jesus in us - to be changed into His likeness, lead by His spirit.

11LHCD7-2 - Ronnie Bijeaux - DON'T QUIT IN YOUR PIT! - Life throws some hard punches. We MUST fight back! The pit we're in now is our preparation for our future life. We are in a pit for a purpose. We must die to some things. You can't upset something that is dead. According to Eph 4:12, we are called to do the work of the ministry. Sometimes it's necessary for us to be "contained" in order for us to be still enough to hear the Lord. Ps. 40:2, says that God can take us out of a pit and set our feet on a solid rock. He will put a new song in our mouth. Remember, David encouraged himself in the Lord. Rejoice and get the victory or complain and go thru the problem again. God has a plan and it's higher and more glorious than we can imagine. Is. 55:8-9

11LHCD7-3 - Jesse & Kara Birkey - TESTIMONY OF FAMILY RESTORATION - Kara begins her testimony with the story of how she went from being a traditional Baptist to adultery. She was repentant eventually but it was a long road to restoration. There were a lot of forgiveness issues on both sides. Jesse shared how he was desirous of spiritual gifts as a Baptist child but got involved with pornography. He also had an anger problem as well as a gambling addiction. While listening to some teaching, his heart was set on fire for God, who then took him thru a series of experiences involving healing, deliverance and inner-healing. They made choices which eventually brought them through to peace and restoration of relationships. An impossible situation was rectified as they followed thru in obedience to the Lord.

11LHCD7-4A & 4B [2 CD Set] - Geri McGhee - WHY LIFE DOESN'T GO WELL - Geri begins by stating that all who are true believers must be broken. The pits we experience are to bring us to the end of ourselves and show us who we really are. Jn. 15 tells us that God prunes all who are 'in Him' - and it's a painful process. What is planted in our hearts will surface. Many scriptures are used to point out a number of ways that our relationship with our parents sets the pattern for our lives, Mt 15:4. It all goes back to forgiveness and honoring them in order to have all go well with us. Deut. 5:16, Eph. 4:26. Anger is idolatry - jealousy and fear are products. Eccl. 11:10 says to get vexation out of your heart and pain out of your body. Mt. 5:8 - Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Deliverance prayer follows.

11LHCD7-5 - Kernaa Williams - VAMPIRISM - This message is a real education as to what's going on in our country in the occult involving vampirism - how people are eating blood and even getting their teeth sawed to represent knives and swords. He says there is a Vampire Alliance in Ga. that has thousands of members. A vampire spirit will drain your energy, they are drama queens, demanding your full attention. They are very critical, controllers, full of self-pity. They want you for what they can get from you, financially and sexually. It is vital that we become aware and on guard against these spirits. Bro. Williams gave a lot more info about certain movies and books, etc. that we need to be aware of. There are many scriptures that help us to identify these enemies of God's people as well as identifying some of the physical traits. Every parent needs to hear this message! Deliverance follows.

11LHCD7-6 - Cheryl Batts - MEET ME AT THE WELL - Jn 4:1-4 Don't miss your divine appointment at the well - there's water for the thirsty soul. God will reveal Himself there. Whatever is said at the well, stays - the curse broken there. These are spiritual truths not known before - like who we are and what we're about. The questions are from our heart - not from our lips. We will understand things by and from the spirit. There can be no preconceived ideas - we're open to listen. God is whatever you need Him to be at the well. Let your bucket with all the "stuff" down and draw back up what you need. Jesus is waiting for you ... to save, heal and deliver. Deliverance follows.

11LHCD7-7 - Jean Williams - GOD'S PROTECTION FOR THE BELIEVERS - Ps 91:1-4 God is our covering, our protection, a defense for us from danger and harm. We have total safety in Him. He will never disappoint us - Mk 16:17,18. Even under His feathers is safety. Isa 26:3 tells us He'll keep us in perfect peace if our minds are kept on Him. That says that our minds are kept safe, too. It is a spiritual battle that we must fight against the powers of darkness. Eph 6:12 However, Gal 3:13 tells us that we have been redeemed from the curse. Many scriptures are included in this teaching, which tell us how to stay under His protection as well as the benefits.

11LHCD7-8 - Carla Butaud - PLASTIC BAG STORY - MESSAGE FOR CHILDREN - The first point - in Israel, boys were of age at 20 yrs old. Then Carla tells the story of a plastic bag. It was created for a particular purpose just like us. Gen 1:26 says we we're created in the image of God - to look and act like God - and to rule - have dominion over the earth. God has a good plan for our life. Jer. 29:11. Sometimes we get bogged down like the bag - deflated because it was not where it belonged. Remember the prodigal son. Rebellion caused him to end up in a pig pen. The Word of God says children (under 20) are to obey their parents and we are all to honor them. Parents, pray for your children - employ the angels. Carla prayed for the curses to be broken off the children.

11LHCD7-9 - Jesse & Kara Birkey - RESTORING THE SONS & DAUGHTERS TO GOD - Who God is in our lives has powerful influence in the earth today. Jesse recounted the varied violent and immoral activities that are happening in our country today. Remember though, that we can trust the God in others. We must set boundaries in relationships and still be vulnerable. Satan wants to separate us from the knowledge of God's love thru damaged relationships. We can choose which way to go. We can know the love of Jesus which passes knowledge. Eph 3:19. God's love is everlasting according to Jer. 31:3. It's all about the love of God. Many scriptures were used to tell of the multi-faceted love of God. Our earthly parents did not love us perfectly but God will forgive and restore. This session is concluded with a Father's and Mother's Blessing.

11LHCD7-10 - Kernaa Williams - PERSONALITY DISORDERS IN THE CHURCH - Bro Williams begins by reminding us that there are many rejected in the church and that Jesus is concerned about the whole man. He talks about destruction of the soul and some of the causes. Prov 6:32. He gave descriptions of a paranoid personality, anti-social personality, dependent personality, an obsessive personality, and those who suffer from satanic ritual abuse, among others and gives references that describe such behavior. The bottom line is that we need to minister to those coming to God's people for help. Deliverance follows.

11LHCD7-11 - Ronnie Bijeaux - TAINTED PICTURES - We are a Benjamin generation, seated at God's right hand - we must operate on a higher level. We heard about a prophet, a brook and a bird. The church is in a drought but rain is coming - a fresh rhema word to turn the church around. We'll speak by divine revelation. God is looking for a people who are real. Prov. 6:2 says we curse ourselves while Prov. 16:24 gives the remedy. 1 Ki 17 speaks of a new beginning.

11LHCD7-12 - Don Andrews - SHEEP TO THE SLAUGTER - The enemy's job is to separate us from God but the Word says in Rom 8:28 & 29, that all things work together for good - to them that love God and are called by Him. He planned a victorious life for us. If God is on our side, why do we fret? He loves us and is trying to separate us from things that separate us from Him and that love. If we want His presence, we must co-operate with Him. As the demons drop away, we see Him and His way clearer. We are enabled to hear and we can choose to obey. We must recognize that all the difficulty comes to purify us. He has a higher realm for us to operate in. Eph 3:6-12. Is what is happening to us out of God's control? Col 1: 16-21. The truth of who God is, is revealed in His people - His Kingdom is alive and moving.

11LHCD7-13 - Tom Stone - BEGUILE - means to charm, to divert - this is the method of the enemy - to entice by falsehood, maybe not a total lie but just to color the truth enough to mislead. Sometimes this happens in relationships ... friendships, marriage. We have been given power over the "liar" and we must use it in order not to be deceived. In addition, it is necessary to not only discern the truth, but to forgive when necessary. Otherwise we become bitter and angry, opening ourselves up to diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Prov 19:19 says a man of great wrath will be put in prison - not a natural prison but we'll be bound to the lie and the liar as well. Another issue we may deal with is pride, which according to Prov 16:18 goes before destruction. Deliverance follows.

11LHCD7-14 - Richard Tate - WE BELONG TO JESUS - We need to hear the Lord! We're past the "tipping point". However, as long as we stay with Jesus, we have hope, even in the darkest of days. Richard gave testimony of a recent deliverance that he experienced that came a total surprise - something was brought to the surface that he never would have thought existed. It was so deeply engrained that only God would have known it existed. This is a time when God is going to go deeper than we thought possible. Have you ever told God something and then He called you on it? We have to watch our words - sometimes even those we sing. He will take you at your word. We have a window of time. We're ordained for this time and for a purpose. It is transition time - God is moving and things change when He moves. We make choices, how far we want to go with God. We must get to a place where we are familiar with the author and not just the book. We either stay with Him or fall by the wayside. We make that choice.

11LHCD7-15 - Kernaa Williams - PROPHETIC WARNINGS TO THE DAUGHTER OF BABYLON - 1 Chron 21:15 AMP. God can delay time and judgment for America. We are seeing gross ungodliness in America at this time but we read here that God regretted and relented, stopping the destroying angel. We certainly match the description of the daughter of Babylon as seen thru out the scriptures. Jer 50:23, hammer to the nations, (Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and perhaps Libia is next. Rev 18:7, lived deliciously, a queen - Statue of Liberty, no widow - full of pride. Rev 17:18, reigneth over kings. The list goes on. In Isa 47 a fall is prophesied. Can God delay His judgment? Yes, He can - but will He? There is much more to this teaching that we all need to hear.

11LHCD7-1L - Jean Williams - OVERCOMING DEPRESSION - Jean remembers reading Ps 91 everyday from childhood. However, she suffered from rejection, fear and depression. Her son took her to the alter at church and she was immediately delivered from Valium as well as other things. She gave testimony of having no contact with her father for many years. He was dying of cancer in 2009 and she had opportunity to forgive him for desertion. We must choose God's ways - forgive and release. We must decrease so God can increase in us. Jn 3:30 She also tells of choosing to release a child and the results. Her mother was a praying mom who prophesied many things in her life that came to pass. Jean closed by offering to pray for anyone who had a need in any area.

11LHCD7-2L - Geri McGhee - UNLOVING SPIRIT - The voice of this spirit sounds like you, tearing down all the truth of what God says about you. This self-hatred, and anti-christ spirit usually comes in during childhood. When we repent for hating what God has made us to be, He shines a light - dissipating the darkness. Geri goes on to list many examples of how this may manifest. God created us and what He created is good so we need to accept ourselves and stop believing lying demons. Just give up, accept God's truth and allow Him to lead us into freedom. Deliverance prayers follow.

11LHCD7-3L - Kara Birkey - DESERT PLACE - It's time to look at the desert differently. Man's definition = arid, unproductive. Is 35: 1-2, says the desert shall bloom abundantly and rejoice. It is our journey to Canaan. Repentance and deliverance is the beginning of our journey. Ex 13:3, The Lord brings us out and He will take us in to the promised land. Ex 13, 14, He took the Israelites the long way around in order for them to learn to follow. Complaining played a large part in the time it took. There are many spirits in us that are similar to them. Kara used many scriptures to illustrate the trip thru the desert place and how we must follow this path when we do not humble ourselves and listen in order to past each test. She also lists many things learned on the journey. Mt 4:1 tells us that Jesus had a desert experience also. We must learn to stay close to God during these times.
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