Coming from a position of being a victim, Jean courageously confronts the identity and workings of this treacherous spirit.  Yes, it is operating in many areas of business, education, relationships, politics and so on … but where it is doing it’s most effective and destructive work is in the church through pastors, apostles, prophets, etc.  It is released through the tactics of fear, prophetic flattery and witchcraft prayers, seeking its own gain and preying on sincere people who want to serve God.  It begins as a work of the flesh whose fleshly behavior attracts demon powers that work to manipulate, intimidate, control and ultimately dominate believers in order to bend their will towards the controller’s viewpoints.  Some do not realize they are operating in this spirit and that makes this teaching so critical.  Others are fully aware of the power they are operating in and are experiencing the thrill of being a demon!  There is a reason Ex 22:18 states, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”  The witch wants to become God, which is in direct violation of Ex 20:3-5.   Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you in this teaching, repent and get delivered!  Seek the Lord for the discerning of spirits daily.  If you are unable to break away from the control of a charismatic witch, get someone to pray with you to break the ties.  There is deliverance ministry for this after Kernaa teaches.  

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”  Eccl 1:9  We are being revisited in this America we love so much by ancient demonic entities.  We need modern day Dietrich Bonhoeffers! This man was a German theologian, pastor, author and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He lived during the time of Adolph Hitler and opposed socialism.  He was moved by the concept that the Church should be involved in social justice and provide for protection of the oppressed or hurting people.  He was born Feb 4, 1906 and was executed by hanging April 9, 1945.  As a minister of the gospel he was an enemy of the state and was tracked and spied upon.  He was known for his strong active resistance against the Third Reich and all it represented – genocidal mass murders, occultism, and so much more,  Why?  Because it did not line up with God’s Word. If he was alive today he would notice a sinister parallel between Nazi Germany and America today.  He was a voice.  We are living in the time of the Lion’s roar, that the righteous should be that bold, trusting God.  Many churches are afraid to speak out concerning what is happening in this nation and the trajectory it is taking towards socialism.  A code of silence has taken over.  Kernaa concludes this powerful message with Ps 91.  Extensive prayer and deliverance ministry is given for the listener.

The enemy wants to keep the believer stuck in the depths of all kinds of bondage, but if you will HEAR the clarion call throughout this message, God wants to get you unstuck!  Trauma is an overwhelming life event that renders one helpless and, or, fearing for his or her life.  Today, a lot of people are in fear for their lives because of what is going on.  The ventilators that are made to help are not helping.  The Lord showed her how the enemy has invaded the system and many, instead of being helped, their lives are being snuffed out by a spirit of python that has entered the system.  God is wanting us, the Church, to get up.  The enemy has set up a perimeter to prevent us from going into the hospital, laying hands on those who need it most, and stopping the power of God because we are carriers of the anointing!  God is wanting us to take back the ground the enemy has invaded and he’s done it through fear.  Our prayer level has to come up.  The spirit of trauma can enter our lives through accident, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, shock, verbal abuse and violence.  Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event that may happen in one’s life, like rape or natural disaster.  Shock and denial are typical. Deborah provides an in depth expose of the true reality of trauma, it’s symptoms, effects and misunderstandings.  We are reminded that Jesus came to set the captives free and that the stronghold of trauma can be demolished in one’s life through Jesus.  Once God sets you free, do not let the enemy in your mind take you back to that place.  We must forgive, forget and let it go.  She ends this anointed message by sharing steps to freedom and extensive prayers for deliverance from trauma induced sources.  Additionally, Kernaa Williams goes after a plethora of trauma related spirits relating to military service and combat.

21LHCD9Z-3A – Jean Williams – THE SPIRIT OF UZZIAH
Uzziah was one of the kings of Judah, reigning for 52 years starting at 16 years of age.  At the beginning of his reign he was under the guidance of Zechariah who taught him to live in the fear of the Lord.  But after he became powerful, his pride led to his downfall.  We struggle with some of the same spirits Uzziah dealt with such as arrogance, offensive attitude, self-importance, overbearing pride.  God struck him with leprosy because He hates these things. (Pro 8:13)  God gives us choices, do we want pride or do we want humility? (Pro 11:2)  Pride’s main characteristic is for all the focus to be on me, myself and I!  Unfaithfulness, not adhering to the vows of the Lord, disloyalty and not being trustworthy to the Lord are some other things Uzziah struggled with.  If we want others to see God in us then the spirit of Uzziah must die in us.  Jean reveals what some of the reigns in our hearts are.  Uzziah only sought the Lord during the life of Zechariah.  He relied his knowledge of God on Zechariah.  He did not know God personally.  He was close with Zechariah but not with God, and became unfaithful to God when Zechariah died.  If you’re riding on someone else’s faith, prayers or belief system then you are walking on dangerous ground.  You must know God for YOURSELF!

Clouds are of great spiritual significance.  (Dan 7:13; Ex 16:10; Rev 1:7; Ex 14:18-20)  In Ex 13-21-22 the cloud symbolized Jehovah’s presence and provided Divine guidance.  In Num 9:18,19 the Israelites had to wait on the moving of the cloud.  Jesus said to follow Him.  Many believers are following the crowd and not the Cloud.  Many are not even inquiring of the Cloud, not waiting on the Lord and making decisions that have been a disaster. (Ps 25:5) (Editor’s note: “Wait” – Heb 6960 – to bind together {by twisting})  Wait on the Lord!  The children of Israel had Divine protection and guidance because they followed the Cloud and not the crowd.  We are in a time, saints, when it is paramount to not follow the crowd.  Kernaa stresses that whatever you are planning to do or negotiating, make sure that before you sign that transaction that you have inquired of the Lord.  Make sure it is the Lord leading you to go forward. Many times David inquired of the Lord. (1 Sam 23:1-2; 2 Sam 21:1; 2 Sam 2:1)  In 2 Chron 16:12, King Asa did not seek the Lord for the disease in his feet but instead sought the physicians.  He met with tragedy. Are you following the crowd today or inquiring of the Lord concerning medical decisions?  In 1 Chron 10:13-14 King Saul sought counsel of a familiar spirit, thus resulting in the Lord slewing him for not inquiring of the Lord.  Deliverance prayers and ministry conclude this service and includes deliverance from Jean’s message on the Spirit of Uzziah.

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