2012 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 8 DVD's

2012 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 8 DVD\'s
2012 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 8 DVD's - Donation $43.00

12LHDVD9-1 - Merle Schroeder - DEFILEMENT AND SHAME - This teaching expands our understanding of how these spirits in the enemy's arsenal are used to steal, kill and destroy the Body of Christ. Both defilement and shame are generational curses. Defilement means to make unclean or impure, corrupt perfection, violate chastity, make something unpleasant or contaminated. The purpose of the enemy in the area of shame is to put us in a position where we will be reluctant to use the authority God has provided for us. Shame is a painful feeling of having lost the respect of others because of improper behavior or incompetence. It creates dishonor and disgrace. This includes inferiority, pride, anger, rebellion, rejection, fear of rejection, self-rejection, self-focusing, social fears, a spirit of competition, and sexual guilt. Issues of defilement and shame can bring a person to the point of feeling worthless and hopeless until one has no ability to go on. These are important factors as far as suicide is concerned. The remedy is definitely repentance, forgiveness of yourself and others and ungodly soul-ties have to be broken. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

12LHDVD9-2 - Kyle Nees - THE POWER OF YOUR PRESENCE - Society is growing darker every day because of the work of the enemy. We must desire holy purity. We need God's presence. David cried out to God, "Create in me a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me." He remembered what had happened to Saul. The uncertainty, timidity and anxiety in Saul kept him from doing God's will. His view was clouded. David recognized his own rebellion and it haunted him. It's that gloomy feeling. Then God made him want to run to His marvelous light. David learned to sit and bask in His presence. You need to have a life that is free from anxious thoughts. The Holy Spirit has something He wants to speak to your heart. The presence of God brings to you: 1) confession 2) repentance 3) restoration. When you are loyal to wisdom and righteousness you receive the joy of the Lord which gives you a willing spirit. This joyful, willing spirit will sustain you. The impact your life has in the lives of others is equivalent to the joy of your salvation. Invite the light of God?s truth into every one of your thoughts. God?s presence will do marvelous things with your life.

12LHDVD9-3 - Geri McGhee - GRAVEN IMAGES - How you train up a child is setting up a default. You are programmed at the factory (home) and you will automatically revert (default) to those behaviors all your life. Watch over your heart with all diligence. Any kind of negative thought or emotion is the result of rebellion against God and it leads to idolatry. When we develop a mental image of what we think we ought to be like to be acceptable to others, or what we think our children ought to be like, or our mate, or what our work ought to be in this world for us to be successful - it's all idolatry. The Bible says to go into the land and destroy their images. This is a physical picture of a spiritual reality. Bitterness, depression, discouragement, hostility, indignation - all negativity - needs to be driven off of our spiritual land and destroyed before it destroys us. There are unresolved issues that are buried so deep that we don't even see them. Wherever you have an idol it's because you have been wounded. It's then we turn to a false god and make inner vows - "I'll find someone I can trust who will love me." Bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Do not compromise. God's true remnant will seek God with their whole heart. Praise God that Jesus Christ made provision for us at Calvary. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

12LHDVD9-4 - Don Andrews - THE TOUCH OF HIS HAND - What do we really want from God? Do all to be right before Him. Be open to Him to receive His love. He has mercy because He loves us so much. We are nothing without the life of God in us. We cannot trade it out or replace the bad things we have done by doing good things so that we do not have to change. He knows the very intents of our hearts. We cannot be evasive with God. The devil does not know everything that is going on with us. God has a way of keeping it secret until it is done in you. When you realize the depth of your depravity, tell God, "Save me if you can, I cannot help myself anymore." We cannot manipulate God by our prayers, acts, or thinking. When we get a little mentally and spiritually healthy, we try to get our control back. After five minutes of true spirituality comes, we tell God, "I'm going to help You a little bit." He is so much more wonderful than we think He is. Unless great pressure is applied, nothing is going to happen to us. We are looking for something to relieve the pressure we are under, We are not always looking for God. We are always looking for a happy life. What God wants from us is relationship. How bad do you want it? Will you submit to Him consciously and let Him have your life by submitting to His will? God is the perfect, good Father that we can trust. Persevere until He sets you free.

12LHDVD9-5 - Kyle Nees - MY PLACE AT THE TABLE - When we are bothered, we want to look for fault in others instead of taking it to Jesus and asking Him to help us see clearly what is going on in us. Jesus says, "Cast all your troubles and anxieties on Me - park it at My door, roll it off onto Me because I care for you." He reaches out to us and draws us to Himself. We have to believe that Jesus cares for us or we go no further. Our problem is unbelief which leads to anxiety. We have not believed that God is supremely able to meet our needs. For the sake of King David's friend, Jonathan, he showed mercy to Mephibosheth. David took him out of Lodibar, a pastorless place of no word and set him at the King's table. This is a picture of our heavenly Father. Our greatest need is to eat regularly at the King's table. This is a fearless place of unfailing love that God is calling us to. Start believing it. Keep seeking God and draw near to Him. Be absorbed in His Word. God will hear your cry. He wants to have mercy on His beloved. Be hidden away with Him. He wants men and women of sound mind. He will show us kindness and will restore us. He will bring us to His table and build our brokenness into something beautiful with Him at His table. We are being called from a place of brokenness to a table of restoration and provision.

12LHDVD9-6 - Geri McGhee - IDOLS, IMAGES, YOKES AND FALSE GODS - This message combines teaching on the Potter's Wheel and Idols, Images, Yokes & False Gods. If you grew up believing that in order to be loved you have to perform, you receive a lie. When you get saved, you think you have to perform to get God to love you and to keep Him loving you. It wears you out because you cannot do it. The Word says, "God is the Potter and we are the clay. Take My yoke upon your neck and learn of Me. I am gentle and meek and lowly and humble and you shall find rest for your souls for My burden is light and My load is easy." You can only wear the yoke of Jesus when you deny yourself and take up your cross. Then you are operating in the character and nature of Jesus. If you have yielded to God the best you know how, do not think you have missed Him. You cannot. It is impossible. He is the Potter. Parents model for us a picture of what God is like. When parents provoke a child to anger the child receives a lie and their heart is drawn to an idol. Jesus says, "Come unto Me." Around every idol you will have a negative emotion - there is a pain. Grief, sorrow, hurt and anger are idolatry. Remove this out of your heart. Anger is tied in with all negative emotions. Whenever you get mad and fearful you are trusting in an idol. Do not think you are a hopeless case. That's why God drives them out little by little. As you repent over the Word, your soul will prosper. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

12LHDVD9-7 - Richard Tate - JESUS LOVE CHANGES YOU - When God deals with you, you are going to be changed. Nobody ever met Jesus and stayed neutral. Something happens when you meet the Master. Holiness is not imparted to us, He works it into us. We cannot comprehend the real love of God. Jesus is God indeed in all His splendor but He is not afraid to lower Himself to redeem a relationship with us. He's not afraid of the truth from us. He will start with the truth and will build from there. Jesus is wrapping things up. He?s calling out a people. He wants to share His glory and vision with us. He?s going to bring a group of people - His family - into the Holy Place. The key is in the book of John. Here?s how you tell the difference. John followed Jesus without hesitation. Peter followed him but he had questions. John simply had an ear to hear and he followed. Some churches do not ever intend to follow Jesus. They need a real hunger for God - to be really open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. God always hears the cry of His child. That's how the Godhead is. He's just as much God now as He ever was and He wants to bring us up into Himself where we will be changed into the image of His dear Son.

12LHDVD9-8 - Tom Stone - HEART MINISTRY - The Lord instructs us how to keep our deliverances. Put away perverse lips. Let your heart be established. He wants to mend your heart and make His abode there. Bitterness opens the door to diseases. It works like poison. Speak the truth in love to a child who is wayward. Speak their name and release them to the Lord. A death curse is on children who dishonor their parents. Loose them from that charge. Heal abandonments, cursings, and wishing that you never had that child or the enemy will mutilate them in the spirit realm. He will kill them all day long and eat them up. Instead of cursing them, pray for them. Behemoth opens his mouth and destroys like the hippopotamus. Release your children to the Lord. When your married children come to you about problems say, "What does your marriage partner think?" If they come against you, forgive them and cut umbilical cords. We have to retain our ability to keep our deliverance when they trample all over our hearts. You have the right to say, "No", to the voices you hear. Our enemy is the accuser of the brethren. The devil knows every sin you ever committed and he wants to come to you with a spirit of shame. Speak to that shame and repent. Renounce sin and forgive yourself. Do not say you are ruined and worthless. Wait before the Lord until you feel the Holy Spirit all over you. Deliverance prayers follow this message.
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