2010 Summer Camp Meeting on 18 DVD's

2010 Summer Camp Meeting on 18 DVD\'s
2010 Summer Camp Meeting on 18 DVD's - Donation $90.00

10LHDVD7-1 - Angelo Rosario - HEAVEN AND EARTH - When the world was without hope, Jesus came - the Way, the Truth, the Life. When all around you is dark, God is able and willing to keep you, your children and grandchildren - even in the midst of evil, He will take care of you. If He is your Lord, your King, Lk 10:17 you are under His protective covering - safe in the storm - He'll take you through. Just keep in a place of prayer and trust. We have been given power over the enemy! No power on earth can stop you when you put your hand in God's hand. Don't allow the devil to lie to you anymore. Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-2 - Richard Tate - INDEPENDENCE! REALLY? - Richard says this message will not win friends - hopefully it will influence people. It is never popular to talk about death. He believes the deeper the death, the higher the resurrection. Jn 17:2,3 eternal life is to know God and Jesus whom He sent. That's grace. 1 Cor. 6:19,20 says our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are bought with a price. Maybe you're legally His - but does He own you? Perhaps we need to learn a little more about slavery and get out of the independence mode. There are several good illustrations included. Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-3 - Carla Butaud - DELIVERANCE BEGINS IN THE HOME - God created family before the church. Family is very important to God. Eph 5:22,23 says for wives to submit to their husband and that he is the head of the wife as Jesus is head of the church and savior of the body. We see in this day a stark contrast between the biblical standard for the family vs. the world?s. We see that marriage problems began in the garden and have gotten progressively worse. We hear testimony of how a marriage was delivered from strife by correction brought by God. We also get detailed info about the strong generational spirits - namely - Ahab and Jezebel who are largely responsible for the condition of marriages today. Included was a time of forgiveness between spouses for the blame that has been going on since Adam and Eve. Deliverance prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-4 - Ronnie Bijeaux - THE CHURCH IS LIVING IN IT'S FINEST HOUR - There is a spirit trying to silence the voice of God. The greatest enemy in the church today is the carnal mind. There are unlimited resources deposited in us - enough to cause a turn-around. We see in Ruth 1 that sometimes we have to go back where we began. At other times we must go to where we are out of our comfort zone. You may have to glean for awhile but eventually you can possess the land. It's time to wake up. We need to re-establish our love for God, our country and our fellow man. We need Jesus! America needs Jesus! Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-5 - Nancy Rosario - SPIRITUAL FRUITS - Deliverance is FREE to everyone. According to Gen 1:27 we have been given dominion. However, the enemy comes when he sees us in a position where he may be able to entice us. He knows what the weaknesses are in us or in our family line. The serpent found Eve in the garden alone and tempted her with food - something we need - sometimes. Gen 3:6. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup. However, we see in Gen 3 also that God will give us opportunity to repent. We are children of the kingdom - God has a way for us to be free. Repentance and obedience will always bear good fruit. It is our duty to resist the devil. Eph 6:11, Js 4:7, 1 Peter 5:8, Jn 5:16. Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-6 - Geri McGhee - HEARTS OF STONE AND INNER VOWS - Each time we say "no" to God, our heart gets a little harder. Jer 17:9 tells us our hearts are wicked. In Heb. 3:7,8 we see we can harden our heart. Ps 37:4 promises to give us desires of our heart. Obviously, confessing our sins and repenting puts us in the receiving line for God's blessings. Jesus says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. If our burden is too heavy, perhaps we need to check the source as well as the conditions of our heart and our attitudes. If we hold unforgiveness toward God or others, we acquire a hard heart, blocking our relationships. Vows must be broken, and our heart softened in order to be free so we can walk in paths of peace. Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-7 - Angelo Rosario - OVERCOMERS - In order to be overcomers, we must overcome some things in this life. The enemy wants to destroy the image of God - His Life in us. No Jesus = no life. Rev 2:7 is telling the church to have a hearing ear. That speaks of learning. When we are separated from God, we are separated from each other and He has made us with a need for fellowship. We must stop speaking death and begin to talk LIFE! From death, God brings resurrection. Jesus has promised abundant life. Verse 17 says to those who overcome, there will be hidden manna, a new name written on a white stone. God is doing a new thing and we are here especially for this hour. We have been redeemed! Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-8 - Ronnie Bijeaux - GOD, SHRINK MY PROBLEMS - 2 Tim 2:11:12 We read that if we suffer with Jesus, we may reign with Him. We will never overcome if we do not confront and refuse to back down when problems occur. Sometimes they may look like Goliath - LARGE - and a bully! We must learn to keep our focus on Jesus and cast down imaginations. The biggest enemy we have is our carnal mind. We must believe - feed your faith and starve your doubts. What do we do when we have a "giant size" problem? Meditate on God and His word. We can withstand the enemy, 1Sam 17:9, His favor is in the midst of the problem. We are in training to win the battle and to retake our land! Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-9A & 9B [2 DVD Set] - Jim Landry - GOD'S SPECIAL OPERATION FORCES - We are disciples - so teach us, Lord. We've been called to tear down demonic strongholds. Love overcomes a lot of evil! Relationship comes before ministry. God protects His soldiers. Death in you is life in Christ. We are in this thing to win! 2 Sam says, HE teaches my hands to war. That was David's attitude toward battle. We must pursue the enemy or he will pursue us. We've been given the necessary weapons in order to win but we have to use them. Deut 8:1 Do, live, multiply and possess. However, it must start in us. God's promise to Israel came with much abundance, but with many giants. We must love what God loves and hate what God hates. Face your giants. God will refine and purify us with His word. Then we are more able to help others to possess their land. Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-10 - Carla Butaud - A MESSAGE FOR AND ABOUT CHILDREN - There are 3 groups spoken of in the Bible - men, women and children. Mk 10:13 says to "Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of God" We are all His children. This is a very explicit teaching for children and young people, saying things that parents may not say. This is unfortunate because the world will address the same issues, only in perverted ways. Even we as Christian parents have allowed ourselves and our children to walk a more "modern walk" - thus allowing many things - curses, soul ties, evil spirits etc. that may have been avoided if we would have walked a life more guided by God's word. Time for us to repent also! Carla uses many scriptures in this teaching and ends with prayer.

10LHDVD7-11 - Geri McGhee - MENTAL ILLNESS AND THE EFFECTS OF LACK OF DISCIPLINE - A major result of lack of discipline is mental problems. In grades 1-3 only 2 or 3 in each class showed no evidence of mental problems. Geri says if we see things we do not like in our children, ask God to expose it in us. God wants to correct our areas of distress but we must submit to His discipline. We must also learn how to apply discipline to our children. If God corrects those He loves, should we not follow His pattern. Isa 1:5 says when we revolt, the whole head is sick and the whole heart is weak. Prov 15:32 tells us if we neglect discipline, we despise ourselves. God helps those who really want help. Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-12 - Tom Stone - ABUNDANT LIFE - Deut 28 tells us how to be blessed - to live the abundant life. Infirmities, curses, etc. are the result of sin. We hear examples of how sickness attached itself to some who were in sin and to others who had been a victim of generational sin. Either way, we have an out. God has given us power over the power of the enemy and if we avail ourselves, we can be set free. Tom gives several examples. We must be willing to repent and turn from our sin in order to receive. Every day is a new day - one where we are given an opportunity to rid ourselves of sin in our lives and access a more abundant life. Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-13 - Angelo Rosario - GOD'S CHILDREN - What God created, He created for us, His children, to enjoy. He made man, woman, families, providing a way we could be victorious. By the seed of a woman, we could be saved - JESUS. God knew the enemy would be after us. There are different things in each of our lives that are trying to destroy us - trying to destroy the human race. There is one Holy Spirit but He is in all of us and is more than enough to bring a remedy. Just as a human father protects his children, so God protects us. The family structure is a gift from God. He has called each of us to a certain place to do a certain thing. Stay there. That's where the provision lies. Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-14 - Ronnie Bijeaux - ZAREPHATH - I King 7:9 - God has a place in Zarephath - a place of refining. He will refine what belongs to Him. He gets us ready to go to places we thought we could never go - places where He may have to supernaturally provide for us. His sandpaper ranges from extra-fine to super coarse - whatever is needed. God may wait until the last minute to give the next instruction. We don't have to know what He is doing. We sometimes must just blindly trust Him. He will cut away the unfruitful so we must be in submission in order to complete what He assigns. He will empty before He fills. Listen closely. Obey promptly. If we are willing and obedient, we can eat the good of the land according to Isa 1:19. Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-15 - Carla Butaud - THE KINGDOM - PART 6 - THE SPIRIT MAN - In deliverance we have rooted up, pulled down etc. Jer 1:10 - Now is the time to begin to build up. 1 Cor 6:19 tells us our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Samaritan woman testified of Jesus and many believed. You may see the church and religion but not the kingdom until you're born again. Jn 3:1- We need the Holy Ghost in order to enter into the kingdom. Even Jesus did no miracles until after He received the power of the Holy Ghost. We have been given power to operate in the kingdom and to begin to build up and to plant. Prayer follows.

10LHDVD7-16 - Jim Landry - CHURCH PRINCIPLES - We've all been drafted into God's warfare. We must endeavor in the church and in the world not to get bitter. Jer 22 God is raising up a kingdom of disciples who understand kingdom principles. When we come under God's alignment, we lose our opinion. If we do not hear, we'll come into desolation. Vs 5 - We are called to be overcomers. God delegates the authority - it's not our business. The attitude of real leadership is gracefulness when you come under attack. Num 1:12 Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses. Jim gives many scriptural examples of the result of mutiny against leadership and the results. He says the enemy can't have the children when the family is in God's order. Jesus chose the faithful to walk with Him. Service ends with a charge being issued to the people of God.

10LHDVD7-17 - Tom Stone - GOD'S LOVE - God uses us. We become His mouthpiece, His hands and His feet. Do we really believe that Jesus is all we need. What in you is really not of Him? Don't give away your birthright. The power of death and life is in the tongue. The abundant life is for us. God wants to open our eyes to a lot of things, but He must be able to trust us. He will not open up to us arenas where He can't trust us. Tom ministers prayers of deliverance both corporately and individually.
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