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Here is where you will find a wealth of articles and booklets to help you and your family break free from the shackles of bondage that have plagued you and your loved ones for generations.  Here is where you can learn more about spiritual warfare and begin to experience the Truth that Jesus Christ came to set the captives free!

Satan came to steal, kill and destroy but through Jesus, we don’t have to continue to live in depression, oppression, devastation, bondage and cycles of defeat.  There is a way out!

Luke 11:20 – ”But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.”

God wants us free – more than we want to be free – so the kingdom of darkness can be eradicated and He can bring forth His kingdom within us.  Deliverance is not an event – it is a daily walk – a process.  He is the Author and the Finisher and every chapter in between!

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ACUPUNCTURE – Acupuncture is a form of healing which has its roots in pagan philosophies and astrology and which apparently works through hypnotism and mind control. As such, it is not an appropriate recourse for the Christian, who should seek healing only in ways pleasing to God.
ASMODEUS by Linda Sutter – Asmodeus is a ruler demon and spirit of this age that, in addition to many other evils, breaks up marriages, prevents others from marrying at all, and is the spirit behind the women’s rights and gay rights movements.
BLESS THE LORD AT ALL TIMES – God wants you to praise Him. You should want to praise Him for the great thing’s He has done for you. Praise is something that the enemy of your soul will do his best to stop altogether, or reduce to a trickle. Don’t let him do it. But listen to the words of this message.  Be thrilled because you are able to praise Him.
CURSE OF THE BASTARD by Gene & Earline Moody – Exposition of the biblical basis for this curse, symptoms which indicate its presence, and deliverance prayer. Most likely not a single person who reads this booklet is not affected by the curse of the bastard (Deut. 23:2). It is a curse involving 10 generations and continues to perpetuate itself. Conception of a bastard brings a child of lust and not love. A child conceived this way is very often a sensual child, with problems of masturbation and later, severe sexual abnormalities. Earline was the third generation in the line of a bastard. She never knew why or what she was ashamed of, but was never comfortable with, people looking at her until after her deliverance. Ministry for deliverance from the curse and spirit of the bastard, and many other unclean sexual spirits, is included in this booklet.
DRAGON IN THE HOLY PLACE by Morris Graham & D. Jarrard – A report on the effects of the martial arts and eastern religions on Christianity.  Includes prayer of renunciation and deliverance.  With our nation hungering for spiritual fulfillment, eastern religions, the occult and the martial arts are overtaking our people by a landslide.  With most of the major Christian denominations having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof, our young people eagerly walk right into deception.  In fact, it is often times presented to them within the church.
DYING TO SELF – Are you dead yet? In these last days, the Spirit would bring us to the cross.“That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death.” Phil.3:10
HALLOWEEN – TO ALL CHRISTIANS:  Jack-O-Lanterns, goblins, brooms, witches, bats, trick or treaters are not for you or your children!
HEALED OF CANCER OF THE COLON – Testimony of healing and deliverance.
HOW THE BELIEVER CAN TAKE CONTROL OVER HIS OR HER MIND, HOME, BUSINESS OR COUNTRY by Marcus Haggard – Join fellow believers in “destroying the works of the devil” (I John 3:8).  It is our responsibility as believers to use our authority in Jesus Christ and with His name bind satanic forces daily from our minds, families, homes, counties, states, and country. You can make a big difference. The Lord Jesus says we are sent as He was sent (John 20:21).
INHERITED SEXUAL SINS by Gene & Earline Moody – Deliverance from some of the traps which satan has set for us which will hold not only us but generations of our descendants in bondage.  Sex according to God is pure, uplifting and clean; sex according to satan is perverted, degrading and filthy. Demonic sex will destroy you! This teaching looks at virtually every aspect of sexual sins. Prayers of confession, renunciation, and repentance are exercised throughout the message. Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you and set you free from these powers that labor against you. Excellent tape for pastors, youth leaders, etc. Removal of sexual sins from the pulpit will help destroy the yoke from off a congregation.
IS CHRISTMAS IDOLATRY? by Earline Moody – In this booklet, you will see where the root of this traditional celebration comes from. This is a strong and often unpopular subject but truth is vital, and deception must be uncovered.  Have you ever wondered where our traditional Christmas celebration came from? Where did the Christmas tree with all its trimmings come from?  What is the history of the Yule log, the mistletoe, the lights and decorations?  Because this is such a tradition in families, many of us have never stopped to ask God how He feels about it.
MY BELOVED ENEMIES – May the Spirit speak to your heart and open your eyes to this great truth … that without chastisement and the work of enemies we can never come into full sonship. And when we see how much our persecutions and afflictions mean to us in maturing our spirits and bringing us into His image, then we can truly “Love our enemies”, and “bless them that curse us.”
OCCULT-WITCHCRAFT – Excellent expose on the occult and witchcraft and the effects it has on Christians.
PUPPETS – Are puppets a snare to the believer? What do you know about puppets? Where did the idea come from? What is their origin?
TOBACCO – ROOTED IN IDOLATRY? – THE BATTLE WITH CIGARETTES – Deliverance from cigarette smoking is a difficult thing to achieve. Believers often fail to realize how it is used to hinder spiritual progress. Most readily acknowledge smoking as a bad witness and example, and that we should respect our bodies as the temples of the Holy Spirit.  This habit is far more spiritually restrictive than it might seem to be. Only after deliverance from it and time spent in a smoke-free atmosphere, does the breaking of the spiritual as well as the physical bondages of smoking begin to be plainly evident.
WHENCE CAME ST. VALENTINES DAYIs there any religious significance to February 14th? Where did St. Valentine’s Day come from? Seldom has anyone stopped to research the why’s or wherefore’s of all these things. Why did we inherit a pagan custom? Why do we encourage our children to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, to buy them Valentines for their friends and their teachers?

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