2013 Deliverance Ministers Conference on 10 DVD's

2013 Deliverance Ministers Conference on 10 DVD\'s
2013 Deliverance Ministers Conference on 10 DVD's - Donation $55.00

13DELTRDVD-1 - Frank Marzullo, Jr - LEVELS OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE - This teaching is taken from Brother Marzullo’s book, “Spiritual Warfare Now”, Chapter 10. As we know, there exists a satanic kingdom at war against the Church. Our struggle is against: 1) Principalities: These evil spiritual princes are assigned to control large regions of the world and they influence world leaders. 2) Powers: These are behind witchcraft, occultism, psychic and mental powers, dark arts, and other such invisible powers. 3) Rulers of darkness of this age: They rule under the legal authority of the principalities, such practices as organized crime, indecent and immoral behavior, gambling, prostitution, adultery, influencing people to justify doing wrong. 4) Spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places: These evil spirits form a blanket of wickedness over the earth causing floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis or any wicked event that would cause theft, death and destruction. We must learn how to do spiritual warfare at these different levels. The devil lies and schemes to make us feel weak and incapable of fighting and defeating him. The Word tells us, “Behold I give you authority over all the power of the enemy! Do not be afraid.” Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

13DELTRDVD-2 - Jill Marzullo - REJECTION - Jill shares with us her personal experiences as a young girl that allowed the spirits of rejection and insecurity to enter her life. But one day when she was 7 years old, the overwhelming love of Jesus washed over her. She knows how the Lord takes care of unwanted and unloved children, walking with them and loving on them all the time. Satan tries to make a child feel unloved, insecure and unworthy. Be very careful what you say to children and how you treat them. It’s best not to call them “step-child”, or “half-brother or sister”. Every child needs to be fully loved and accepted as part of their family. You have to receive fully that you are God’s child … He chose you, He loves you, and you are really His. Once you know who you are and your identity is in Christ, rejection does not stand a chance. Rejection is a form of unbelief. Idolatry makes you think that if man accepts you then God will accept you. We develop these defense mechanisms: 1) We tend to withdraw and isolate ourselves. 2) We fight rejection with exploding anger and hatred. 3) We look for our identity with others instead of Christ. Command these lying spirits to leave. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

13DELTRDVD-3 - Jim Landry - THE MARKS OF FALSE MINISTRY - Avoid becoming a false prophet! 1) Be submitted to your delegated spiritual authority. 2) Strong mentors speak into our life. 3) With the exception of an apostle, a minister should be sent forth by someone else. 4) Keep your priorities straight: God, family, ministry. 5) Abide in your own calling. 6) Be honest in all financial matters. 7) Be on guard against seductive spirits and avoid extended ministry alone. 8) Do not be overawed by the signs and wonders that accompany your ministry. 9) Keep your ministry Scriptural. 10) Jesus never sent out His evangelistic teams until they knew how to deal with demons. 11) Do not over-emphasize the Gifts of the Spirit at the expense of the Fruit of the Spirit. 12) Ministers should strive for balance in their teachings. 13) Mass deliverance is an effective and acceptable tool for casting out demons. 14) Ministers need to stay in fellowship with other deliverance ministers. 15) The office of the prophet must flow with the local fellowship. 16) Ministers are the favorite targets of the schemes of satan. 17) Any private revelation should be able to stand the scrutiny of other ministers. 18) Avoid rapid advancement in ministry. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

13DELTRDVD-4 - Carla Butaud - JEALOUSY IN THE MINISTRY - Matthew 10:16: Jesus sends His sheep out into the midst of ravening wolves. If your heart’s desire is to truly serve God, you will be prey for wolves in sheep’s clothing who are deceitful, eager to obtain, sly, greedy of gain, expert at performing things secretly, usually implying some degree of meanness. Those wolves know the true sheep. They attack with wounds and embarrassments. In this way we share in His suffering. If you want to serve God, you will be met with opposition, competition, jealousy, envy, hatred, and presumption. Carla gives definitions and examples to help us understand how these evil spirits operate. In the Scriptures we learn how the spirit of jealousy operated against Joseph, Daniel, and David. When the spirits of jealousy and its cohorts manifest against you, just know what they are and go on. What to do with those who bring these offenses and hurts? Love, love, love them. The “fire” will not have power over you. Jesus is in the fire with us. Continue to stand, serve and love after you have suffered a while. If we do not have charity, all our works are in vain. God will be glorified if we have the correct response to the spirit of jealousy. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

13DELTRDVD-5A & 5B - [2 DVD Set] - Jill Marzullo - SPIRIT OF ANXIETY - (No CD available for this service. It is not on the MP3) - Jill gives testimony of two close calls with death and God’s delivering power. Later on God told her He had saved her to be the wife of the man He purposed for her. God continues to remind her that nothing can hurt her. He watches over her and the rest of us as well. Although we understand these truths intellectually, it seems that in modern times we live between “serious” and “urgent”. We know that worry is a big waste of time. “What if…?” Worry will kill us. It will shut down our body. It will separate us from God and others. We become turned in on ourselves. Worry will not prevent bad things from happening, but it may prevent God’s blessings in our life. The spirit of discouragement creeps in. II Cor 10:5 admonishes us to cast down every thought of fear. Worry is from the devil. Concern seeks answers from God. Jill gives many illustrations of what happens when we allow fear to come in. When we are afraid, we must take action and stir up the gifts we received when we were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Sing songs and play praise music. That will help to produce the Fruit of the Spirit and we will overcome those tormenters. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

13DELTRDVD-6P - Various Ministers - DELIVERANCE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS - Jim Landry is the moderator of this panel discussion. The other participants are Frank Marzullo, Jr. and his wife, Jill, Carla Butaud and Geri McGhee. 1) Is there a connection between the full moon and the behavior of children, the birth of a baby, PMS and dysfunctional behavior of the general public? 2) How do you bring the flesh under submission to the Holy Spirit? 3) How do you know if it is a demon attack on the flesh? 4) In the process of getting deliverance, how do you keep a demon from returning when someone says to you, “It’s all gone”? 5) Can you remove a demon if the person does not want it out? 6) Is it alright to get a tattoo after salvation? 7) How do you deal with the oppression of epilepsy? 8) If an alcoholic backslides does he become worse than before? 9) Can we be guided by demons while ministering deliverance? 10) Can a grandparent ask for deliverance for their grandchild? 11) Why are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit not operating in the churches of today? 12) What are the root spirits which bring about the disease of Alzheimers? We need to continue to trust the Our Great High Priest Jesus Christ for His miracle working power to save, heal and deliver us.

13DELTRDVD-7 - Geri McGhee - WATER SPIRITS - A water spirit is a deceiving, lying spirit which comes in through the words we speak and words we hear. The Book of Revelation tells us “the serpent opened his mouth as a flood against the Woman”. The “Woman” is a type of the Church. One of the ways lying water spirits speak to us is over the air waves. We will be swept away by those lies if we are not clear about what the Bible says. We are continuously being conditioned by this flood of lies from all forms of media. Remember, if a thought contradicts the Word of God, it is of the devil. Through movies, books, TV and cartoons, seeds of perversion and witchcraft are being planted in the spiritual gardens of our children. Plant the Word of God in their gardens instead. Evil water spirits of pride and defiance will block us from taking action. Dagon, Leviathan and Poseidon are water spirits which clothe us with their strong, scaly hides as a shield to defend our pride. Leviathan, the sea monster, a water spirit, is awakened through our cursing. He is satan, king of the sons of pride. Get out of that crocodile skin and put on the humility and meekness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

13DELTRDVD-8A & 8B [2 DVD Set] - Frank Marzullo, Jr - SPIRITS THAT ATTACH TO LEADERS & ATTACK THE CHURCH - Teaching from the pages of his recent book, “Spirits That Attach to Leaders and Attack the Church”, Frank explains the characteristics of these malignant and destructive spirits: Jezebel’s dirty work is manipulation, domination, witchcraft control. Jezebel will use any means to get close to truly prophetic and anointed people in order to do them harm. Ahab refuses the responsibility and authority of his leadership. Celebrity spirits lure people away from the true anointing of God. The spirit of Barabbas stirs up rebellion and disorder against Church leadership and government. The spirit of Athaliah wants to seize power by destroying the ones God has chosen to rule and reign, the royal priesthood. The spirit of Absalom sits under authority and patiently draws the hearts of the people away from the person in leadership. The spirit of Saul has a mind of his own and does not follow the Lord completely. Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem are assigned to mock, despise and accuse the work of God in us. Close the doors to the corrupting influence of these demonic powers. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.
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