2010 Winter Camp Meeting on 27 CD's

2010 Winter Camp Meeting on 27 CD\'s
2010 Winter Camp Meeting on 27 CD's - Donation $85.00

10LHCD12-1 - John Rothacker - HOLY NUTRITION - PART 1 - Nutrition is mostly ignored by the church but the "world" is paying a lot of attention to it. Job 5:26, 27, says, we are to come to an old age in vigor - not die of disease. Bro. John says he saw his mother healed of a tumor but not arthritis, causing him to question, WHY? Why are Christians as sick as the world? His mother began to take supplements and within a month, her arthritis was gone. Can correct nutrition play a part in our healing at times? Ex 15:26 says if we hear, pay attention and obey God's Word, He'll put none of these diseases on you. This message gives multiple scripture references as biblical guidelines for our health.

10LHCD12-2 - Richard Tate - IN YOUR HEART OF HEARTS- Phil 3:10 "That I may know Him." - Do you know God? Do you recognize His voice? He said that His sheep hear His voice. We must! The answers we need may not always be obvious. If the Bible was all that is needed, God would have given Adam one. But He came and walked and talked with Adam in the garden and He wants to come and walk with us too. Are you in that type of relationship with God? When you hear a voice, do you know who is speaking to you? If you keep company with Him, you'll stay on the right track - no compromise. You will want to please Him. Prayer follows for a love-slave relationship with God.

10LHCD12-3 - Tom Stone - KINGDOM OF DARKNESS - Tom says we were all born in witchcraft - in darkness, in Egypt, disobedience, rebellion - and we need to be drawn out just as Moses was drawn out of the water - Ex.2:10. Rebellion grieves God. Heb 3:17, Judges 10:16. If God was grieved with His people then, how must He grieve over this land today? We are all guilty of areas of unbelief today. We can be changed. We can be free of the past, free of the fear of tomorrow, free to be all Jesus has called us for, because He has already paid the price. Deliverance prayer follows.

10LHCD12-4 - John Rothacker - HOLY NUTRITION - PART 2 - Psalm 23 tells us that "the Lord is our shepherd." That certainly is a good thing! Our water is contaminated, our bread is cursed and fluoride is toxic. Pro 3:7 says to "Fear the Lord and depart from evil." When we are obedient to Him, He has promised to take care of us. Food can be a snare, a trap and a stumbling block. Perhaps we should get deliverance from church suppers. The Word of God gives us specifics as to what He made for food but even some of it has been contaminated. Sometimes we just have to eat in faith but still we need to be obedient to His guidelines. Ex. 23:25 says if we serve God, He will bless our food and water and take sickness away from us.

10LHCD12-5 - Jean Fisher - BE STILL AND KNOW GOD - There is no excuse for fear. Ps 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God." When we know Him, we'll know that we can trust Him in any and all situations. We must make an effort to be in His presence. 2 Cor. 3:18 - As we behold Him, we are changed into His image, from glory to glory. We will find out who we are, in the presence of God. He wants to make our souls peaceful. The world bombards us with noise. We have to come to the place where that noise does not disturb us. We are the temple of God. Is there noise and confusion in the temple? Should it not be a holy house of prayer? We must learn to be like Mary. She chose to be still at Jesus' feet. Martha, on the other hand, "was cumbered with much serving" - Lk 10:40 . We must choose to be still and listen. We must also be willing to do what we hear Him say. The message ends with a "quiet time" to practice what had just been taught.

10LHCD12-6 - Bo Fisher WHO'S IN CHARGE, YOU OR THE DEVIL? - There is no comparison between the light that came on when you were born again, and the light that is seen after you've come to really know the Lord. When we fall in love with the Living Word, our lives will progressively change. Ps 149:1 - Then the strongholds in your life will begin to be broken and the light in us begins to be light to others. For what reason was the Son of God manifest? So, we must carry on Jesus ministry - continue to do what He began. Lk 9:1 & Lk 10:1,2 Do you see yourself with the authority over demonic forces. Pray violently - give the enemy both barrels and don't give up until the battle is won. Bo gives several more scriptures describing the weapons of our warfare as well as the armor. Take your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ - believe what He says! Deliverance prayers follow.

10LHCD12-7 - Howard Pittman - GOD'S SECRETS - There is no new thing under the sun! Eccl 1:9 The Bible is like a gold mine - dig, dig, dig. Howard talks about how when the Roman Empire fell, the Holy Roman Empire sprang up. We were told how Queen Elizabeth would not renounce her Christian faith and how she and King James touched and changed the whole world. We heard about things that had been secrets from the foundation of the world and would be sealed until the last days. Dan 12:8,9. Can that mean now? Howard then gave testimony of his death experience and went on to explain a little about a 45 day mystery in scriptures. There is much scripture and much discussion of the meaning in this study.

10LHCD12-8A & 8B [2 CD Set] - Clement Humbard - I AM BECAUSE HE IS - These signs shall follow believers - cast out demons, speak with new tongues, dominion over the natural laws, animal kingdom, etc. - if we drink deadly thing, it will not hurt us, lay hands on the sick. Speak the promises of God. There is a place in God where we have no enemies. It is their problem. God is love and as He is in this world, so we can be 1 Jn 4:17. "Great peace, have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them." Ps 119:165. We are partakers of the divine nature of God. There is much more to be heard on this teaching with many references and many personal examples and testimonies.

10LHCD12-9A & 9B [2 CD Set] - Bo Fisher - PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD - Eph 6:10?14 "Be strong in the power of HIS might." Four times in the next four verses, we're told to stand or withstand. We're to wear the belt of truth! What is that truth? What Jesus says - God's word is truth. Jn 8:32, 40 The devil speaks lies, John 8:44. Jesus came to undo the works of the devil! Did He fail? NO! So what are we to be doing? We must be walking in the provision that Jesus gave to us. We are citizens of light - of life. We should be shining forth the light given to us. This teaching is packed with much more than listed here about the rest of the armor. Good teaching. Prayer follows.

10LLHCD12-10A & 10B [2 CD Set] - Howard Pittman - PERSONAL TESTIMONY - Howard shares his testimony going quickly from childhood to the time where he worked for the police force, was in the army, and ran for political office. Then suddenly, he was dead - stopped breathing, a burst aneurism which caused massive blood loss. He tells of the effort to revive him and how he could see what was happening but was no longer in his body. The rest of the message tells what was revealed in this time of separation from his body - in detail. God gave him a message to bring back to the church which he has faithfully continued to do for many, many years.

10LHCD12-11 - Howard Pittman - THE 45 DAY MYSTERY - Howard points out that there are things in the Word of God that are revealed at the time appointed. In addition, they will not always be revealed to all at the same time. This particular session talks of the days seemingly unaccounted for in scripture concerning the days of great tribulation spoken of in Dan 12:11 & 12:12. This is likened to the days of Noah. The ark door was closed one week before the flood. We are aware of the dark clouds and signs on the horizon. God has a plan of safety for us and we need to be aware. Much more information is included.

10LHCD12-12 - Geri McGhee - TAMING THE TONGUE - The tongue is capable of producing good or evil. Prov 12:17-19 The mouth of fools pours out foolishness. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" Mt 12:34. Words are as seeds that are planted and we are as soil. Something is going to grow. Many of our problems come from spoken words - sometimes our words, and at times, words of others. We must say what God says if we want what He wants. Commit our ways to Him and we'll begin to speak aright. Geri gives many examples of possible physical or demonic issues that can be connected to spoken words. Deliverance prayer follows.

10LHCD12-13 - John Rothacker - THE COMING OF THE LORD - PLUS - Our brother gives us some specifics on the benefits of natural herbs, spices, honey, etc. that God has provided. God has an answer for everything in the natural and in the spiritual. Many Christians want "hands laid on" them for healing, and have not taken responsibility for what they should be doing in the natural, that God has told them to do or not do in the scriptures. Jesus is coming soon but we are not all ready. A seducing spirit is at work. There is a falling away and the appearance of the anti-christ before we are gathered together with Jesus. However, people will perish because of their lack of love of the truth, and deliberate rebellion because they love their sin. We've got to be righteous, holy and sold out to God.

10LHCD12-14 - Carla Butaud - PERSONAL TESTIMONY - Carla testifies of a very normal secure childhood, Christian parents, good family life - but full of fear - fear of shots, being left alone, bugs, bees, fear of someone chasing her, or killing her - unreasonable fear. She felt invisible and unloved, a misfit, never told anyone. Married in 1975 and saved in 1977, back surgery in 1978. Carla goes on to tell how God began to deliver her, beginning with the fear of surgery. Her relationship to God became vital. 1 Jn 4:18 says "that perfect love casts out fear because fear has torment." However, as we know, the road to deliverance is not usually immediate or easy. Motherhood, as well as marriage was not the rosy path expected. Of course, there was a lying spirit that accentuated the negative. She finishes her testimony with many examples of how God has set her free from much of this torment. 1Pe 5:7 tells us to cast all our care on God - because He cares for us. Deliverance prayers follow.

10LHCD12-15 - Tom Stone - BREAKING SEXUAL BONDAGES - We are never without hope when we're trusting God. The weapons of our warfare are supplied - and they "are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds." 2 Cor 10:4, We are to be "bringing into captivity, every thought to the obedience of Christ." Even if there is incest between parents & children or between siblings or any other sexual indiscretion, we can be free. There are repercussions but there are also biblical remedies that we can access. No matter what our past has been, we have recourse. Stay clean and pure and "repented up." Jesus came to set us free. Deliverance prayer follows.

10LHCD12-16 - Richard Tate - TO THOSE WHO HAVE A HEART TO KNOW - God is going to have a pure people but it is costly. There are conditions but there is also promise. We are called to be a kingdom of priests. Deut 5:1 Moses was called to stand between God and the people. To be a priest, you have to hear from God. Acts 15:12. We know that God speaks to those who will hear. He wants us in close to Him - not on the outside edges. A higher place is available. 1 Pet 2:9,10. Are you really satisfied to stay at a distance, listening to what God tells others, taking a chance on falling away? There has been a better way prepared just for you. It may be a hard road to travel, but there's still joy on the journey!

10LHCD12-17 - Don Andrews - GOD'S FREEDOM IN US - Things that aren't resolved in our lives can effect our discernment. However, when we are set free, certain symptoms may reoccur but we can now tell them to leave. Our God is a God of love and whom He sets free, is free indeed. God will have a people - and don't we all want to be part of that? We must be determined! God wants us to be where He is and there is continually more to reach for. Let God do a work in your life in order that you may be an encourager to others. We have a responsibility to give - to be a light. The river of God is flowing. Do you want to be in it? Prayer for healing and God's blessing follows. There is no DVD available for this message.

10LHCD12-18 - James Golden - TESTIMONY - As is his custom, Bro Golden was a blessing even at this time when he has so very recently lost his wife of many years. He shared on their courtship and their desire to serve God on the mission field which they did for many years. We heard how they met Glen and Erma in Calif. and how an angel told him when to go to Mexico. He married Murline in 1961 and that began a long stint on the mission field. We heard of dreams and visions; he sang songs and played his fiddle and saw. No matter, what the subject, he gave mighty praise to God. Even his description of his dear wife's home-going was uplifting. We were reminded to forget the things that are behind and reach forth unto those things that are before. Phil 3:13. There's a great day coming! Will we be found praising the LORD?

10LHCD12-1L - VARIOUS LADIES SHARING - FOCUS ON JESUS FOR YOUR DELIVERANCE - Jesus wants us totally free. So keep on surrendering until we have total victory. Several women shared a part of their deliverance process. We hear how Patti was set free from what felt like frozen emotions - Rom 1:31 by putting someone in her life that was very kind. Rom 12:10. Rhonda told us that in high school, she had difficulty and how God has helped her learn. Ada was delivered of a generational Jezebel spirit. Then Linda shared on her battle to be free of a bastard spirit. Patti then concluded with very strong deliverance prayers.

10LHCD12-2L - Jane Hunt - FRAGMENTED SOUL - When the border of a jigsaw puzzle is put together first, you can't see the whole picture. Our lives are similar. When we first get saved, we just see the outline of our new life. Then we receive the Holy Ghost and the picture improves. Eventually, other changes, deeper commitments, deliverances, etc. and the list goes on. God begins to put us back together, making corrections where life has distorted the true picture. He will, according to Eph 4:22, give us a sound mind. Renewed minds are a continual process of restoration. We cast down vain imaginations - refuse to think on them, continue to reject them until the enemy gets tired of losing and goes away. Phil 3:6 tells us what to think on. Gal 5:16 says to "Walk in the Spirit and you'll not fulfill the lust of the flesh." Isaiah 26:3 tells us He will keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. When we do what He says, He'll do what He said He'd do. Deliverance prayer follows.

10LHCD12-3L - Jean Fisher - COMPLETE IN CHRIST - A weaned child - Ps 131:2 "Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child." In the kingdom of God there is no discontentment. - perfect peace, joy and righteousness reign. 2 Cor. 10:12 "For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. What God says about you is truth. - demon lies out - truth in. Legalism has no grace. God gives us a love for righteousness and a hatred for the lies of the enemy and his works. If we see thru the eyes of Jesus, we're accepted, satisfied, content and there is grace in the kingdom to grow. Prayer follows.

10LHCD12-4L - Louise Pemble - SEXUAL SINS - We, who are of an older generation know that there was a time when, even when you weren't "Christian," there were certain subjects that just weren't discussed. The morality in our country forbad it. Sex, regardless of the context was one of them. In this teaching, Louise tackles not just sex, but sex with demons which probably some would still not discuss. That is one reason why these demons have so much power. We, as women feel shame and defilement and because it can't be discussed, it stays hidden. She calls their names - incubus & succubus, and exposes them, pointing out that exposure causes their loss in power. We find when demon spirits came to earth - Gen 6:1,2. We heard that it can affect you through generational spirits, not just your own. In addition we learned that certain personal losses such as a spouse may cause you to be fooled into opening up to them. She told of many experiences and then ended with warfare prayers against unclean sexual spirits and gave some instruction on how to get free.

10LHCD12-5L - Geri McGhee - SPIRIT OF STUPOR - A spirit of stupor may be the result of not being a disciple - no ears to hear. This evil spirit may have many others attached to it - most of them, generational - operating in your life. Rom 11:8 says God will give a spirit of stupor or slumber. Can it be because of our hardness of heart? Examples of stupor are daydreaming, multiple personality, blocking out, memory lapses, etc. Many other examples are given with scripture. Mt 13:15, Mk 18:18. We must let go of our life in order to find real life. Truth - God's truth ... is what sets us free. Deliverance prayer follows.

10LHCD12-6L - Carla Butuad - SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS - We do not think of ourselves as God does. He says we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" Ps 149:13. We are actually critical of what He has made! Isaiah 45:9. We see women today changing themselves all over - trying to live up to a standard that is never satisfied. Keeping young is the theme of their lives. Jesus is our Fountain of Life. He keeps us alive. Don't we want what He shed His blood for? Carla gives several examples of how the spirit of self-consciousness worked in her family and will work in ours if we open the door. Participants wrote out their areas of self-consciousness and at the end of the service, Carla commanded them out. Also, we asked forgiveness for being critical of the Lord for how He made us.
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