2021 Nov Zoom Deliverance Audio

21LHCD11Z-1A & 1B – *Jean Williams – A VISION OF THE DRY BONES / **Kernaa Williams – A WARNING DREAM OF THE VACCINE – (*Jean) Prepare to be ignited in your spirit by this message. There is such a powerful story in Ezekiel 37 and Jean shares the fresh life and revelation for believers when we begin to prophesy to our dead situations!  God told Ezekiel to prophesy to the dead bones.  The first thing he did was proclaim God’s Word of Life.  Then he prophesied “breath” and the bodies began to walk in unity.  She correlates verses throughout the Scriptures to demonstrate that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, thus showing the power and availability for what happened to Ezekiel to be ours today.  Ezekiel’s vision gives hope for God’s ability to restore hope in a time of dry bones.  Can dry bones live again? YES!  She explains some things Ezekiel had to understand.  Speak to the dead marriages and see them restored and come into unity. Prophesy and breathe life into this nation!  Those things you consider to be dead will be brought back to life by the anointing inside of you.  We have the authority in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit.  It’s time for you to open your mouth, it’s time for the Scriptures to come alive and it’s time to believe what the Word of God says.  Having faith without using it is a dead situation.  Remember, Ezekiel had to prophesy and proclaim life to the bones before he saw any change – and that was while the bones were still dead.  God was faithful to His Word that He gave to Ezekiel. We serve the same God that Ezekiel did!  (**Kernaa) Kernaa takes his position in the watchman’s ministry re: what the Lord showed him.  We’re in a time where we are going to have to take the Word of the Lord as David took it.  He inquired of the Lord.  God’s Word is forever settled in Heaven and we have nothing to fear or to be afraid of.  God is separating the sheep from the goats right now.  There is darkness in Egypt but light in Goshen!  Kernaa’s prayer is for a discerning heart to come upon the people of God.  He was an observer in a dream God gave him.  What he saw brought him to tears in the dream.  He saw those under strong delusion and mass deception.  Research has uncovered that some pastors and clergymen are preaching and encouraging their congregants to be vaccinated, some even receiving monetary compensation for doing so. This is summoning Baalzebub, the god of medicine into the sanctuary.  Read 2 Kings, chapter 1. “And God was not pleased.”  Kernaa’s dream has revealed to him there are multitudes that are not inquiring of the Lord, not seeking the Lord concerning the taking of the vaccine but are following the direction and instruction of Baalzebub.  To the pastors and leaders, not only have you inquired of the Lord but have you done your research on the ingredients of the “jab”, before you send your sheep to the slaughter?  We need to pray for our pastors and leaders that they will repent for destroying lives for dishonest gain.  These two powerful messages are concluded with approximately thirty minutes of prayer and ministry for healing and deliverance.  The next morning several testified of healing that took place in this evening’s service.  To God be the Glory!

21LHCD11Z-2 – Geri McGhee – HEALING IS FOR TODAY – We are reminded that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever which means He is still healing us today!  Matt 8:16-17 was looking back at Calvary – Isaiah 53 was looking ahead to Calvary.  Listen with purpose as this General in the Faith takes us on her ongoing journey of digging in to discover the spiritual roots to various ailments.  Andrew Murray, in his book on Divine Healing, said that sin is the source of sickness.  A word study on sick, sickness, infirmity or disease will reveal this truth.  Praise the Lord that Jesus died at Calvary and atoned for our sins.  When He saved our soul at Calvary, He also healed our body.  We are saved, being saved and ultimately will be saved.  Likewise, we are healed, being healed and ultimately will be healed.  We may not see it overnight.  But instead of saying, “God, please do it,” we can be thankful that He did it and healing, like salvation, is a process.  Unfortunately, because of unbelief, much of the church has lost divine healing.  We have to let hurt, unforgiveness, rejection, hatred, fear and all the junk go because we want to please Jesus more than those demons. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger or unforgiveness.  It’s better to get to the spiritual root of a problem and be healed than to put a band-aid on a demon!  Deut 28 reveals we are blaming the devil for much of what is coming from God because of our disobedience to His Word.  Ex 15:26 …” I will put none of these diseases upon you.”  When Geri does Word studies that correspond to an ache or pain she might have, she repents over the Scriptures she reads and the Holy Spirit uses this to reveal to her unconfessed sin in her life.  Using the Word creates the presence of Jesus because He is the Word.  Ps 107:20.  His name is called the Word of God. Rev 19:13  God wants us to take “Gos-pills”!  The Scripture says, “Christ in me, the hope of Glory.”  Jesus wants to lose Himself in us.  We have to choose to die to our flesh for Him to manifest in us. What is dying to the flesh?  You choose God’s way over your way, His plan over your plan, His attitudes over your attitudes and His Word over your word.  This message is not a bunch of hot air!  It will change your life if you apply it.

21LHCD11Z-3A & 3B – *Jean Williams – BENEFITS OF FEARING GOD / **Kernaa Williams – THE WHITE HOUSE TIME OF VISITATION – (*Jean) She is fiercely passionate about this message!  Fearing God keeps us in alignment with His Word.  When we truly fear the Lord there is a correct understanding of His great power and covenant we have with Him.  What does it mean to fear God?  It is a complete sense of respect for His commandments and laws and a reverence and awe for Him and His power.  True fear of the Lord causes believers to put their complete faith and trust in Him.  It is not a demoralizing fear that causes terror or distress.  We see it providing in Pro 15:33 (wisdom & humility); Pro 1:7 (knowledge); Pro 8:13 (to hate pride, arrogancy, evil way, froward mouth); Pro 14:27 (fountain of life).  Jean really amplifies how it affects our lives and what the benefits are by sharing the following benefits and Scriptures:  1) We become obedient to God’s commands, live according to His Word and say “No” to sin. (Ex 20:20; Ps 112:1; Ps 119:63; Pro 16:6; Pro 8:13; Ps 36:1-4). 2) We teach our children to reverence the Lord. (Deut 4:10; 6:1-2; Ps 111:10; Pro 9:10; Job 28:28; Pro 1:1-6). 3) We mature in purity and sanctification. (Jn 17:17; Pro 3:7,16:6,10:19; Eccl 5:2; Ps 19:9). 4) True reverence and worship flows from our belly. (Ps 22:23; Rev 14:6-7; Jn 4:23; Ps 29:2; Heb 12:28). 5) There is a promised reward. (Pro 22:4, 14:26-27; Ps 34:9, 111:5; Mal 4:2). 6) We gain a humble confidence and protection in Him. (Acts 9:31; Ps 33:18-19; Pro 29:25; Isa 66:2; Rom 14:12; Mt 12:36-37; 2 Sam 5:19).  Let us ask the Lord to give us a heart to fear Him. (**Kernaa) Hear what the Holy Spirit is saying through the cry of Kernaa’s heart as he passionately shares the reality of what is going on in today’s America.  He reads and briefly summarizes 1 Sam 8:1-22.  There is a clear parallel between what our country is currently experiencing and when the people of Israel demanded a king. They wanted the people’s choice and not God’s choice.  God told Samuel the people were not rejecting him but God, that He should reign over them.  Israel had rejected God’s plan.  They thought they had better politics and a strategy for a better governmental leader.  The same was true when Jesus was rejected as a King.  God had Samuel forewarn them about their choice of leadership.  Verses 11-13 – He will take, he will take, he will take!  And the people cried out because of their afflictions, and the Lord would not hear them.  Kernaa believes America needs to repent for not asking the Father’s Heart for our Commander-in-Chief.  He proceeds to share what transpired in a dream he had in which he was an observer in the White House.  He goes on to explain what he found in the Word of God that brought understanding to the dream.  Based on his research and comments made by Joe Biden on 07/21/21, “I don’t care if you think I’m satan reincarnate, the fact is you can’t look at that television and say, nothing happened on the 6th,” he told CNN’s Don Lemon during a town hall Wednesday night in Cincinnati”,  Kernaa believes a time of judgment is coming on White House leadership.  Ps 94:20 speaks of the “throne of iniquity which frameth mischief by law”.  Both Kernaa and Jean are military veterans, with Kernaa being combat wounded in VietNam.  When Kernaa looks at the destruction of our Biblical Christian heritage, and this nation of America that he loves so much, seeing the Marxist and Socialist ideologies serpentining into our nation, murdering of the unborn, mass media mind control and so much more, he is compelled to to cry out and be a voice.  He brings interesting insight to Rom 13:1-2 by taking us to Hosea 8:4.  He provides multiple examples of those in the Bible who said, “No”, because it didn’t line up with God’s Word.  There are times when God allows nations to select an evil ruler and establishes them, giving the people what they want.  He appoints good rulers to an obedient people and foolish rulers to irresponsible populations.  We must keep our intercessory prayer going.  God is not silent.  Prayer and ministry for approximately 25 minutes is included in this service.