How the Believer Can Take Control Over His or Her Mind – Home – Business – Country

This information was originally compiled in 1980 by Dr. J.M. Haggard.
He is deceased. You may listen to FREE audio messages by Dr. Haggard at


An Invitation to Battle

How To Get Control of Your Mind

Take Authority Over Your Home, Family and Self – Binding & Loosing in the Home (The Weapons of our Warfare)

Take Authority Over Your Finances, Job and Business – Binding & Loosing

Binding and Loosing for America

Is Your Yoke Broke?

General Confession and Prayer

Forgiveness Prayer

Occult Confession Prayer

Loosing From Domination Prayer

Psychic Heredity and Bondage Prayer

Loosing of Curses, Spells, etc. Prayer

Come to Jesus Delivery Prayer


Unbelief and Doubt

Soul Ties

Prince’s Blood of Jesus Prayer

Church’s Command Prayer

Restoring the Soul

Occult Practices