Spiritual Warfare

A lot of Christians don’t know they have an enemy. Of those who do know, many haven’t showed up for the battle. Part of winning a war is not ignoring your enemy. This page is dedicated to providing resources to assist the believer as they commit to standing their ground in the Lord. Some of the resources will link to our Free Audio website. Others will link to our shopping cart website. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 501-525-8204 or email 72lhbc@cablelynx.com

Daily Declarations for Spiritual Warfare by John Eckhardt – Each day’s text is written from God’s point of view, giving you the power and wisdom to pray for your needs or the needs of others. Each day includes: My Call to Battle — wisdom and counsel from God’s perspective on a specific topic
Prayer Declaration — a scripture-based prayer and an opportunity to identify someone to pray for Word from God — a specific Bible verse focused on the day’s topic.
382 Pages

Bo opens with prayer and begins this teaching by taking a scriptural look at several instances of “passive protection”; Numbers 23:18-24, vs.22 – horns of the wild ox, Zachariah 2:4 – wall of fire, Psalms 34:7 – angel of the Lord encamped, Ecclesiastes 12:1-7. It would be called ‘raw faith’. Can we enhance this protection? Bo believes we can by exercising spiritual authority over ourselves. Expand the perimeter of God’s hedge of protection. We need to identify our ‘horns’ and enhance them. He gives us 5 points he took from Chris Simpson’s book “Keeping Demons Out Once They Are Cast Out” which are also used to enforce a powerful Christian walk: 1) disciplined prayer life 2) build a fasting regimen 3) fall in love with the Word of God 4) eliminate mind junk 5) keep short accounts. But he adds that one thing you can always do is speak in tongues which will expand your spiritual perimeter. Tongues can help us seal off a major in-road to the devil. Bo expounds on the ‘eye gate’, the ‘ear gate’, and securing your mind and emotions with scriptural references on each one. He says if we speak in tongues a lot, fast, pray and read the Word, it will help bring a calm mind and emotions so we can identify sin but we won’t likely yield to it as readily. A progressive series of the gates mentioned lets the sin in. Bo explains how this can happen. The mind cannot submit to God because of SIN. Speaking in tongues, fighting the devil in prayer and making choices God would have us to make brings the soul under the control of the Spirit and the body under control of the soul. Only through the Spirit do we have any hope of controlling the soul. Bo closes this informative teaching with prayer and an exercise of speaking in tongues.

Spiritual Warfare by Derek Prince – Whether they realize it or not, all Bible-believing Christians are involved in a daily battle against the forces of evil. In this insightful book, Derek Prince will help you learn how to fight this battle—and win! 139 Pages

“Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7. These are two parts that make up warfare; submitting yourself to God, and resisting the devil. We need balance in our spiritual warfare. Most believers are out of balance. Believers either put the emphassis on God and none on spiritual warfare, or they focus too much on demons, and get caught in a revolving door of deliverance. Passivity is the greatest enemy of God. We have to discipline our flesh to fight warfare as effectively as possible.

How to Conduct Spiritual Warfare by Mary Garrison – Have you ever been oppressed by a spiritual or physical infirmity and couldn’t seem to break free? Have you ever wondered how Satan works or what Jesus’ call to “free the captives” means for believers today?

In this book, Mary Garrison imparts the wisdom she’s gathered in her years of ministry on how to conduct spiritual warfare. Along with sharing personal experiences and testimonies of people who have broken free from spiritual strongholds, she equips readers to distinguish between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. Join her in discovering how to effectively engage in spiritual warfare, exploring questions such as…

Who is the enemy?
How do I recognize Satan’s strategies?
How do I discern and try the spirits?
By whose authority do believers work?
How important is faith in spiritual warfare?

This book will prepare you to take action. Every power must yield to the risen Christ. Equipped with His authority, you can cast out demons and set the oppressed free–you can walk in victory! 111 Pages

80LHCD5-10 – Win Worley – WHY SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT SATANS KINGDOM? – Last night, I ran into a spirit that dropped in on the fight. I’ve had this happen before, and it was always a spirit that dropped out of the heavenlies. The Holy Spirit warned me this thing had just come in. I said, “You came out of the heavenlies?” He said, “NO!” I said, “Will that answer stand in the judgment?” He said, “Yes.” Finally, he told me, “I came out of the pit. I am on a secret mission.” I said, “Will that answer stand in the judgment?” He said, [very loud] “Yes, it will.” Editors note: The previous night the first spirit that manifested in the young man was a spirit that kept yelling, “I am the greatest!” He had released himself from a group who referred to themselves as being in “The Walk”, and majored on prophecy, etc. The spirit that Bro. Worley refers to above was another spirit that manifested in the same person. He was stubborn and belligerent, and would say nothing about the secret mission he was on. Perhaps the hour is much later than any of us ever considered. Look in Rev. 11:7, 17:8 and 9:1-11 to see what comes out of the pit. Win states there are several reasons we should know about demons. First, and foremost, it will cause us to be more appreciative of the Light, the Lord Jesus Christ. It will cause us to be better Christians, drive us to prayer, enhance true worship and motivate us to study the Bible. Most of all, it will cause us not to put our trust in any man, preacher or person. That brings a curse, if you lean on the arm of flesh, God puts a curse on us. If we are soldiers – if we have our warfare armour on, then why shouldn’t we know about our enemy, and how he works.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers by Geri McGhee – This booklet is used as a manual for all believers to assist you in your everyday battles with the adversary. Geri’s prayer is that you will live an overcoming life and every day be strengthened by His word that will be in you. Read, memorize and meditate on these scriptures. For in everything we are to have an answer for the hope that is in us. Booklet – 53 pages.

83LHCD5-4 – Win Worley – THE LEGALITY OF SATAN – This message is a mass deliverance after Bro. Worley teaches on the various aspects of deliverance. No deliverance is easy, the devil must be kicked out in Jesus’ name. He must be forced to leave, and in order to be forced to leave you must bring superior power to bear on him. If the demon has legal ground or legal holds, no amount of prayer, or fasting or anything else will drive him out. He has a legal right to be there. Repentance is the key to loosing those bands of darkness. If you have unforgiveness, with resentment and bitterness going hand in hand. Demons screamed out, and the spirit of abaddon manifested in this service.

Power Prayers by Carla Butaud – Are you desiring a more powerful and successful prayer life? Would you like to see more results? God intended you to have victory. So why do your prayers seem to go unanswered? Could it be that a key element of praying powerfully is being left out altogether? Discover the one thing the enemy doesn’t want you to know that can make all the difference! In this practical and easy-to-use book, Carla Butaud and Sheila Zilinsky lay out a powerful blueprint for real results! By engaging in warfare against your adversary, the devil, you can step into that powerful place of authority in the spirit realm and begin to experience the outcome you’ve been waiting for. No matter what is happening in your world-you have the power to change things. It’s time to step out in power and achieve your breakthrough! 130 Pages

17LHCD11-1A – Randy Richey – REPENTANCE AND WARFARE 1-of-2
17LHCD11-1B – Randy Richey – REPENTANCE AND WARFARE 2-of-2

The war begins and you become satan’s target the very moment you repent and become born again. Randy breaks down the process of repentance, forgiveness and the goodness and greatness of God towards those who live a life of repentance. As he addresses various issues he stops and takes the listener through extensive repentance, forgiveness and deliverance. A second title for this teaching could also be “The greatest weapon a Christian has against the enemy is obedience to God.” Though Randy is blessed to minister in the area of deliverance, he is a teacher. The next weaponry is the armour of God which Randy explains in excellent detail, adding a dimension to Ephesians 6 that perhaps you haven’t seen before. Armour has to be part of your lifestyle as a believer. He goes on to give other weapons we, as Christians, have at our disposal to live and walk as victorious believers. Deliverance ministry is provided at various intervals throughout this teaching.

Spiritual Warfare Now: Fighting for the Souls of Men by Frank Marzullo Jr – In the following chapters, The author, Frank Marzullo, Jr presents 10 distinct messages. Each one is a teaching to the body of Christ on how to be spiritually healed, to become spiritually discerning, how to recognize demonic behavior within themselves and others and how to be delivered of evil spirits in Jesus’ name. He has placed the casting out of evil spirits at the end of each chapter to accomplish this purpose. 207 pages

06LHCD11-6 – Dr. William Null – WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE – “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.” (2 Cor 10:4) Dr. Null begins this teaching with a discussion of the necessity of forgiveness before you can begin warfare. He then discusses how Satan affects your thoughts and influences your actions into wrong paths. The various sources of thoughts are discussed and methods to dismiss evil and harassing thought from your mind are given. A detailed discussion of binding and loosing is then given. He closes the teaching with a clear method of self-deliverance and a path to staying free.

A Guide to Spiritual Warfare by E.M. Bounds – Forget the image of the devil in a red suit carrying a pitchfork. Here is a very real portrait of a very real enemy, Satan. The Bible depicts the devil as a being of cunning intelligence who is out to derail your faith and your life. Read this book for your own protection so that you can defeat all the strategies of the enemy by discovering weapons that really work against Satan and how to expose the rulers of darkness. 156 Pages

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Manual by John Eckhardt – Bringing much needed light to the topic of spiritual warfare, this comprehensive guide names specific demons, spirits, strongholds, and manifestations, and it provides biblical teaching, tactics, and strategies for defeating them so readers can see their lives return to the place that God designed. (251 pages)