How the Believer Can Take Control Over His or Her Mind – Home – Business – Country

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Fortune Telling, Quija Board, Cards, Good Luck Charms, Seances, Edgar Cayce, Jeanne Dixon, Mind Control, Witchcraft, Fourleaf Clover, Rabbit Foot, Wishbone, ESP, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Hypnosis

Drugs, (tranquilizers and pain relievers), Incense, Dungeons and Dragons, Pendulum, Palm Reading, Automatic Handwriting, Pierced Ears, Horoscopes, Signs of the Zodiac, Voodoo Magic, Levitation, Water Witching, Tea Leaf Reading

Secret Organizations and Lodges, Eight Ball, Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, Dipping Snuff, Drinking Alcoholic Beverages, Kabala, Handwriting Analysis, Strychnine, Arsenic, (Spirits of Gene and Chromosome Damage)

Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Psychic Readings, Spiritualism, Sorcery (Drugs – Pharmakia), LSD, Rubik’s Cube, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Para-Psychology, Enchantments, Potions, Ankh, Peace Sign, Star of David and Five Pointed Stars, Artifacts, Tatoos, Owls and Frogs, Snakes.

Self-Realization, Deja-Vu, Martial Arts, Buddism-Zen, Hinduism, Taoism, Yin and Yang, Confuscianism, Acupuncture, Hare Krishna, Bingo Gambling and Playing Cards Gambling, Astral Projection, Eckankar, Reincarnation, Arthur Ford, Ruth Montgomery, Divining for Metal or Minerals or anything else, Psychosybernetics, Mind over Matter, Pyramid Power, UFO, Trances, Dolls (originated in voodoo), Psychometry, Psychic Predictions, Clairaudience, Second Sight, Auras, Metaphysics, Mental Science, Visions, Superstition, Fetishes, Runes, Amulets, Talismans.

Satanism, Indian Witchcraft, Sun or Moon Worship, Spiritual Healing, Italian Horn, Indian Religions, Warpaint, Maize Fertility, Christian Science Healing, Omens, Karma, Rock and Roll, Mediums, Hex Signs, “JESUS” Rock and Roll, Italian, Irish, Gypsy, German, etc.

Witchcraft, Rappings, Poltergeists, Haunted Houses, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Tolkien, Conjuration, Incantation, Idolatry, TV Shows like Merlin, Walt Disney, and movies like Rosemary’s Baby and Harry Potter, Reading Hair, Biofeedback.


(Many cults have their members say a prayer that their soul touch all souls. This is one of the ways evil soul ties are formed).

Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Rosicrucians, Theosophy, Unity, Mormonism, Unitarians, Bahai, Spiritualism, Scientology, Swedenborganism, Christo-Delphiamism, Inner Peace Movement, Spiritualism, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, Assoc. for Research and Development, Religious Research Foundations of America

Eckankar, Urantia, Moonies, Subud, Latihan, Islam, The Way, and other Religions using the Bible but denying or omitting the Divinity of Christ, and/or the Atonement of His Precious Blood, and group denying existence of Heaven or hell, Catholic church.